Diwana dil (Part 12)


Asr : There is nothing worse than getting locked up worth you in a single room.
Kushi : Wow ASR ji you know face reading our what you said exactly what’s going on in my mind.
Asr stares angrily at her.
Kushi finds some fruits there and starts eating.
Kushi : Asr ji if you are hungry you can eat. Oh “hunger don’t you dare to reach ASR” she says and smiles.
Asr : Stop your crap.
He goes out and starts shouting for help.
Kushi : Shh don’t shout evenly will think I took advantage of you.
Asr comes towards her angrily, pounds her against cup board.
Takes her dupatta.
Kushi : Arnav ji what are you doing??
Asr still comes closer holds kushi’s hands and ties them with it.
Kushi : Are you kidnapping me??
Asr still comes near her, keeps finger on her mouth .

Kushi takes deep breath.
He puts plaster to her mouth.
Asr : How pleasant the world is?
Now I can easy these fruits peacefully. He starts eating and only one for left.
Kushi frees her hands takes plaster.
When Arnav takes bite of lady fruit, she comes and shouts in arnav’s ears loudly.
Asr closes his ears.
Kushi takes the fruit and starts eating.

After a while
Kushi : Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday dear kkg.
Asr smiles at the way she is singing
Asr : Is it your birthday kushi?
Kushi(happily) : Yes Arnav ji. You know on my every birthday my dad used to wish me at sharp 12 and mom used to make all my fav dishes, we all go to temple. Bua will not scold me whole day. Di will give everything I ask for.
Again she becomes sad : But this birthday I missed all those.
If we share our pain or will reduce to half . Now I am feeling better.
Kushi keeps on saying a lot of incidents in her life. Arnav listens all her stories and is lost in thoughts.
Kushi : Arnav ji how do you celebrate your birthday.

Asr : I don’t like celebrating I am not interested in all these.
He sleeps on bed.
Kushi : Arnav ji did I ask something wrong… You are alright na
Asr walks towards balcony turning the other side.
Asr : My mom died giving birth to me. And my dad is never there for us.
It’s my first day to school , every body’s parents came to school for their children. But I am all alone.
When ever I ask naani when will dad come she used to say “on your next birthday”.
Many birthday’s came and went but my dad… He wipes his eyes.
Cleared his throat.
He used to send valuable gifts but not even a second he spend with me.I always liked for his love kushi.

You used to say nah good gave me everything except heart. That’s not true he gave me only riches and a aching heart.
And you are right I am arrogant too but that’s the way I chose to hide my emotions.
Don’t know y I felt like saying all this.
He takes a deep breath
I am relieved now.
He turns back to see kushi.
Kushi with tears in her eyes hugs Arnav .

Kushi : I am sorry Arnav ji.
A long hug.
Hope you like the episode.

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Yeah!! Abhi, sooooo nice… Liked it very much… Awesome episode… Interesting scenes of Arshi… Seriously sooo nice… Waiting for the next part.. Hope u will post it early..

  2. Hi friends sorry for the spelling mistakes… Will take care in my next episode.

  3. Superb abhi

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