Diwana dil (Part 9)

Arnav asks kushi to resign once her debt is cleared..
Kushi(angrily) leaves from there.
Returns after 1 hour
Arnav and aakash are discussing something. Kushi enters the room.
Arnav looks at kushi.
Kushi comes near Arnav holds his hand and keeps her resignation letter in his hand.
Kushi : I am a middle class girl so you are trying to take advantage of that. If you think I will be a puppet in your hands then you are wrong Mr.raizada.
By saying this she keeps 3 lakhs on his table and she turns to leave.
Aakash : Bhai what happened?
Asr : Give this amount to beggars outside.
Kushi hears that but leaves with tears.
Out side the office..
Anjali : Hey kushi. How are you?
Kushi wipes her tears and smiles.
Kushi : Anjaliji I am good and you?
Anjali : Good come we will go in and talk.
Kushi : Ji my health is not good. I will go home.
Meanwhile Asr comes there.
Anjali : Kushi go in car na. Chote drop kushi.
Asr gives a serious look to kushi.
Kushi : Nahi Anjali ji , Mere liye auto hi teek Hein. I will go. Bye Anjali ji.
Kushi leaves.
Asr : Di, you came here for the first time to office. Sudden surprise.
Anjali : Ha chote. I felt like seeing you.
Asr smiles. Both go inside office.
Asr : Di this is my cabin. Saying this he makes Anjali sit in his chair.
Di,abh bolo sudden visit ka reason. He sits on knees near Anjali.
Anjali : Chote I know you are upset with morning’s incident(will be revealed later) and you will be sad whole day. I don’t want
my chote to be upset because of a person
who doesn’t even care for us.
Asr : Di I am fine see. You don’t worry di.
Anjali : You had lunch?
Asr : Ye…yes di
Anjali : Chote you can’t lie to me. Even I didn’t have and I am hungry.
Asr orders food to be served.
Anjali keeps roti to Arnav ( their childhood is shown where Anjali keeps food to asr).

Gupta’s house
Kushi returns home.
Bua : Maharani came home early today?
Kushi didn’t respond.
Garima : Kushi beta health is not good or what?
Kushi hugs garima: No ma everything is fine. I will sleep for a while,she leaves to her room.
After 5 hours.
Gupta : Garima I gave 5 lakhs na that day give it. My friend is in need of money.
Garima : Kushi beta uss din paise Diya tha na Zara la beta.
Mean while payal comes from office.
Kushi : Ma wo kya hai Ki…
Payal : Ma here is the money. Payal gives money to garima.
Kushi is shocked.

Raizada house
Asr in his room
Asr recalls the way he behaved with kushi.
Asr to himself : Why am I being so harsh to her? How dare she to look into my eyes and oppose me? But I shouldn’t have insulted her. How did she arrange for money? Poor girl. Should I ask her to him back. No no she herself resigned hurting my ego.

Gupta’s house
Payal : Kushi I know everything. Aakash told me.
Kushi hugs payal and cries.
Payal wipes kushi’s tears.
Kushi : Di how you got that much money?
Payal : Kushi Aakash gave the money.
Kushi : Why did you take from raizada family?
Payal :kushi be patient. Dad and mom suffered a lot to bring us up. Now they are tired. We have to take the responsibilities.
In a fit of rage we shouldn’t spoil our (k at least their) happiness. Think well and decide. Aakash asked you to come tomorrow to office if you are interested. Choice is yours. Sleep now.
Kushi recalls Payal’s words and is unable to sleep.
Asr recalls all meetings with kushi and is unable to sleep.

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