Diwana dil (Part 13)

Asr and kushi heard some sound and break their hug.
They turn to see what it is..
It’s Aakash.
Aakash : Bhai if our watchman doesn’t notice you coming here, it would have been very difficult to trace you. Di and naani are very tensed.
Asr : Thank you Aakash, we were looking how to come out of this room.
Aakash : But why did you come here.
Kushi explains why she took asr to lav’s home.
Aakash : Ohh ok .
Asr : Come lets go.
Kushi looks tensed.
Aakash : What happened kushi ji.
Kushi : Nothing come will go.
They drop kushi at her house
Payal runs to kushi
Payal : Where have you been kushi?
Maa and dad are so worried. We file police complaint also.
Kushi : What police complaint?
Garima and bua enters.
Garima with tears raises hand on kushi
Asr holds her hand: I am sorry its my fault. I took kushi on a business deal, we were so busy that we couldn’t talk to anybody. However with kushi’s effort deal is success.
Garima(calms down) : I am so worried, it has been two days without seeing her. She hugs kushi.
Kushi : I am sorry ma.
Sashi : Now everything is fine na. Come inside have coffee and go Arnav and aakash beta.
Asr : Some other time
Aakash : Ok uncle(both at the same time).
Aakash : Please bhai.
Both go inside.
Garima serves coffee to all .
When she is about to serve to payal
Payal : No maa I don’t drink coffee you know na
Garima : Ha forgot.
Aakash : You brought up your children with discipline and morals. They don’t even drink coffee. In our office some girls will drink full bottle and after that…..oh my god I couldn’t tell only.
Payal(keeps namashkar) : Pls don’t.
Sashi and garima are happy with aakash’s compliment.
They have a long talk and both brothers leave from there.

Credit to: Abhi


  1. Khushi

    Wow!! Nice episode… But it’s too small… Please post long episode cause it’s very interesting to read..

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