Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari seeing Mohit’s passport. Sandhya tells the game rules. Mohit says I want to go. Golu asks him to sit, as he has come after many years. Sandhya says everyone should answer right. Pari says my dad lied to me, this passport expired 3 years before and there is no UK stamp. Misri says but everyone told us this, and he used to call you and send gifts, was all that a lie. Golu reads Rathi’s family member who can’t see anyone sad. Golu writes my Sooraj Tau ji. Everyone clap. Ved looks on. Mohit reads best father in Rathi family.

Babasa says its me. Bhabho asks what did he do to get good father word. They sweetly argue. Bhabho says there is just one good father and tells about Sooraj, who use to sit with Ved all night when he was ill. Ved hugs Sooraj. Bhabho

asks Mohit to write Sooraj’s name. Sooraj makes Ved smile. Pari says yes, dad called us, we will see phone bill. They get call log and check it. She gets the entry and sees Sooraj’s shop number. Misri says what and checks it.

She says it means Sooraj has called her, not Mohit. They cry. Pari thinks about Ved asking Mohit and Sooraj answering him. Pari says it means all those phone calls and gifts were sent by Sooraj Tau ji. Emily reads most honest man in Hanumn Gali. She writes Sooraj, who is honest and responsible, who did not cheat anyone. She looks at Mohit. Sandhya reads most hardworking and writes Sooraj ji. Everyone clap. Babasa says my Sooraj has all qualities. Bhabho asks Ved to read her chit and say. Ved reads the person who inspires to do good. Bhabho says its your dad, write Sooraj. They all clap.

Babasa says he is hungry. Bhabho says have patience. Sooraj asks what game is this, stop praising me now. Sandhya says all answers are right, and takes Ved with him. Sooraj works at the shop. Sandhya says I know there is some problem. She asks Ved is he worried as he lost in competition. Ved says I lost as I became Halwai, they said halwai is bad, their clothes have stains. Sandhya asks him to see Sooraj that its hard work, can he work wearing suit.

Ved says everyone insulted me and laughed on me. She says its not necessary that people who make fun is right, every work is not small or big. Ved says then why did everyone joke on him, you say he has big name, I came to know he does very bad work, its not good to be halwai, I felt bad. Sandhya cries and says when I married him, and I came to know Sooraj ji is halwai, I also felt bad and did not wish to be with him. Ved asks then. She says then I came to know him, then I realized he is much more than halwai.

She says everyone wrote Sooraj’s name for all answers. She says he has done duties of a man, he is working since 14 years of age, he left studies to support family. She says Sooraj has won best chef in Singapore and made country’s name high, he made everyone proud, he is ideal for everyone, he proved no work is small or big, and you don’t know anything, I became IPS officer, only because of him, he supported me. She asks did he understand now. Ved runs to Sooraj and hugs him. Sooraj kisses him and lifts him. Sandhya comes and they smile.

They come home. Bhabho asks them to have food. Sandhya smiles seeing Sooraj and Ved and wishes their love to be always like this. Pari comes and says sorry Papa, I got this Sanyasi clothes. Everyone is shocked. Golu asks does she has fancy dress competition in school. Pari asks him to ask Bhabho and Babasa. Sooraj says Pari. Pari says no, you lied to me, those calls and gifts, you did it to make me happy, you all lied to me. Emily cries. Ved says my Papa never lies.

Sandhya asks Misri to take Ved and Golu inside. Bhabho tries to explain Pari. Pari says my dad was here, he used to roam as Baba. Bhabho cries. Pari says everyone lied to me, that my dad misses me. Emily cries. Pari apologizes to her and Emily hugs her. Babasa apologizes to her for lying to her. They all cry and feel bad for Pari.

Sooraj says whatever happened was wrong, I wish I told her the truth, Pari is much hurt. Sandhya says what you did was to keep her happy, a person should always say truth, as lies come out anyhow. She says Pari would have not been sad today. He says we should well Bhabho that Ved and Vansh study in same school, and Ankur has sent court notice. She worries.

Ved tells about his dad and lies that he is a hotel owner, not halwai. The kids clap for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. All the kids very good .Definitely they will understand the truth. Vansh and Ved should do the same.

  2. Ved is inncence. In that time all kid

  3. Shame with Pari. Don’t taunt your father. Nice to Misri.

  4. Ved is a b*t*h. From 6 years , Sooraj took his responsibility . now his father becomes boaring. such a devil.
    Pari is also a devil. She taunts own father. Shame on Pari & Ved.

  5. Nice episode. …. drama going on with dad’s and child….
    Misri and golu r luck at dis moment. . .

  6. Jeyam Ramachandran

    “He says what should well Babhu..” = what’s the meaning of this phrase? Will the translator explain?

    1. I think it’s tell instead of well

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