Diwana dil (Part 15)


In raizada mansion
Anjali talks to priest.
She asks Aakash and ASR to be in home for two days until the pooja is over.
They agree having no choice.

Payal comes to raizada mansion.
Anjali and others welcome here and they have some talk.
Payal : Aakash ji asked me to get his laptop,he left in office.
Anjali : Hmm naani see he always think about work. Payal aakash’s room is in upstairs.
She points to his room.
Payal enters.

Aakash and Payal

Payal : Aakash ji thank you so much. If you are not with me that day I don’t what else I would have done.
Suraj told me what all I did that day. You saved me from embarrassment.
Aakash : Thanks rejected. I am very much bored. Sing a song for me.
Payal : What ? Song that to me. No way I am leaving.
Aakash : What if sashi uncle knows what all you did that day(he smiles naughtily).
Payal(both sad and anger) : Mein tenu samjawaan Ki… She sings(very bad)
Aakash shows a score board 7/10.
Payal : Can I leave now.

Aakash : Indian idol is over. Next nachbaliye.
Payal : Here is your laptop I am leaving. She turns to leave.
Aakash : 9848…. Whose number is this payal. Do you have any idea.
Payal stops and comes back.
Aakash (smiles naughtily)
Payal dances for “Mein sad ke jawaan ishq pe yaara Mein saadke jawaan”
Aakash sees her with a smile.

Payal : Dance is done I will leave now.
Aakash : Next item comedy nights with Kapil. Tell me a good joke which should make me laugh.
Payal : Joke I am good at it.
Aakash : If you fail to make me laugh then you have to accept punishment.
Payal : No chance I won’t fail. She started saying many good jokes.
Aakash will not smile.
Payal : Ha I will tell you one good joke. There is a handsome,intelligent,very good and kind hearted person . His name is Aakash. She laughs loudly after saying this.
Aakash stares angrily at her.
Payal stops laughing.
Aakash : You failed so repeat what I say now

” I named payal Gupta, am mad. I just came from mental hospital. I am bad. I look like buffalo sometimes no no I look like pig. I like drinking human blood a lot and my favourite food is human brain. My boss Aakash is handsome. He is good,caring. He is intelligent. He respects my family a lot. He loves me more than his life and I love him too.”

Payal repeats and is shocked after realizing what she just said.
She runs out of the room.
Aakash follows her.
Payal dashes Anjali
Payal : Sorry Anjali ji. I am in a hurry.
Anjali : Payal is everything fine.
Payal : Yes Anjali ji. Just had some imp work at office. That’s it.
Anjali asks her driver to drop payal at office.
Payal leaves.

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Hey, Abhi, where is Arshi scenes?? Missing my Arshi a lot..

  2. Exciting arshi scenes are a head. Hope you will like them.

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