Diwana dil (Part 6)

Asr and Kushi reaches the hospital.
Security : Sir, place your car in parking.(Asr goes to park the car).
Payal sees kushi , hugs her and cries.
Payal : Pappa is in ICU kushi. Doctors said there are multiple fractures and spinal cord got hurt. Operation need to be done.
Kushi breaks down hearing it.
Garima consoles both of them.
Garima : Kushi, you go home withdraw money from your account and get it.
Kushi : Ok ma
Kushi walks blankly without noticing surroundings.
Asr : Kushi ??
Kushi doesn’t respond(she is completely blank).

Asr follows her and stops seeing Anjali at hospital.
Anjali : Doctor please save him, don’t bother about money.(she cries and pleads).
Doctor : Anjali ji, we are doing our best.
Asr :di, is everything fine.
Anjali cries hugging Asr.
Asr : Di, sham is fine nah.
Anjali takes Asr to emergency ward.
Kushi(holding shyam collar) : If anything happened to my pappa I won’t spare you.
Asr and Anjali are shocked.
Asr(very angrily) : Holds kushi’s hand.
Anjali : Chote rukho.
Meanwhile police arrive
Police : Shyam ji witnesses are mentioning that the car at accident sight is yours. You have to come with us for interrogation.
Anjali cries.
Asr now realizes kushi’s dad accident was caused by shyam.
Shyam : Raani sahibha don’t worry. Arnav if Gupta’s family need any help look after that .
Kushi,payal,garima and bua all are seeing this.

Anjali hugs Asr and cries.
Anjali : I did that accident not shyam ji. How big mistake I made.
Because of me one family is suffering. Because of shyam ji…. She cries loudly.
Asr also cries seeing Anjali like that.
He silently wipes his tears without anybody noticing him.
Asr : Di, I will take care please you don’t cry .
Anjali still weeps.
Kushi : Ji, plz you don’t cry nothing will happen to my dad.
Whole Gupta family consoles Anjali.
Asr gets shyam bailed out. Both Gupta and raizyada families consoles each other and become friends.

Doctor : Operation is success. He is fine now. We will discharge after 3 days.
Everybody prays to god.

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