Diwana dil (Part 18)


Kushi wakes up and realizes she I’d lying next to ASR and heads to leave.
ASR holds kushi’s hand.
ASR : Kushi I want to say something to you,(he blushes) but I don’t know how to start.
Kushi blushes and turns towards Asr
Kushi : It’s ok Arnav ji tell me(with curiosity)
ASR comes near her
ASR : You slept with your mouth open, see you spoiled the pillow.(says teasingly).
Kushi opens her mouth and widens her eyes.
ASR smiles at her.
Kushi : You stopped me to say this?
ASR : Not exactly.
Kushi(angrily) : Then?
ASR : I never asked any girl earlier don’t know how you will react after this. But whatever we will be good friends.
Kushi smiles and longs to hear his

ASR : It’s my favourite pillow. Wash it and return me.(he smiles again).
Kushi is disappointed and is angry.
Kushi : Arnav ji boys look cute when they cry isn’t it? Especially you.(she says teasingly).
ASR : Arnav Singh raizada never cried nor will.
Kushi : Ohh is it. Then I am luckiest girl to see you cry twice.
ASR : What? New way of diverting topic.
Kushi : I know you will say this. But I had a proof, I recorded it when you cried the day when you drunk.(she smiles).
ASR : Kushi I will kill you today.
They both fight for the mobile.

Anjali enters
Anjali gives kushi a saree to wear. She looks stunning in red saree.
Garima and payal also comes there.
Aakash and payal have a eyelock.
Everybody are involved in pooja and its arrangements.
Aakash stops payal
Aakash : I didn’t get my answer payal.
Paya is tensed.
Payal calls near by aunty
Payal : Aunty he wants to know all bhagvatgita shloka it seems. Will you take care of him?
Aunty : Sure beti.
She makes Aakash sir and explains gitaa.
Payal is relaxed and smiles seeing Aakash.

Garima,kushi,payal,Anjali and Arnav are having a talk.
Hariprakash : Anjali ji what should I prepare for dinner?
ASR : Superb coffee right now. And for dinner roti and sabji,jalebi,rice,aalu,rasam worth pappads. Don’t forget to make panipuri.

Whole raizada family is shocked seeing asr ordering menu for the first time.
Payal(to kushi) : All these are your fav dishes nah.
Kushi stares at ASR
Kushi recalls the menu she told to ASR on their first day for lunch.
She is happy that he remembered everything.

At pooja
Everybody are outing pooja except asr.
Kushi goes near him.
kushi : Why don’t you join us for pooja?
ASR : I am not interested. I don’t believe all these. Do you think god will really listen to us?
Kushi : Of course. God will listen to all my wishes and fulfil them.
ASR smiles.
ASR : Is it? Then pray something now and let me see it will work out or not.
Kushi goes to pooka mandir and prays.
ASR : What did you pray?
Kushi : I asked him to listen to your prayers also and fulfil them.
You can pray him now, he will take care.
ASR : Me… I will never ask him anything.
Ok leave that all.
I seriously wanted to say you something.
Kushi stares angrily at him.
Kushi closes both her ears and says I won’t listen.

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Wow!! Abhi, that’s soooooo nice… ArShi scenes were sooooo cute, awesome, fab…. Yaar, it’s very interesting… Loved the episode very much.. Please yaar, post the next one early.. Eagerly waiting…..

  2. wow….

    hai abhi….
    i just looked at ur ff….
    i read it too.,..
    its nice…..

    iam feeling bad to miss previous 17updates….

    whr can i get those?

    1. U can simply change tha epi number in the link..


      In the place of 18… Change it to 1… 2.. Etc

  3. r u a boy or girl?

  4. Dialogue was awesome….. excellent creation… keep it up abhi

  5. Hey thank you all
    I will soon provide link for all the updates jasmine.
    Thank you Jo.
    Kushi special thanks to you .
    Ammu thank you for your support. I hope you will like this episode.

  6. superb Abhi .
    Rock On
    Waiting for the next episode .

  7. wow… its really so cute … payal aksh scenes and asrshi scenes were mind blowing…. abhi… i couldnt comment … also i wont be able to comment daily.. but i will surely follow ur ff.. as i have been impressed by the name of your ff….. also the way the story gets progressing

  8. Thank you so much guruji? I am glad to see your comment.

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