Diwana dil (Part 16 and 17)


Anjali is busy doing all the arrangements, suddenly her leg sprains. She is worried thinking about the remaining arrangements
Shyam : Rani sahiba you sit here and tell me what to do, I will do.
Anjali : What you? No how can I…
Shyam : Ohh come on. Do you think I cant do this much also for you?
Anjali : Ok get all the vegetables from fridge and wash them with water. Then
chop them.
Shyam : This simple see with in 10 min everything will be done. Don’t worry.
He starts chopping . Arnav passes that way.

Shyam : Arnav will you give a try?
Arnav : Me no not interested.
Shyam : Ok help me yaar I said anjali I will finish in 10min and now its more than hour.
Arnav : I am sorry chichaji I can do anything for you but not this.
Shyam : Bhagwan my sister(asr’s future wife) should make asr do all house hold work. Plz fulfil my wish
Arnav : Chichaji now a days you started day dreaming. Continue your choping(says teasingly).
Shyam hits him with tomatoes.
Meanwhile kushi comes.
Anjali is applying balm to her feet.
Kushi : Anjaliji are you alright.
Anjali : Small sprain on leg.
Hariprakash : Anjali ji naani asked me to get her talisman.
Naani calls hariprakash again, he leaves.
Anjali tries to get up.
Kushi : Ji where is it? I will give it to naani.
Anjali says where it is. Kushi sees Shyam chopping vegetables with much difficulty.
Kushi(with smile) : Pathi no.1 salute bhai.
Shyam : Thankyou my dear sis.
Anjali : Kushi mil gaya kya?
Kushi gives talisman to naani and comes back to Shyam
Kushi : I will finish it soon, you take care of Bhaabi.(she compels him to move).
She starts her work.
ASR(to himself): I asked kushi to get files long back, she didn’t come yet.

He calls kushi, he could listen the ring from hall. He comes down.
ASR : Di,did kushi come here?
Kushi comes from kitchen

Kushi brings a plate of partially chopped vegetables.
ASR : Kushi, how long it has been since I called you?
Kushi without listening his words, keeps the plate in his hands.
Kushi : Arnav ji zara ye kaat lijiye na mein wo Pooja saaman thayar karoongi(plz cut these na I will see the requirements related to Pooja).
ASR looks at her surprisedly and its about to say something.
Kushi : Arnav ji its very simple she explains how to cut vegetables. You got it right?
ASR silently nods
ASR starts cutting.
Aakash : Bhai is it really you?
I couldn’t believe this. Is it my dream or what?(he smiles at Arnav).
ASR pinches aakash.
Asr : Got your answer?
Aakash : Ouch..
Anjali : Aakash is chote’s health is good. I thought he will kill kushi for asking but…
Aakash : Di something fishy. You know the other day bhai told sorry to kushi’s mother without his mistake.
Shyam : She called me as bhai. Seems like she is really going to be my sister.
They three whisper slowly.
Asr listens them and smiles.
Asr(to himself) : What have you done to me kushi?
Kushi helps naani in decorating Pooja mandir.
Naani is also impressed by kushi.
After the days work is done ASR and kushi starts working on office related work in his room.
They both sit at two sides of bed and works.
Asr turns to ask kushi something.
By the time she sleeps. He takes file from
her hand.
He looks at her with a smile for sometime.
His phone rings,kushi gets slightly disturbed. He cuts the call and keeps his mobile phone in silent mode.
Again engages with his work.
And soon he also sleeps.
Anjali brings juice for them.
She sees both of them sleeping.
She takes file from arnav’s hand, arranges the things in room properly.
She leaves.
Shyam comes there insearch of anjali.
He notices they both hold each others hand and sleeping.
Shyam : I am sure you will be a good couple. My dear Arnav I got a chance to tease you.
He takes a pic of this.

Anjali thinks kushipayal will fit into this family. I will tell my thought to event after Pooja.

Credit to: Abhi

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