Diwana dil (Part 10)

In the morning.
Payal : Kushi I am going to office.
Payal notices kushi’s eyes(she weeped whole night). You sleep, take care kushi. She leaves.
Kushi waves hand to payal and sleeps again.
Garima : How are you now? Kushi.
Kushi : Little headache ma. I will be on leave today.
Garima : Take rest beta.

She leaves. Kushi sleeps.
In office
Asr : Lav get the models photos.
Lav : Asr actually kushi is looking into all these. Looks like she will be late today.
Asr : It’s ok ask her to meet me if she comes.
Lav leaves. Asr thinks to himself won’t she come to office. He goes to kushi’s cabin. It’s empty. He turns to leave.
He feels something and stops
Rabbave rabbave plays

Kushi stands behind him.
Asr turns back he sees kushi and feels happy. But maintains a stern face.
Aakash : Bhai,please I asked kushi to come again. Don’t say her anything. For my sake. They helped a lot in di’s accident case.
Asr(thanks Aakash in heart): He taps Aakash shoulder and says your wish Aakash.
Aakash : Thank you bhai(hugs asr)
Asr also hugs back but he stares at
Kushi affectionately.

Payal listens all this and hugs kushi. Kushi also stares at Arnav.
They have a eyelock.
All of them leaves to their places.
Lav : Hey kushi I am leaving to Bangkok for a week. Keep these keys with you. If any office related things are needed nah call me I will tell you and get it from my home. Please I don’t have time to arrange all properly.
Kushi : Lav ji it’s ok. Enjoy your holidays. I will take care.
Lav hugs kushi saying thank you.

There’s a grand party arranged by AS solutions.

Everybody are enjoying the party.
Suraj and Aakash are having drinks.
Seeing payal coming towards them…aakash mixes drink into coke tin.
Payal : Suraj ji you are drinking?? She exclaims.
Suraj turns to see aakash(he is holding coke and is shocked).
Suraj : Payal ji WO I have asthma and for asthma people or is good to have beer.
Payal : Suraj ji drinking is not good for health. Some fool would have said that don’t believe all these.

Aakash : Correct payal. Fool only said that.
Suraj kicks aakash’s foot.
Payal hiccup she looks around for water bottle but couldn’t find it.
She pulls aakash’s coke and drinks it in a single gulp, she faints and falls on Aakash.
Aakash : Hey baghvan what to do now. If I take her to her home they will feel bad seeing her like this.
He looks for kushi couldn’t find her.
Aakash : Abey Suraj give some idea yaar.
Suraj : Idea start your car raaayyy…..rayyy…. He also faints and falls on Aakash.
Aakash holds his head. I am finished.

Kushi sits near pool all alone.
One guy fully drunk and retired to misbehave with kushi.
He tries touch her hip.
Asr holds his hand and slaps him.

Guy : I am drunk I am a bit weak now. If you have guts you also have this whole bottle then we will fight.
Asr drinks it they have a fight. Guy runs away. Asr is about to fall kushi holds him. They have a eyelock.
Rabbave plays

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Credit to: Abhi


  1. Khushi

    Wow!! Abhi… So nice.. The episode was awesome really.. And I’m eager to know what will happen next. Please tell me when will u post ur next episode.. Episode 11?

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