Diwana dil (Part 1)

Hi guys, I am huge of iss pyar ko kya naam doon and trying to present them in Diwana dil.

The story is about cute and sweet kushi, good hearted anjali,Mr.attitude Arnav, best hubby shyam(in my episode)…
Part 1:Raizayada mansion
Anjali is offering prayer to Krishna
Om jai jagdeesh hare…
Swami jai jagdeesh hare..(she sings
She gives aarthi to Shyam,aakash and naani.
Shyam : Raani sahiba I won again so you have to give whatever I ask.
Aakash and naani : won?? About what?
Anjali : Ji, let my chote come then we will see who won.
Shyam points to stairs
ASR in his grey suit is coming
down speaking to his PA in office
ASR :(angrily) How can you forget this important file?? ASR can tolerate anything but not failure. Do anything I need this show to be organized by us with in 2 weeks as planned. Got it.
Anjali keeps as face seeing Asr. ASR is worried setting anjali.
Shyam(with little smile): Be ready anjali I won you have to give whatever I ask.
Naani : Tell me what you both are talking about.
Anjali : We both kept a bet that chote will come to aarthi and wear the sherwani I bought. She holds arnav’s ears chote you made me lose again.
Arnav(with a little smile): Di, you know I won’t like all these.
Your blessings are with me that’s enough saying this he hugs her.
Anjali(with tears of happiness) : Chote zindagi bar kush raho.
Aakash : Di,I am very hungry.
Naani : Yess come lets have breakfast.
Shyam : Ok

Everybody gathers at diningtable
Anjali goes inside the kitchen to serve dishes,Shyam gets hick-ups he also goes to kitchen to drink water
Anjali : Ji you need anything.
Shyam(hickups) again.
Anjali gives him a glass nearby her.
Shyam spills water out.. He is in pain and screams with pain.
Anjali : What happened Shyam ji. She then realizes it is hot milk.
Anjali tries to console Shyam..she is worried and has years in her eyes : Are you alright Shyam ji I am a fool.
Shyam notices her tears. He stops screaming. He goes near her kisses on her fore-head and says ab teek hoon.
Anjali hugs him.

Hope you like this, will start our kushiasr story in tomorrows episode.

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