Diwana dil (Part 14)


Asr and Aakash reaches raizyada mansion.
Shyam : Arnav where did you go? Anjali is very much worried.
Asr : I have some important work so was busy for two days. Where is di?
Shyam points upstairs
In Anjali’s room
Naani : Anjali Arnav will come don’t worry. Aakash went to get him nah. Eat meals plzz
Anjali(cries): Chote didn’t even pick the call. Don’t know in what situations he is?
Asr enters and sits near Anjali. Anjali hugs asr
Anjali : How are you chote. Jaan nikalgayi mera.
Asr : I am fine di.
He takes plate from naani and convinces Anjali to eat.

In the evening at raizada mansion.
Naani sits near ASR ,Aakash and Anjali.
Naani : I am planning to go to thirdhyaatra(holy tour) with my friends after two weeks.
I experienced a lot, I saw your mom growing up, her marriage and the cute princess birth(addressing Anjali) and chote,aakash’s birth… She wipes her tears and continues your parents death also.
The only promise I made to your mom is I will take care of you all my life and get you all married.
Chote and Aakash I don’t know at this age how long I will remain in this world.
Will you help me keep your mother’s promise?
Anjali looks at Aakash and asr
She holds naani hands
Anjali : Naani I promise we will keep your word, we will fulfil mom’s wish. But you don’t speak again like this.
Naani and Anjali share a hug.

Asr,Aakash and shyam in aakash’s room
Aakash : Bhai, di promised naani. Di will soon start operation wedding and we will be victims of it.(he keeps a sad face).
ASR : Not we Aakash it’s only you. I don’t wanna marry nor will. So only di promised on my behalf,so that naani won’t get hurt.
Shyam : Arnav seriously you think Anjali will break her promise. Don’t forget she is your sister. I guess she Already had somebody in her mind(my sisters), he laughs.
Aakash : Chichaji plz save us.
ASR : Yes we don’t wanna marry and you will convince di for us right.
Shyam : Why you people are so tensed and hate marriage.
ASR : I don’t want the one who comes and create some disturbance in our lives. We are happy now right.
Aakash : Yes bhai, once got married
Ji how am I looking today. Hows the food today? Wait ji Almost got ready(since 2hrs same answer) etc. He imitates girls.
Asr and shyam laughs.
ASR : Exactly Aakash it’s tough to handle them.
Shyam : It’s not always the same you think.
It’s tough for them to handle us,satisfying our ego sometimes they kill their happiness. They treat our family as their own which is impossible for us to even think. They see kid in us not husband when we are in pain. When we schools them out of frustration they say sorry to make things fine. They are not tough to handle but are tough to understand.

Asr and Aakash listens all this without blinking their eyes.
Aakash(naughtily) : Wonderful speech chichaji. I don’t know you are poet too.
Shyam(with a smile) : I am not a poet but a husband to the ‘girl'(Anjali) you are speaking about.
I was once like you. But Anjali entered my life, everything changed.

Give a chance your life will also change to beautiful colours.
He leaves.

Aakash and ASR thinks about shyam’s words in their respective rooms.

Credit to: Abhi

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