Diwana dil (Part 4)

Guys let me know how many of you are interested in reading my ff through your comments and suggestions so that I can improvise. Hope you like this

Lav is about to say something
Kushi : I am sorry ji, I shouldn’t have(laav interrupts).
Lav : Kushi please forget all happened just focus on your work. Cheer up now.
Kushi fakes a smile.
Lav : That’s my girl. Join us for lunch. I will ping you.
Kushi nods yes.
Lav leaves.
Kushi sits in her cabin. Tears roll down from her eyes.
ASR sees her from conference room(in which he is presenting some ppt) accidentally.
He feels bad seeing her crying.
After the meeting he goes to kushi’s cabin.
Kushi stands from her chair.

Kushi : Sir, I am sorry for what I’ve done.My bua is right I am always a messy girl who can spoil everything. But I cant tolerate if anybody got hurt because of me.
Please forgive me….(she weeps)
ASR is admiring her not even a single word reached his ear but he can see years in her eyes.
He goes near her sets her hair. Wipes her tears and is about to kiss on her fore-head but kushi steps backward.
ASR still moves close and whispers in her ears join me for lunch.
Kushi : Me… With you??(surprisedly)
ASR : Yes
Kushi : No sir if we…
ASR : Don’t you dare to say no infront of ASR.
Kushi and ASR goes to a nice restaurant.

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