Diwana dil (Part 23)


Whole Gupta family gets ready to go to raizada’s mansion.
Kushi gets ready in a beautiful lehenga.
Payal in nice chudidhar. All comes to raizada mansion.

At raizada mansion
Sharath : Arnav beta get my glasses na
ASR brings glasses and gives him.
Sharath : Please sit for sometime.
ASR sits beside him.
Sharath : Hows office work and all going on.
ASR : Fine
Anjali enters
Anjali : Dad Gupta’s came and Bhatia’s also.
Sharath and ASR goes.
Raizada’s,Gupta’s and Bhatia’s all sit together.
Sharath : Namasthe Mr.Gupta.
I called you to ask your daughter’s hand for my son.
Kushi blushes and payal also.

Payal hugs kushi out of happiness.
Payal(with excitement): Off course…
She stops seeing sashi Gupta.
Sashi looks at Gupta family members. Everybody are happy.
Sashi : Our daughter is really lucky.
Sharath : Anjali beti are you happy.
Anjali nods yes.
Sharath : My dear Ravindra Bhatia and Gupta ji, for our family engagement never went well. So we will keep it simple.
Lavanya : Uncle wo..actually
Bhatia gives a serious look to lavanya.
Lavanya : My dad’s wish is my wish.

Payal becomes sad,she thinks lav is getting married to aakash.
She has tears in her eyes but manages for kushi.

Anjali gets sweets.
Arnav and aakash feed these sweets for your better halfs and tie these knots to their hand.
Throughout the conversation kushi looks at ASR with a smile but ASR is bit tensed.
Aakash and ASR moves forward.
Kushi is happy.
Payal is very sad.
Lavanya is tensed
Asr feeds lavanya.
Bhatia : Finally close friends are becoming relatives.
He hugs Sharath.
Aakash feeds payal.
Payal is shocked and happy and also sad for kushi.
Kushi is full of tears.
Asr stares at kushi.

Payal is about to say everybody about Arshi
But kushi hugs payal.
Kushi (slowly): See mom and dad. They are very happy. Don’t spoil that for me di. Please.
Again in louder voice : I am so happy for you dii..
Kushi also hugs Lav : Lav ji congratulations.
They all have nice conversations.
Asr sees kushi standing alone near balcony decorating something.
Asr : Kushi
Kushi didn’t respond, she continues her work.
Asr : Kushi listen
Kushi walks into every room and decreases flowers.
Asr follows her into a room.
Asr : Kushi I am talking to you.
Kushi is busy decorating.
Asr pulls her harshly towards him.
Asr : I am taking you damnit.
Kushi : I listened a lot sufficient for whole my life. There’s nothing left to listen now.(she says with tears).
Removes his hand and turns to leave.
Asr : Kushi stop I wont let you go.
Kushi doesn’t listen and walks towards door
Asr(at peak of his voice): I love you damn it. Can’t you see in my eyes.
Kushi stops and hugs Asr.
Lav comes to Asr’s room to attend a call as someone suggested signal will be proper in asr’s room.
She listens entire conversation and is shocked.
Kushi notices lav and breaks the hug.
Lav(seriously) : Arnav ji what is this?
Kushi : Its my fault not his.
Lav : You shut up kushi. Arnav ji you didn’t tell me this. How could you do this to me. I told you I love suraj and don’t wanna marry you so frankly but you hid this from me.
Kushi is again surprised.

Next episode
Hope you liked this episode.
Little flashback on the day Gupta’s didn’t send for Pooja on second day.
Arshi scenes,Ap(aakash and payal)
Total family entertainer

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Wow sooo nice.. At first became a lil shoked but now everything is okay… Awesome episode… Waiting for the next one… Please post it early regularly..

  2. Thank you yaar I really apologize for my irregularity but can’t help it. Thanks for your patience and support

  3. Its really nice yar..just love ur ff..update the nxt epi as soon as psbl

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