Diwana dil (Part 11)

Hi friends especially kushi sorry for the late update. I was busy this week.
Precap : Payal and Suraj drunk Aakash thanking them. Asr drunk and about to fall,kushi holds him. They have eyelock.
Today’s episode:
Kushi : Asr ji you are alright na.
Asr stands on his own ignoring kushi’s support.
Asr : I can stand own my own. I don’t need your support.
He is about to fall back into the pool,kushi extends her hand for help and pulls him hard.
Asr hugs kushi.

Kushi :Asr ji
She notices he is unconscious. She calls a taxi and go to lav’s home.
She makes Asr sleep on bed, removes his shoes. She searches for her phone but rejected it’s with payal.
Kushi : Devi mayyan. What a tough time? You are continuously punishing me. How can I stay with this demon for whole night?

She searches for Arnav’s phone in his pockets but couldn’t find it.
Asr holds kushi’s hand : He is never there for me kushi. I lost all my happiness. Me and dhi always lasted for his love. But he… Asr cries saying this like a kid and serious on kushi’s lap.
Kushi is shocked by setting Asr crying.
Kushi to herself: Whom Asr is talking about? This might be the reason for his harsh behaviour. She is lost in thoughts.

Kushi : Arnav ji. She wipes his tears.
Arnav holds her hand places it on his heart and says : This is aching a lot . He sleeps and constantly murmurs he is not there for me…
In the morning Asr wakes up. Sees surroundings .
Asr : Where am I??
He sees kushi sleeping and looks at her lovingly then realizes he is in her lap.
He wakes up all of a sudden. Kushi also wakes up.

Kushi : Asr ji Vo kal raath..
Asr : Did I say anything last night.
Kushi doesn’t want to make him sad again : No nothing. Why ji?
Asr : Nothing ok come lets go. He tries to open the door but its locked from outside.
Kushi : I only locked it for safety. Give me a second I will open it. She heads to balcony and sees down .
Asr : What? Open the door nah?
Kushi : Vo ladder feel down.
Asr : What the..

Kushi : I should say that even yesterday I didn’t go home. My mamma pappa would be worried.
Kushi leaves to the room and sleeps on bed.
Asr states at her angrily.

Credit to: Your Name


  1. Khushi

    Hey,, Abhi, I was missing ur ff highly… Finally u have posted it!! Episode was awesome… Please yaar,, do post it everyday… U know what, everyday I was looking for ur ff. At last u post it today… ArShi scenes were so nice.. Waiting for the next episode.. Hope u post it early..

  2. Anaya

    Great episode abhi, I missed your ff so much, looking forward to your next update, hope you will update it soon.

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