A divorce leads to a heavenly relation (one shot)


“A Divorce leads to a heavenly relation”


“No swara no! You can’t let that monster win over you… U can’t let that monster use your body.. u can’t let your soul die.. u can’t” swara thought, her face was buried in between her hands..

“Yes u can’t”she said to herself

She got up and starts to pack her bag..
Her thoughts were distributed by the noise of the opening the door.. as soon as the door open a sense of deep Shiver ran down her spine..

“What are you doing” a man ask

“None of ur business Sahil”he said

“It’s my blo*dy business… U r swara Sengupta.. swara Sahil Sengupta… My wife”he held her arm tightly

She pushed him with full force and roars “stay away from me Sahil.. !!!”

“How dare u to shout at me.. u b***h” he slaps her hard

“Enough Sahil!!! I am not your toy!! “She roars

“You are my toy swara! You are.. n now u have to pay for raising ur voice Infront of me.. “Sahil said and drags her from hair and threw her on bed..

“Sahil… Leave me…”She protests

Sahil didn’t listen to her and again killed her soul.. again her dignity has been killed by the one who has taken vows to safeguard her in all possible conditions..


The sun rays entered the room. It fell on swara’s face making it glow, but a lifeless golden glow on her face isn’t enough to heal the wounds which her soul has… She tried to get up but the monster was still on her.. whenever she saw him she thought why didn’t she protest first time when he used her as a toy for satisfaction.. why didn’t she end this marriage.. why she is bearing all his tourchers.. why she is letting him to kill her soul.. why? Just because she has the tag of being”Mrs. Sahil Sengupta” and her mum has taught her that it was his “right” but it isn’t or just because the society won’t accept her revolt.. but now this is it for her..

“You have to do something swara.. you have to”she thought with determination..


Swara prepared breakfast for him..He was sitting on dining table.. and swara was serving him.

“Swara!! How dare you to make pancakes..”Sahil roars

“I hv asked you what you wanna eat but u didn’t tell me so I prepared what I like”she said while serving him

Sahil pushed her in rage and she fell on floor..He tool that plate and threw that on her face .. she got a cut on forehead..

“Behave urself Sahil!!”she shouts

He squeeze her face with his hands.. “I think you have forgotten last night’s result.. think twice before raising ur voice Infront of me” he said and left her with a jerk

“M going to office and don’t you dare to be over smart”he warns her and left

As soon as he left she cleaned her wound and left to meet lawyers for divorce.. she can’t spend her whole life with an animal..

“M sorry Mrs Sengupta I can’t help you.. if I help you then Mr Sengupta will destroy my career.. he himself his a great lawyer”

“M sorry”

“Sorry can’t help you”

“M really sorry Mrs Sengupta”

“SORRY” all she got is a sorry.. each and every lawyer she met denied to help her.. as Sahil was quite influential.. she doesn’t need their sorry.. she just want some legal help.. but they aren’t ready to help her just for the sake of their own career.. indeed career is important.. but if they have option go choose between career and someone’s life.. rather someone unknown’s life.. everyone will choose.. “CAREER”

β€Œbut there was someone who has seen swara wandering from one lawyer to another.. and cared about her life more than phis”career”

She finally sat on bench in park.. after feding up with everyone’s behavior.. she wasn’t hopeless .. she was fed up!

Someone came n sat beside her.

“I will help you in seeking divorce from ur husband”he said

She looked at him astonishingly

“Ya don’t satare at Me.. I will help you.. I m not experienced lawyer like ur husband but I will definitely help you”he said

“He will destroy your career” she told the consequence of helping her

“I don’t care.. I can survive with a job of a labourer also.. but if I let a girl’s life to ruin just for the sake of my career then I won’t get sleep at night”he said with determination

“Why are you helping me? You are putting your career at stake”she ask

“Cz saving life is important rather than building career.. and if I get suceed in saving you.. then my career will also get a boost so.. no issues.. now tell you will you allow me to help you” he forward her hand toweards her

“Hmm..I agree.. Mr?”she shakes hand with him.

“Sanskar.. sanskar maheshwari , Mrs Sengupta” he said

“Correction.. not Mrs Sengupta.. m just swara! I don’t need his surname” she said proudly

“Hmm so.. tell me some facts.. will you be comfortable in telling me ?”he confirms

“Definitely.. ask me anything.. I just want to get rid of that monster” she said

“Okay.. so when you got married?”he ask

“6 months back”she said

“Why you want divorce from him?”he ask

“He is not a human.. he Beats me like hell on every single thing.. he thinks me as his toy.. whenever he want me he just..”she couldn’t complete as her voice cracked and tears fell off her eyes

Sanskar passed hankey towards her and spoke
“If you really want to get rid of him then never become weak Infront of anyone.. people will take your tears as your weakness”

Swara got shocked for the first time someone has supported her..


Swara opened up with sanskar soon all just because he is pole apart from Sahil.. sanskar respect women..

“How dare you to plot Against me!!” Shail shouts as he got notice from court for hearing

“I am not accountable to you”she shouts

“You bl**dy b***h you have to answer me …”he shouts and slaps her hard..

“Sahil be thankful to me that I didn’t file domestic violence case against you.. but if you dare to touch me one more time .. I won’t hesitate in that either”she said

“How dare you!!”he again raised his hand but someone pulled swara back..

“I think you should lodge a complaint of domestic violence also.”he said

“Ohh so your boyfriend is supporting you.. Haan not bad.. and you sanskar maheshwari.. you will repent in helping this wh*re”Sahil said

Sanskar held his collar and said ” I don’t know anything but if you don’t stop using these abusive words against swara.. you will definitely repent”

“Now you wait swara.. how I will make your life hell.. I will make sure that our society won’t accept you again”sahil said with a smrik

“You don’t need to make anything sure… Mr Sahil Sengupta”she said

“Swara I don’t think it’s safe to leave you here alone with this pervert”sanskar said and took swara to his own home.


“M sorry swara my house isn’t big as urs”he said

“Wait sanskar.. that was Sahil’s house not mine.. and Thank-you so much for helping me this way.. being an unknown u did alot to me”she said

“Oo hello.. we are friends don’t forget this.. now come and this room on right is yours and mine is upstairs that one.. ao if u need anything just shout my name.. ane I will be at ur service mam”he said

“Sure”she said with a smile

Days were passing.. as the date of hearing is coming near swara’s restlessness increased.. the emotional side of her’s is now overcoming the strong swara

Sanskar went in her room with dinner and saw her crying quietly

“Why are you crying swara”he ask in concern..

“M scared sanskar.. day after tomorrow is hearing and what if I don’t get divorce”she said in tension

“Firstly stop crying nothing will happen.. and why are you sitting here alone..”he wipes her tears

“You only told me not to cry Infront of anyone”she said innocently

He immediately took her in his protected embrace and said”you can cry Infront of me swara”

Finally smhow after consoling and making her sleep he felt relived..


Next day

Sanskar was preparing for the hearing and swara was feeding him with her hands..

“Swara don’t irritate me.. m doing important work”he said

“Ha to you can continue ur work n I am doing mine”she said and continue to feed him

Suddenly someone came n slaps swara hard.. she got shocked to see her parents there..

“Ma Baba.. aap dono”

“Ha.. hum dono.. u haven’t left any single stone unturned in defaming our name.. why the hell you have filed for divorce… And now you are enjoying with this man..”her mum said

“I have filed for divorce cz I can’t spend my life with a man like him”she said

“So whom you want .. this man.. Sahil has told us that you are having an extra marital affair with this man..”her dad said..

“Baba how could you trust him.. “she said in choking voice

“Cz we know he is saying truth.. otherwise why u have moved in with this man” her brother said

“Wow!! You All are trusting Sahil rather than your own daughter.. okay so you have came here cz Sahil told you that she has filled divorce.. but did u ask her that whether she is happy or not.. did you see the bruises all over her body.. did you know ur truthful son in law was raping ur daughter.. no you didn’t.. and why would you.. cz people like you.. believes that after marriage u should not even check whether ur daughter is happy or not”sanskar roars

“Which you were quoting as rape is his right.. tell me swara what I told you when you told me about this first”her mom said

Sanskar gave them a disgust look

“If after knowing all this you are raising finger on swara.. then m sorry for doing which m going to do now.. but I can’t help it”sanskar said and pushed them out..

Swara fell on floor while crying.. her own parents weren’t believing her..

“Why didn’t you tell me that your mum knows about this”he ask

“Cz it won’t make any difference.. mum has taught me.. that it’s Sahil’s right to use me,to beat me, to badmouth abt me.. if he is doing so then only I must be at fault..but I know it’s incorrect.. i believe he will change but when I realised he won’t change. I thought to go for divorce.. and. that’s the reason I didn’t involve my family in this divorce matter”she said while sobbing

“It’s disgusting swara.. now no need to worry I am n I will be with you forever” he said


IN court hearing swara got divorced from Sahil.. but the things went wrong . Sahil has proved swara characterless..He proves that she has an extra marital affair with sanskar.. and when he came to know about her affair she filed divorce for saving her image..

Sahil’s proves became base for divorce.. but her real struggle starts from here..

He family has cutted a the ties with her.. Sanskar tried for an NGO.. who can provide shelter to her but none agreed.. as swara is “characterless”
People has Started badmouthing about her..

After divorce.. swara went to a grocery store.. there the worst happened with her..

“She is swara na”a lady ask

“Ya swara.. she was wife of Sahil Sengupta na.. and she was having affair with a lawyer”another lady said

“Are such girls are stigma on the society.. “someone said

Swara was deeply hurt with their comments but she knew she isn’t wrong.. so she need Not to feel guilty..

Suddenly two ladies held her either hands..

“What the hell leave me”she roars .

“We will leave you but first let us apply this black ink on ur face.. n don’t worry this black is nothing Infront of ur black deeds”a lady said

Swara was struggling to release herself.. that lady was about to blacken her face.. but sanskar came in-between and snatch the black paint from her hand n pour that on Them..

“Disgusting.. you all are ladies.. and you are behaving like this with her.. shame on you.. just shame on you”sanskar said ans took swara rightfully from there


Swara was burning some pics.. when sanskar came n spoke
“M sorry swara.. if I didn’t bring you here that time Sahil can’t prove you characterless… It happens only cz of me”sanskar said with guilt

Swara threw those burning photos from window and hugged sanskar tightly..

“Swara!!”he got shocked

“I love you sanskar.. I really love you”she said

Sanskar didn’t expect such confession from her.. he came back to senses and spoke”I love you too swara”

“Then let’s have affair for whole life”she said

“Yeah we will but not like this..”he said

“Yeah.. this time I want you surname.. “she said

“U don’t need any surname Swara..”he said

“I don’t need . But I want.. I want to be swara sanskar maheshwari”she said proudly

“I love you swara.. I have never seen a strong girl like you..”he said

“And I never thought that a divorce will lead to a heavenly relation like this”she said and hugs him tightly


So hwz it tell me??
Yeah one more thing m NOT new here.. m ur one old friend.. now u have to guess who am I? The one who will guess it correct will get a virtual kissey from me ?
And yes I will reply you all from my real I’d…

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  1. Kritika

    Loved it!! Waise whoz this?

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      Afterall my virtual daughter recognised me?

  2. Who is this? I mean who r u? Sorry but I don’t know you…really don’t know you…but the story was beautiful…loved it…

    1. Meher

      Cutie pie you definitely know me.. that too very well..

      Thank-you so much for reading?

      1. Meher di…
        Shall I say something?
        Pinky plomish main sach bol rhi hu….sachhi mein….u know what? As soon as I finished the story, I knew it was u!!! I really knew it! Coz this is ur writing pattern! I knew this would be u! But the problem is that whenever writers ask like this that guess who I am, I never answer them, coz if I guess wrong, they feel bad. One such experience also I had. The writer almost burst out at me coz I couldn’t identify her?
        And MMaheshwari….Meher Maheshwari??
        Of you are Meher Maheshwari…then M Ishani Kapoor…??
        Dhanya ko maaro goli??

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    Hey oldcomer!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    A superb OS… I especially loved the beginning… It was really good… You made me hate Sahil… and the parents not believing part was really sad and i was really angry… but that just shows how well you portrayed it…
    SANSKAAR as usual was yummylicious!!!

    I do wish it was lot longer <3 <3
    And that Swara had managed to teach the monster a lesson… but amazing stuff… The words u used in the beginning… toy, monster etc.. is very apt!!!

    1. Meher

      Thank-you so much anji… Listening praise from you in itself is an honour…

      Lol zada heavy ho gya???

      But seriously if u like this os then I suceed.. afterall I hv written this especially for you bae?

    2. Anjali30

      I loved it!!!!

      I’m gonna keep begging you for more and more! Never worry πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      LOVE YOU!!!!

  6. Scooby

    Hmmm wow tremendous.. lovly.. and sahil evil spirut tortured swara and defamed her. White prince in d name of attorney saved d queen.. im so happy and ending ws awesome… hmm lemme guess… is it anu modi dr..
    if not im sorry forgive me πŸ™

    1. Anjali30

      Navi πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

      how r u??

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  7. awesome one shot

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  10. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome ….. and maheshwari !???? Who are u ???? Can’t understand … ok I loved ur ff …. but I wanted swara to prove the society that she is not ”characterless” … but its ok…. I know there was no ways to prove that …. but after all it was awesome. … beleive me I loved it ….

    1. Meher

      Thank-you dear

      I didn’t make her prove cz as u said something can’t be proved

  11. RiSha

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  12. Awesome… it was too good.. u portrayed d characters very well.. n d story so was realistic…in our society many women suffer from this problem.. but it doesn’t mean to give up..after all life is all about second chance..?..
    thnx for ur wonderful msg …☺☺

    1. Meher

      Thank-you so much dear..

      Glad you liked it..

  13. Nice…but she should have proved sahil wrong

    1. Meher


      Dear I want to keep it realistic… That’s why I didn’t make her prove him wrong.. in reality it doesn’t happen na

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  15. Jyotii

    Meher! Its you! Its purely ur writing style. Uh write like this.
    Coming to the OS.. Superb…. One of the best OS I have ever read!!
    Tu toh hai hi OS queen???

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    Hey..that was awesome..I totally loved it.,..feeling proud to be a swasanian…n feeling disgust on sahil n our so called society….n I think it’s u Meher Di. .because ur story always have a strong reason n moral. .

    1. Meher

      Aww bby u gussed it correct.. here is ur virtual kissy ?

      Thank-you so much

      Glad you liked it

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  19. Vyshu10

    nice…i wish d truth about sahil came out

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      I want to keep it real that’s why I didn’t do that.. in reality everything doesn’t come out… Isn’t it?

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  21. Nice os…
    Nd ya i think itzzz meher..:)
    Aise topixx pe toh hmari os queen hi likhti h..
    Nd last me virtual kissey wala dialogue…lol!!!:D Usse toh lagta h itzz definitely u..!!!:D

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    i’m new comer here, so i dunno who you are..
    but you were ragging me with this awesome ff πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  28. It was Amazing but you should nt have end this here I wanted sahil jail like something

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      Sorry dear but I want to keep it real.. that’s the reason I don’t put him in jail

  29. Nita D

    U rock it girl……it was awesome…..I think i would have guessed it was u if u had not sent me the link….(but i don’t open TU nowadays is a different matter).i somehow missed your previous msg. Saw it yesterday but as soon as the saw the link i clicked it. I had to. Even though it was 12:30am. Cause your os r always awesome n heart touching….. Well done baby??

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