Diwana dil (Part 7)


Nurse : Mr.Gupta is fine now . You can see him.
Everybody goes inside.
Payal : Pappa(she calls in low voice) and holds his hands .
Gupta opens his eyes, places her hand over payal’s head affectionately.
Payal cries holding his hand.Garima and bua also cries. Kushi is teary eyed.
Gupta : Don’t cry Where will I go leaving all of you??
All are very emotional.
Kushi : Pappa(in a low voice) everybody turns towards kushi thinking she will say something sentimental
Kushi : I am hungry.
Everybody laughs.
Arnav to himself (kushi when will you learn to speak according to situation).
Anjali : Gupta ji…I am responsible for your(she cries)
Gupta : Mistake and sin are different. You made a mistake, you corrected it also. You are the one who joined me here. I could see your tears even though I am semi conscious.

Now everything is fine right be happy beti.
Naani : To forgive one should have a good heart.
Aakash : Correct nani one should have a big heart to forgive(looking at payal reminding the car incident).
Payal : One should have a great heart to accept their mistake heartedly.
Asr he sees kushi,kushi is staring at fruits nearby.
Asr : We will have food else her points kushi..
everybody laughs and go to have lunch.

Sorry for keeping the episode too short, will be back with the better episode.

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Abhi….I loved your ff very much…but it would be really good if you write it a bit long…
    Your ff is awesome , I love arshi very much..so thank you soo much ..love you..

  2. Nice episode, yaar.

  3. Superb abhi

  4. Thank you for your comments

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