Diwana dil (Part 8)

Asr,Aakash reaches office.
Lav : Hey payal come on participate yaar.
Payal : No ji please.
Lav : No no and all. You have to that’s all. There is good prize money. Hey where is kushi ?
Kushi : What are you talking about?
Payal signs kushi to leave
Kushi : What happened?
Lav : Nothing kushi I am trying to recall one Salman’s song but I couldn’t. You are Salman’s fan nah.
Kushi : Which song lav ji.

Lav : WO kuch didi diwana song.
Kushi : WO wala gaana?? Kushi forgets surroundings. She starts singing “didi tera dewar diwana….” and dances with laav,payal and her friends around.
By the time Asr reaches he sees kushi dancing…
Nobody pays attention to ASR.
Everybody are enjoying kushi’s dance.
Asr angrily heads to his cabin, accidentally he dashes a clerk carrying coffee cups.
Coffee spills on Asr’s suit.
Asr : Are you mad?? Can’t you see and walk? He leaves.
Everybody are shocked and goes back to work.
Lav : Awesome performance kushi. You have to participate in the event.
Kushi(loudly): What??
Payal closes kushi’s mouth.
Lav : Shhhh BigB serious.
Everybody goes back to work.
Kushi thinks to herself : Asr ji is good or bad??
Asr calls kushi : Kushi come to my cabin.

Kushi : Ji
Asr : Are the new modeled shirts ready?
Kushi : Here are the designs. She gives a file.
Asr(angrily) : The show is to be held with in 15 days and the sample shirt models are not yet ready. You are giving me these stupid papers (he tares those papers into pieces).
Kushi(in low voice) : Wo kya hai Ki…
Asr : Don’t tell chock and bull stories. Get out. In this office you and dust bin does same job.
Kushi(little tears) : If I didn’t complete the work on time,I have a reason
which you also knew very well.Atleast
dustbin won’t hurt other’s feelings like how you did just now.
You are not even worth of dustbin.
Asr(angrily) pins kushi to door.
Asr : How dare you? You are not hired to judge me… He sees into kushi’s eyes.
Kushi(with hatred look) : God gave you everything but I wish he should have given you little humanity also. The clerk you insulted infront of all for just spilling cup of coffee on you. At least you didn’t feel like giving respect to his age. You are right as an employee I have no right to judge you. You know what I can’t stay in a place where I should kill my self respect and be like a robot.

Kushi grabs a pen and paper near by writes her resignation letter and heads to leave.
Asr is shocked and is also angry.
Asr(authoritatively): Kushi you have taken a personal loan of 3 lakhs. Repay the amount and then you can leave(saying this he walks near kushi and keeps the resignation letter in her hand).

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