Diwana dil (Part 3)

Hi guys I felt the previous episode is too small so updating 1 more episode

Kushi and payal comes infront of AS fashion house building.
Kushi(she stares at the top most floor) : Di, hold me else I will faint.
Payal : Pagli, hold me and give some rest to your mouth from today.
Kushi nods and kushpayal meets the receptionist.
Receptionist: Please wait mam, she calls someone.
A girl in formal skirt and blazer, with loose hair walks towards kushipayal.
Lavanya : Hi kushi hello payal.
Kushpa : Lavanya???
Lavanya (smiles): Yes. Come we will go in. I will show you your placed and will introduce you to your colleague’s.

Kushipayal follows Lavanya.
Lavanya introduces kushipayal to the staff. She asks kushipayal to wait in her cabin.
Lavanya : Where are BigB and Boss??
Suraj : Even I am waiting for them there is a meeting at 12
Lavanya : But BigB is never late to office. Today I guess it will rain today.
ASR : It won’t laav,I still had 1 more minute.
Lavanya turns towards aakash and Asr : Hey BigB and boss we have two new joinees today. One of them will join under boss and one under BigB.
ASR : Ok send her to my cabin.
I will complete the joining formalities.
Aakash : Suraj you take care of the formalities. I have some work.
Lavanya and suraj nods.
Suraj accompanies payal.
Lavanya:kushi bigB talks very less and his words May be harsh sometimes but he is a very nice person. Don’t be scared but be careful.

Kushi(remebers Arnav warning be careful): Ji,lavanya
Lavanya : Just laav my frnds call me so.
Kushi(smiles): Ok laav,thankyou so much.
They have a small talk and laav stops infront of a cabin and asked kushi to go inside.Lav leaves.
Kushi : Knocks the door
ASR : Come in(he is doing some work in laptop)
Kushi enters.
ASr : Take your seat. See I have seen your designs especially the bridal wear is nice. So you are into the company and well let me tell about your work here….(he keeps on saying, still looking into the laptop).
Kushi was nervous so she was listening to his instructions and playing with things on the table.
Arnav finishes his work and looks at her.
She is cutely playing with ink bottle(spinning on the table).
He is lost in her cuteness for a while and he notices something and becomes angry.
ASr: What the…..(angrily)

Kusho is scared and spills the ink.
ASR : What the hell…!
Kushi ses Arnav and is shocked.
Kushi : Suniye BigB ji.I am sorry its just an accident.
ASR : Just an accident… He comes near her and holds her tightly.
She is scared , he points towards a cloth kushi cut it into a frock.
ASR : Don’t you have any sense? Do you know what that means to me? (he throws her joining letter on her face) just leave from here.
Kushi doesn’t understand anything.
Lav hears Arnav screaming and comes inside. She sees the room and understands the situation.
Kushi(confusion & teary eyed): Whatever I did, I didn’t mean it but I have hurt your feelings. Hume maaph kijiye(please forgive me).
ASR doesn’t respond.
Lav takes her out of the room.

Hope you liked it. I am just trying to show how hate turns to love.

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