Divya Drishti 20th April 2019 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Lava and Divya are about to take off the cover from the face. The person runs. Lava falls. She says pick me. Rakshit says where is my wife? Divya runs down saying didi. Drishti is there. They smile at each other. Divya hugs drishti. Drishti says my sister. They see their mother in the sky. Divya says ma we told you we will find each other.

Bichu comes to Pisachini and says I am playing well. Pisachini says I will find that girl. Pisachini says I am waitin for amawas. I found them both.
DIvya says I wont forgive you. Drishti says because I married Rakhit? I am sorry I actually.. Divya says you think I would be mad at you for that? I am mad because we were under the same roof for so long? You didn’t tell me. Drishti says I didn’t know firs tand then you didn’t

want to listen. DIvya says why didn’t you slap and tell me everything. Divya says I don’t know how I couldn’t recognize you. I am sorry didi. Drishti hugs her and says calm down. Divya says I saw that woman in this house who killed ur mom.

LAva says I saw that thing. It was very dangerous. It was dressed as a groom. It has a sword. Everyone is dazed. Lava says Divya came and saved me. Roomi says this mean divya and drishti are in trouble.
Drishti says to Divya we can’t tell anyone that we are sisters otherwise we wont be able to find that woman ever. Come lets go in.

Lava says was is Shekhar? Or Rakshit. Divya comes and says Shekhar is my husband why would he try to kill me? Lava says I saw everything. It was one of the grooms. Ojaswani says calm down now. You said things like these before too.

Rakshit says to Mahima have you seen Drishti? She says I dont’ want to talk about her. She doesn’t deserve to be the daughter in law of this house.
Drishti says to Dviya she saw Rakhshit killing her. She says or Shekhar.. Divya says he can’t do that. I am rude to him. Divya says everyone thinks LAva is crazy. but she did see that woman. It was the same woman who killed our mom.

Pisachini comes and says to Shekhar you havent’ done your task. Drishti says someone is helping her in this house.
Pisachin says where is your wife? Find a reason why you were lost. Shekhar screams.. He says Divya.. Divya comes in and says what happened. He screams in pain. Drishti and Divya take him to couch. Drishti says take care of him. Divya says you will be fine. They do fake fight. Divya goes out to take medicine.

Pisachini as Mausi says to Lava this all is for you. You are the new DIL of this house. Lva says thank you. You care for me so much everyone else thinks I am crazy.
Drishti says who is heling that woman? Rakshit? Drishti comes to room. Rakshit says where were you? She says what do you care? He says sit here. He dresses the wound on her hand.

Pisachini leaves a fake sky in the air. Lava comes out in the dress Pisachini gace her. Rashi comes to the room. Pisachini takes her voice.
Raksit says to Drishti why didn’t you tell me he isn’t well? Drishti says Shekhar is fine. He says why didn’t you tell me? SHe says his wife is with him. He says if anyone is trouble tell me first. Even if it’s you. Rashi ttries to speak to lava but lava can’t see or hear her. She tries to run. Rakshit looks inside. He says I felt like I saw someone in the air here. Lava says I was n the air. I look so pretty. See. Rakshit says shut up. Masui says I was making her fly. My dupatta was stuck in the curtain. Rakshit leaves. Sunny says we have to hide her body.

Precap-Divya and Drishti look for Pisachini at night.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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