Diwana dil (Part 2)

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Yesterday we ended at anjali hugging Shyam.
ASR notices this from far and feels happy. He leaves to office, aakash also goes along with him.

In Gupta’s house

Garima : Get up kushi, your firstday to office and you are still sleeping.
Kushi : Only 5 min. Wake di first plz maa
Payal : Meri pyaari behan ji hum tayar ho chuke hein,abh tho uto.
Kushi turns the other side and sleeps.
Bua pours glass of water on her face.
Kushi wakes up with a shattered hair and screams buaaaaa.
Bua : You can do my bajan in the evening get ready for now.
Garima and payal laughs.
Kushi with a puppy face turns to see them and she yells
Kushi : Di how good you are looking ?
Payal smiles: Maharani get ready soon. Else our first working day wil be the last.
Kushi : di, don’t speak in auspicious 10 minutes kkg will be ready.(saying this she rushes)
Both payal and kushi got ready in same white colour salwar .
Kushi & payal : Pappa, wish us good luck(saying this they touch his feet).
Gupta :bhagavan acha karega beti.

And he adds your job got confirmed because of lavanya’s(asr childhood friend & Gupta’s best friends daughter) recommendation. Be thankful to her.
Garima seeing kushi : Payal beti you are elder one, see that kushi doesn’t trouble anyone there.
Payal smiles: Teek hein maa
Kushi : Maaa she keeps puppy face.
Bua : Garima you are absolutely right. Both of you don’t going bad name to Lavanya especially kushi you…
Gupta interrupts : Its their first day don’t scare them. Payal and kushi take care.
Kushi and payal leaves.

On the way to office
Kushi and payal are going by walk.
Kushi : Di,I am very hungry.
Payal : Kushi we had just half an hour ago.
Kushi : But di we walked so everything got digested.
Payal smiles: First we will go to office and the….
Kushi sees panipuri stall opposite side of road : Di panipuri, come (she runs to the stall).
A car is about to hit kushi.
Kushi closes both her eyes and ears and screams.
Payal runs to aid kushi.
Aakash gets down from the car: Are you alright ji?
Kushi is still in same position.
Payal : Are you blind? Take those sunglasses first and then drive.
Aakash : Listen this girl ran so fast
What should I do for that? And nothing happened to her nah
Payal : She holds kushi and exclaims you mean something should happened to her . You are this tall but small heart.

She keeps on scolding and aakash argues with her.
Kushi is still same position.
ASR is inside car sees the time and presses horn but aakash is engaged in argument.
ASR is irritated and gets down
He sees kushi cutely closing both her ears with hands and eyes tightly .
He stares at kushi’s lips , she is saying devi mayyan devi mayyan..

He is totally lost seeing her and wala towards kushi. He comes near and stands infront of her. Kushi felt something and opens her eyes.
She sees Asr, she sees surroundings and takes a zero breath and say to Asr.
Kushi: I am fine nothing happened.
ASR congress to his senses and in an authoritative tone be careful when you cross the road infront of Asr’s car.
Kushi is shocked(bua is correct rich people will have poor heart).
Kushi is about to say something her goes and sits in car.
Payal : Oye lambe wala, you don’t know about me ,ask in Gandhinagar,Lakshmi colony they will tell you who payal is?? Everybody shivers seeing me.
Aakash : I am already shivering seeing your face.

Payal : Lambe first you see your face in mirror she shows some lady and says even she won’t May you.
Kushi interrupts them di I am fine and we will be late to office. Come
Payal : You lambe you are saved for today.
Aakash : Yes I am saved, now go and kill the fool who hired you.
Payal I’d about to say something kushi drags her away.
Akash and asr leaves.
Hope you like this… Will start the Cute Asr kushi episodes soon.

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