Diwana dil (Part 24)


Lav : Kushi don’t be surprised.
Lav locks door closes curtains.
They three sit .
Asr starts explaining.
Asr : I was very excited that day kushi to meet you on terrace. I was waiting for you to come.
Shyam : Asr are you waiting for someone??(he smiles).
Asr : What?no..
Shyam : Ok I have a gift for you and the someone you are waiting for(says teasingly).
He gives ASR an envelope.
Shyam leaves
Asr opens it and smiles setting that.
Asr : Thankyou chichaji(its the photo which Shyam took when asr and kushi are sleeping).
He keeps on staring.
A strong wind blows and the photo falls near nani’s room.
He goes and picks the photo.

Inside naani’s room.
Naani : Sharath beta, you earned a lot but your kids lost you in the process.
Sharath(crying throat): Maa, sharda(asr’s mom) died because I couldn’t arrange the money for operation on time. But god blessed me with her memory Arnav. That day I decided my kids should get the best in the world. Until I am alive they shouldn’t suffer for anything. I earned and earned for my children. If we want something we have to lose some.
I want my children to be happy and prosperous, I lost the memories with them.
But I am happy seeing them.
Naani : Sorry Sharath beta we all failed to understand you.
You are a good dad.
Asr is dumbstruck.
Anjali also hears it. Tears roll from her eyes. She hugs ASR.
Anjali : We always miss understood dad.
Asr silently consoles her.
Anjali wipes her tears.

Sharath : Beti get me some water.
Asr : Dad paani
Sharath is surprised.(this is first time ASR called dad after many years).
Mean while Bhatia’s arrive.
Mr.Bhatia : Namskar naani ji. How are you Sharath? After 3 years we are meeting again.(he hugs Sharath).
Anjali beti how are you maa.
Anjali : Teek hoon.
Lav comes from back and closes her eyes.
Anjali : Laav(she smiles) hugs laav.
Aakash : Hii laav hows your trip.
Laav : Awesome. You should have joined me.
Asr : He is busy with nach baliye, comedy nights with Kapil etc.
Laav : What?
Aakash looks at ASR.
Aakash : Ok show me your tour pics.
All elders have a talk. Where as anjali,laav and aakash,Shyam,asr are together.
Asr is waiting for Gupta’s(kushi) to come.
But of no use.
Mrs.Bhatia : Sharath Bhayya shall we get laav and asr married?
Sharath looks at naani.

Naani smiles.
Naani : Our beti(laav) is coming to our house. We are happy.
Sharath hugs Mr.Bhatiya
Sharath : Laav is our daughter-in-law. Its my promise.
Asr is shocked.
Sharath comes towards ASR
Asr : My dad’s word is my decision.
Sharath is happy.
Shyam is shocked.
Asr leaves.
Shyam : Asr what is this? What about kushi?
Asr hugs Shyam.
Asr : I don’t know Shyam what I am doing. But he promised and I will keep it.
Every body left and I came to terrace.
Fb ends….

Kushi : But still you..
Asr : I thought to let you go from my life,so I spoke harshly and when I died you at your house,the moment you stepped out of car,I understood I couldn’t live without you.
Lavv : You didn’t think of me then.
Asr : I saw your face when I agreed for marriage. I understood you are not happy with it just like me.
Kushi : What are we going to do now.
Asr : We didn’t hurt our parents and we shouldn’t let go our love .
Laav : But how?
Kushi : We will plan. Call suraj also and inform all this.
They three goes out.
Aakash and payal holding hands.
They are seeing their family album.
Laav : See happy pair.
Asr and kushi smiles.
They three go near them silently and shouts loudly
Payal gets scared and hold aakash.
Kushi : Di if you are that scared even I am available to hold.
Payal leaves aakash.

Asr : Kushi do you think no body are there to support Bhaabi.
Payal ji its ok you continue we will close our eyes.
Aakash : please chod dhe yaar.
Laav : Chodne ke liye hum nahi pakda tum ko(she smiles).
Anjali and Shyam : Bichare log don’t pull their legs.

Coming episode
Arshi ans surlav sketch to stop the marriage

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Hi guys sorry for spelling mistake it’s dropped not died.
    Asr : When I dropped you at your house,the moment you stepped out

  2. Nice episode… Yaar…please please do post it everyday… There is no one who posts their ff everyday.. I feel soooo bad when I found no ff to read..

  3. I understand kajal,I feel the same when Arshi miss to update her ff? .
    Thankyou for the support

  4. Hi abhi
    Nice episode

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