Diwana dil (Part 19)

Kushi closes both her ears and keeps on saying: I won’t I won’t
ASR holds kushi’s hands and looks into her eyes.
Kushi Asr eyelock
Rabbave plays
ASR : I..

Aakash stops payal again.
Payal : You like to listen ramayan also now. Is it?
She says angrily and heads to leave.
Aakash : Yes, with your sweet voice.
Payal blushes and turns towards Aakash.
Aakash is talking to one old lady whose voice is horrible.
Old lady blushes : Thank you dear.
But I have to leave now.
She leaves.
Payal stares at him angrily.
Aakash : What? How can you even think one will call your voice sweet after listening to your song payal.(he imitates her song).
Payal starts beating Aakash with pillow.
Both runs.
Aakash runs into ASR and dashes him, who is about to propose kushi.

Before they could understand what happened Anjali calls them.
Aakash,ASR and payal leaves.
Kushi takes a deep breath closing her eyes and opens.
ASR : Come to terrace after dinner.
He leaves.
Kushi is shocked and excited.
After dinner
Garima : Anjali we will leave. Payal and kushi come.
Kushi looks at ASR.
Asr is disappointed.
Anjali hugs payal and kushi.
Anjali : Ok garima ji but come early tomorrow.
Garima : Ok Anjali ji.
They leave
Asr looks at kushi helplessly and sits sadly in his room.
Kushi : Ma I left my phone. One minute.
Asr feels something and looks at door.
Kushi enters
Kushi : Mein ab sunna chahthi hun.( I would like to hear now).
Asr hugs kushi.
Asr : Be here ,with me. It’s something weird in your absence.
Kushi doesn’t speak. She also hugs him back.
Kushi : I..
Flower vase breaks down stairs
They break their hug and go to see what happened.

Coming episode
Asr’s dad enters.
Will Anjali say about her opinion of getting married asr and Aakash to Gupta’s family.
Will ASr remain same lover boy or switches back to Mr.attitude

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  1. Great yaar abhi.
    Abhi are you a student or a professional

    1. Upload soon yaar abhi

  2. Oh!! Nice yaar abhi… Episode was awesome…
    But the precap was shocking…
    Please yaar, u don’t make my Arshi separated…

  3. Hi ammu I am not a student,I am employee so I have limited time to write ff.
    Thank you for your support.
    Kushi don’t worry Arshi will always be together only the phases they go through differs,initially anger and hatred then some happy moments and little tears. But finally arshi will end with “The end?”

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