Diwana dil (Part 20)


ASR and kushi goes to see what is happening
Sharath raizada(Asr’s dad) enters and he accidentally breaks the vase.
Naani,Anjali,Aakash and shyam greet him.
ASR’s face expression changes on seeing his dad.
Asr unknowingly starts going down.
But before he could meet sharath,he goes to his room.
Everybody leaves.
Asr is again disappointed at sharath’s behaviour.
Kushi pats him on his shoulder.
Meanwhile payal calls kushi.
Payal : Kushi you got your mobile nah. Come soon.
Kushi : Di yes coming.
She turns to leave in hurry.
Asr : Kushi
Kushi : Tomorrow night terrace(she blushes).
Asr smiles.
She leaves.

Next day night.
Morning pooja is over. Gupta family didn’t attend.
ASR’s face turns red. His eyes has little tears and his face shows he is frustrated.

In Gupta’s house.
Bua’s health is upset. So everybody are taking care of her.
Its very late everybody sleeps.
Payal chats with aakash(not romantic as usual she fights with him).
Kushi : Devi mayyian when will payal sleep.
Kushi stands out of their room
Kushi(in garima’s voice she mimics): Payal and kushi sleep its already late.
Payal : Ha ma she keeps her Mobil a side.
Kushi also sleeps.
After sometime when payal slept she silently moves out of her house.

Raizada mansion
Asr recalls all the incidents of him and kushi.
Asr smiles slightly.
He remebers kushi asking him to meet on terrace to night and again his expression changes.
He sees the moon.
Kushi hugs him from back.
ASR tries to turn back
Kushi : No please don’t turn back. I can’t say seeing into your eyes. When we first met I really never thought I will be in love with you to this extent(she blushes). I did several rehearsals how you will propose me and how I should respond. But devimayyan kept it very simple. I love you Arnav ji a lot and lots of love.
Tears come into ASr’s eyes. He looks towards sky to hide his tears. Clears his throat.
Asr(smiles) : Kushi are you serious?
Kushi gets confused.
Kushi nods yes.
Asr : Don’t be silly kushi we are good friends. So I shared all my secrets with you.
Kushi is now totally shocked : But yesterday you only said..
Asr : Oh come on kushi. I said its weird in your absence but it doesn’t mean I can’t live without you. We are good friends.
Kushi(frustratingly and angrily) : Friends good friends.
Looks like you are angry on something. We will talk tomorrow.
ASR : Yeah sure. But not the same topic(he smiles as if nothing happens between them).
Kushi teary eyed tries to leave from there.
Asr : Kushi
She wipes her tears and turns happily.
Asr : I will drop you.
Kushi : No thanks. I will go in auto.
ASR : Auto at this hour. If anything happens to you?(angrily).
Kushi : Does it matter to you?
ASR : Y not you came to raizada’s house at this hour and while going if anything happens then its shame for our family. And after all we are good friends.
Kushi is totally dumbstruck.
He drops her at Gupta’s house.

Next episode.
What will kushi do now?
She takes revenge on ASR or ???????? Any guesses.

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Abhi
    I’m missing arshi romance.nice proposal scene but pls don’t separate them. As well as no revenge drama.arshi are the famous love -hate relationship couples.so hold their charm.

    1. Y asked u whether u r a student or a professional because the episode are uploaded really late.make sure to upload it regularly yaar.

  2. Hey,, abhi, what will happen to my Arshi.??? Please yaar,, don’t make them separated… And no need to take revenge, yaar… Sorry, but I want some love scenes between them… Please…. And do post the next one early.. Please…

  3. Yeah I am quiet irregular … I will try to update regularly and answer for your question is I am a working woman

  4. Abhi
    Being a woman you are a multitasker
    So go on

  5. Surely No revenge story Hope you will like the upcoming episode

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