Diwana dil (Part 22)


Asr and kushi proposal
Kushi : What??
ASR smiles and gives a peck on her cheeks : Do you think I can live without you?
Kushi smiles and kisses back : No, can ram live without sita??

Both lays on ground and sees the sky.
Kushi : How will di react. She will have nice reason to black mail me.(she laughs). And maa aur paa also?
Tomorrow I will tell the whole world kushi loves this demon.
Asr : I don’t want this night to pass.
Saying this he hugs kushi.
Kushi smiles.
Kushi : Arnav ji, there are many beautiful girls and rich girls around you. But still..
Asr : Y I love you?
He pulls kushi close to him.

Asr : Don’t know. What if I ask the same?
Kushi : Hum rab ne banedi Jodi may be bcz of that(she smiles).
Suddenly it starts raining.
Asr runs inside the tent and turns to see kushi.
Kushi dances in rain.
Asr comes out and holds kushi’s hand.
Asr : What are you doing kushi?
Come we will go.
Kushi : See god is blessing us. Come we will get wet in his shower of blessings.
Asr smiles.
They both dances for “gheruva” a romantic dance.
Kushi hugs Arnav ji.
Kushi : I am so happy today. Bhagwan my only wish me and arnavji should live happily with our family forever.
Asr smiles.
Kushi : Why are you smiling?

Asr : Do you think he can hear you?
Kushi : Ofcourse,he will. If not mine he will hear yours.
Asr : I should ask him nah for that.
Kushi : You already asked.(she smiles and points the rain).
ASR recalls their conversation and smiles.
Slowly they sun rising .
Kushi : Wow what a view Arnav ji.
Sun rise. Wooow….
Oh no my god sun rise,we have to go home before anybode wakes up.
Asr : Shhhh don’t worry I will take care.
Asr drops kushi.
Kushi silently goes to wash room changes her clothes and sleeps.
Asr : How should I manage? Di will be woke up by now.
Bhagwa…no Arnav he is not go na listen.
He parks his car out of his house.
He crawls the pipeline and reaches his room. He takes deep breath.
Asr : Thank god. No body saw.
He enters his room.

Aakash : Hi bhai I thought to help you.
Shyam : Yes we brought ladder also.
Anjali : Shh y are you reading him. It’s a new exercise I guess.
All laugh.
Naani : What is this chote. Yesterday only we thought of fixing your marriage with her and you started meeting her also.
Aakash : Now-a-days bhai is becoming very romantic.
Asr stares angrily.
Everybody laughs.
Asr sneezes(as he got drenched).
Anjali is worried.
They call doctor.

Gupta’s house.
Kushi sees payal sleeping.
She also sleeps and recalls all night incidents and she blushes.
Garima : Payal and kushi get up. Did you forget we have to go to raizada house.
Anjaliji called yesterday night saying something very important.
Payal : Ha ma I will get ready.
Garima : Kushi you also get up.

Kushi turns other side and sleeps.
Garima : Payal wake her up and both get ready soon.
she leaves.
Payal : Kushi…. While night you haven’t slept sleep now its ok.(she says teasingly).
Kushi wakes up at once.
Kushi : Di…
Payal : You can’t hide from me kushi.

she hugs kushi.
I am happy for you kushi raizada.
Yesterday night when Anjali called I saw but you were not there.
You know what anjaliji said it is something about Aakash and arnav’s wedding.
Kushi smiles.

Credit to: Abhi

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