Divorce before Marriage (RagLak) OneShot


Hello everyone Dafsi here with my First OS, I’m not really good at writing OS as I’m a dragger so here we go please tolerate me…

A girl who has worn a baby blue t shirt and a white pajama trouser comes out to the balcony with a cup of coffee. She has left her hair open and its flying all over her face because of the strong wind. She sits in the cane chair which is in the balcony and places her phone on the table near to it. She takes a sip and looks up at the sky.

The girl’s POV
Look where the fate has brought me in a week I’m going to get married to someone, knowing the fact I’m going to leave his life very soon. The game that god is playing with me is really unbelievable. Am I suppose to laugh at me or cry at me. My lips are sealed. This marraige is going to bring only temporary happiness. Knowing that why am I not reacting?
The girl’s POV ends.

She takes another sip just then her phone rings seeing the name her face changes. She answers the call.
The girl : Haan bolo

The caller is a guy he is standing in the roof top. He has worn a maroon t shirt and ash bottom. His one hand is in the pocket and the other one is holding the phone. He has worn a ray band glasses.
The guy : Ragini I have no idea how to thank you. Whatever you told is completely right. There is no human who have never loved.
Ragini : Laksh whatever you have to tell can you please tell it directly.
Laksh : I’m in love Ragini. I’m in love with a girl.
Ragini stands up in shock.
Laksh : Hello…hello…Ragini…
Ragini : Haa…Voh… (She starts tearing) Yeah who is that girl?
Laksh : Nop I’m not going to tell you but show you.
Ragini : Okay Laksh then you show me but when?
Laksh : After the wedding?
Ragini closes her eyes and lets the tears flow her cheeks.
Laksh : Okay Ragini I have to go to hospital early in the morning so bye
Ragini : Bye

Ragini breaks down. She cries vigorously letting all her pain vanish.
Ragini’s monologue : Why god are you testing me? If he loves someone else why is it hurting me? After all he is somehow going to leave me.

It goes to Flashback.
A big mansion is decorated with flowers. A guy comes down wearing a sharwani. He has worn a sky blue sharwani. It is none other than Laksh. A girl is standing and she has worn a pink lehenga and she none other than Ragini. Laksh comes and stands near Ragin, Ragini’s face lightens up in happiness while Laksh is faking a smile.
Dp : Laksh and Ragini beta exchange the rings.
Ap : Here Laksh make Ragini wear it.
Laksh makes Ragini wear the ring.

Janaki : Ragini beta make Laksh wear the ring.
Ragini nods and makes Laksh wear the ring. Everyone is happy and they start clapping. Ragini was talking with Meera (Laksh’s sister and Ragini’s best friend) Laksh comes there and excuses.
Laksh : Excuse me Ragini if you don’t mind, I have to speak something important with you.
Ragini blushes while Meera laughs. Laksh looks at Meera.
Meera : Okay okay bhai I’m leaving.
Laksh firmly grins.
Laksh : Thanks.
Meera Leaves. Laksh turns to Ragini.
Laksh : Ragini I want you to sign some papers.
Ragini looks at Laksh confusingly.
Ragini : What papers?
Laksh : Divorce papers.
Ragini looks at Laksh shockingly.
Ragini : Who’s divorce papers?
Laksh : Our divorce papers.

Ragini : Laksh we didn’t even get married.
Laksh : I know Ragini, let me explain you. In the first place I don’t want to get married to you not only you I don’t want to get married to anyone.
Ragini : Then why did you accept to marry me?
Laksh : I didn’t have any choice. I didn’t have a strong reason to give. Ragini please try to understand. I’m only trying to free you from the unwanted relation.
Ragini is literally crying.
Ragini : Laksh I can free myself even now. Did you think about me? As a girl how can I live my life as a divorcee? Do you know I have never dreamt about my wedding, it is my parents who have been dreaming. Afrer my elder sister loved and made a huge problem I swore my Ma that I will never love anyone. It has been 8 years since then to now I have never thought about a guy. My place for him was left empty and when I knew it is you who going to fill it I was happy. Happy that my mother chose a person in her wish. Do you think I will be able to shatter her dreams in a go? No Laksh that will never happen. Let her heart break now as it will only break a little as we are only engaged but after marraige if you leave me she will die with the pain of choosing a wrong guy.
Laksh : Ragini please listen to me…

Ragini leaves to her parents. She sees them smiling and laughing. She turns and wipes her tears. Then she heard everyone shouting she turned as saw her father Shekhar on the floor.

Scene shifts to the hospital. Everyone is looking tensed and restless. Ragini is crying hugging Janaki. Laksh comes out of the room with a senior doctor. Ragini runs to him.
Ragini : Laksh nothing happened to my papa right?
Laksh : Ragini Relax he has got a minor heart attack due to over happiness.
Ragini whispers : Heart attack??

The senior doc : Nothing to worry as it is a minor and his first but make sure he doesn’t get over joyed or get any sadness.
Ragini looks at Laksh’s face. Laksh looks at her and nods indicating everything will be okay.

The next day Ragini calls Laksh.
Laksh : Haa Ragini tell me, is everything okay?
Ragini : How come everything be okay? I will sign the papers.
Laksh : Ragini are you sure?
Ragini : Haa Laksh I’m sure about it. After marraige I can explain them and give some fake or tru reasons, but now with papa’s condition I have no option left. Let’ meet at 5.00 p.m. at city coffee shop.
She hangs up. Laksh was numb for while until the nurse came and started speaking.
Nurse : Doctor today night there is an operation the senior Doctor Mehra has asked whether you can join him?
Laksh : No I’m a bit busy tonight. Is that all the patients?
Nurse : Yes doctor.
Laksh : Okay then I’ leaving as I don’t have night shifts too.

Next day at the coffee shop at 5.00 p.m.
Laksh comes and finds Ragini sitting there. He comes and gives the papers. Ragini without thinking reads it carefully and signs the papers.
Ragini : I’m leaving, bye.
Ragini in her mind : God let me be the last person to bear this kind of pain. I don’t know what I’m doing is right or wrong. God please help me.
Laksh in his mind : I wanted to stop this marraige by doing this but she is brave enough to accept this. She is different.
Laksh : Coffee?
Ragini : No thanks Laksh I have a divorce case to attend today. I have to save their martial life without the divorce happening.
Ragini leaves while Laksh looks at her. She again comes back and takes her wallet and turns to leave. She turns back while Laksh gets up.
Ragini : Pray god that this should never happen to your sister. As any girl won’t bear this pain of signing the divorce paper before the marraige papers. By the way Laksh are you a human? Do you have the feelings called love, care, share?
She fumes and leaves while Laksh looks on.
Laksh in his mind : Whatever she told is true. Am I hurting a girl without a reason?

After a couple of days Ragini is very much disturbed about this and she was driving her car. She hits the car with another car and her head knocks to the steering wheel. From the opposite car a guy and girl gets down.
The girl : Sanskaar check what happened
Sanskaar opens the door and finds Ragini fainted.
Sanskaar : Swara I think she has fainted. Come let’s take her to the hospital.

They take her to the hospital. In Laksh’s cabin the nurse come running to him.
Nurse : Doctor there is an accident case.
Laksh feels restless on one hand. He goes and finds a small boy has got accident. He starts treating him and still finds his heart restless and tensed. He finishes treating the boy and comes out and finds Swara and sanskaar standing out.
Laksh : Hey Sanskaar, what are yiu doing here?
Sanskaar : Laksh after a long time dude. Meet my wife Swara and Swara this is Laksh my bestie which I lost touch for past 5 years.
Swara and Laksh shakes hand. Sanskaar notices something.

Sanskaar : Bachelor forever is married?
Laksh : Not yet dude its just I’m engaged.
Sanskaar : Engaged? Then I can attend your wedding. I will be living in Kolkata.
Laksh : Achcha, so what are you doing here?
Sanskaar : A small accident yaar
Laksh : You all are okay right? Let me check where is the man?
Sanskaar : Not a man, a girl.
Laksh feels restless after hearing this.
Laksh : I’ll just check.
He enters the room and finds Ragini on the bed. He gets more tensed and shock. Without his knowledge he goes and hugs her and gives a peck on her forehead. Laksh starts tearing. Ragini gains consious and finds Laksh looking at her. Sanskaar and Swara comes in and finds Laksh holding Ragini’s hand.
Sanskaar : Is everything alright? Lucky it is not nice to hold patients hands like this speacially when you sre not single anymore.
Ragini looks at them confusingly. Laksh leaves her hand.
Laksh : Ragini this is Sanskaar and his wife Swara (Ragini smiles and nods) Sanskaar this is my fiance Ragini.
Sanskaar : Ohhh sorry. Hi.,

Ragini : Hello…
Flashback ends.

After a week it is on the wedding day day. The past week has just flew with haldi, sangeet, mehendi, bachelor party etc. Ragini could sense how happy Laksh was after he confessed that he has fallen in love with someone. Ragini though she knew that her would be husband is going to leave her she was ready to marry him but this factor which he is in love with someone literally killed her. She tried her best to console herself telling that it doesn’t matter to her but she always ended up shattering.

Ragini has worn a hot pink lehenga with gold mixed silver design. She finished getting dressed and for one last time she closed her eyes to console herself.

Ragini in her minds : Ragini he is just your name sake husband who is to be divorced very soon what is your problem if he loves? it doesn’t matter to you. So now stop worrying. I know the fact that he is loving someone is hurting you more than the fact that he is leaving you.

Her thoughts were broken by Janaki’s words.
Janaki : Be a good girl Laado I know you will make the place you enter a paradise.
Ragini stood and hug her. The tear gland which was locked by force broke out. It was flowing without a stop. Ragini came down along with Swara, Meera and Janaki. She saw Laksh sitting on the mandap without any guilt in his face. He was really happy it could clearly be visible. Laksh was wearing a darsk blue sharwani.

Ragini in her mind : He is so happy as if he is going to get married to his love. Wait like in dramas am I going to get replaced by someone? No it can’t be I have to be consious. (She sits on the mandap) I don’t know what is running in my mind. Why is that fact hurting me so much. (Laksh and Ragini stands up and exchanges garlands) I can’t let anyone snatch him away from me. He is destined to be mine (Laksh and Ragini takes the seven pheres)Who is that girl who made this stone heart fall in love?

Laksh makes Ragini wear the mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindoor. Ragini closes her eye and remembers Laksh hugging her and kissing her, their enagement, sangeet dance.
Ragini whispers : I’m in love. I love you Laksh.
She opens her eyes.
Panditi ji : The marraige is conpleted.

Ragini’s bidaai happens. She feels happy as well as sad. She started fearing about the fact that her husband is in love with someone. Ragini in Laksh’s room was sitting on the couch lost in Laksh’s thought and having a debate going on in her mind. Laksh comes and looks at her.
Laksh : Ragini you can sleep on the bed and I will sleep on the couch.
Ragini : Who is she?
Laksh : Who is who?
Ragini : The one who you fell in love with?
Laksh’s face lights up and Ragini fumes.
Laksh : Do you really want to see her? By the way Ragini are you jealous of her?
Ragini : Why should I be jealous? After all I’m going to leave you.
Laksh : Okay let me show you her. Open that cupboard and you will find her.
Ragini hesitates but her mind is so stubborn to know who the girl is. Ragini opens the cupboard and finds a picture of her drawn by Laksh and she gets teary. She turns and hugs Laksh and Laksh hugs her back.
Laksh : Is she beautiful Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari?
Ragini breaks the hug and beats him.
Ragini : You idiot you made me suffer. I hate you.

Laksh : I heard someone telling I love you when I made her wear the mangalsutra and sidoor.
Ragini hugs him tight and blushes. He hugs her back and kisses on her head.
Laksh : Will you be with me forever?
Ragini : Not until that divorce paper is there.
Laksh takes it and tares it. Ragini gives peck on his cheek and rests her head on his chest and he hugs her.

After the accident. Laksh drops Ragini in her house and takes Sanskaar and Swara to his. He explains whatever has happen to them.
Sanskaar : I think you are in love with her
Laksh : What? Are you off your head? Why will I love someone without a reason.
Swara : Laksh you are in love with her. That is what when you saw her in that state you hugged her and kissed her. You thought you have right on her, if not will you hug a just patient?
Laksh : Voh…
Laksh in his mind : Am I in lovee with her.(He closes his eyes and remembers his and Ragini’s moments)
Laksh : Yes I’m in love with her. Yes I love her.
Laksh smiles and gets up and runs to the terrace and screams.
He feels so happy.
Flashback ends.

The screen freezes on RagLak’s hugging position.

Credit to: Dafsi

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