Divorce Kumkum bhagya


uff how many times this divorce drama will take place lets see what will happen if Pragya gets frustrated with it
RS dadi : Pragya has sent divorce papers as she don’t want to keep any relation with you ??
abhi : this can’t be happen because she can’t do this to me she know I love her very much ?
Rs dadi : she only sent this and asked me to get it sign by you as she don’t want to meet u also now ?
Abhi : this can’t happen I know she can’t do this ? let her talk to me once
(Pragya comes just then running and huffing)
pragya : listen I want to say u something
Abhi : first tell me why u send these divorce papers to me ?
Pragya : what ?? again one divorce paper
Abhi : your dadi only brought them to me ?
Pragya : I didn’t sent them oh I know whose work is this?
went to Tanu
Pragya : Tenure darling tell me one thing did u people purchased these divorce papers in bulk ( abbey ek baat batao ye divorce paper thok k bhav khreedy they kya tum logon ne ) ???
Tenu ; what are u saying ?
Pragya : wait a minute
went to her room and brought a bulk of papers with her and started counting
Pragya : listen come here
Abhi went

Pragya : So this is the one which I got signed by him this one is second which raj Bhaiya send this is the one which Aliya brought and raj Bhaiya and aliya both wished to get it signed by cheating then this is the one which u brought and thought the same then this one is again brought by aliya after getting into his trust and then this one is brought by nikhil when he started to help u in your plan then this one is again urs when u got it signed by me successfully then this again so here total are 9 divorce papers and if we keep them together they are looking like a book ???
Abhi :?? exactly yr did you people brought them on cheap rates that’s why u purchased them in bulk how many more you have by the way ????
Tenu ; ??? there is nothing like that
Pragya : Ok so I think we have to sign this divorce book ??? and since they are 9 they are odd we need one more
Abhi : why one more ??
Pragya : didn’t studied mathematics one plus one minus equal to 0 ??? so we will sign one then its effect will get nullify when we will sign the next one ???
Abhi : yeah damn true ??? tenu can we have one more please
Pragya : so let’s start signing this divorce book ???
Abhi ; actually I have better idea ???
pragya : what is that ?
Abhi : we can sell them ??
pragya : and what will be the benefit ?
abhi : its simple assume one divorce paper making costs 150 rupees so 10 divorce papers cost will be ..??
Pragya : 1500 rupees ???
Abhi ; exactly and what will be the price we will distribute it 50-50???
Pragya : that’s great come lets go ?????
Abhi : yeah ???
Tanu shocked Abhigya rocked ✨✨✨

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  1. As usual surbhi that was rocking.Seriously,luv it to the core.?????????????????????????????????????????????????and more than this.Ab me or nahi likh sakti kyunke mujhe bohat zaida hasi a rahi hai?????????????????????????????????????

    1. Oh yes,finally,aj mai ne sub se phele comment kiya .yayyyyy… . …….??????????????????????????

  2. Trisha

    Amazingggg Surbhi???… Was sooo funny…????… Im begining to think they really have divorce papers in bulk… How many more divorce papers will Abhigya have to sign???
    Anyway…great job my dear… Loved it… All the best!

  3. Angita

    Hahaha surbhi?????you just tottaly rocked. I loved it so so much.so funny and what a person needs to

  4. ????????????

  5. Lol diii???hw u alone think so lovely??????

  6. awesome dr….

  7. Yaaaaaar……..!!! How can think like this?? It’s really amazing.cant control my laughter.fantastic.keep rocking like this dr.

  8. awesome dear 🙂 :*

  9. ?????…u r awesome surbhi…u nailed it..?????…

  10. Maahi

    diiiii my god its damnnnn hilarious diii its am really laughing hard diii plzz do try as critic nd trust me u vil dfntly rock in ittt u knw wat just nw I came to knew tht they received 9 divorce papers lol bcoz I thought it is infinity haha u rocked itttt 1500 share my god ur IMPOSSIBLE u turned. serious situation to a hilarious one thts yy ur UNIQUE in all sense keep rocking diii

  11. ???? Wow surbhi as usual rocks

  12. Sarayumane

    Superb dear

  13. Wow superbbb…. Really funny….?????????????????

  14. Mujhe title padh kr hee laga k yeh tu hogy ???????????????????????????????????????????? aaj m buhttt khushhhh hun or yeh wala padh kr toh or bhi khush waisay i didn’t knew k rockstar dadi is back ???????????????????? amazing! Awesome! Like always!

  15. Reshma Pradeep

    Kaise likhthi hoon yaar aise??? Mein tho ye scene soch sochkar has rahi hoon……..Pata nahi kab ye hasi rukhne wala hei……..Anyway, Its Damn funnyyyyyyyyyyy………..Loved it!!!!!

  16. Narendran

    ???????awesome.. I just loved it..1500rs.. ???where did u get this ideas????????????????superb! Wonderful, marvelous, extradinary

  17. Surbhi u r rocked… Sema… Really super…

  18. superbb yarrr…………………….i really loved it …………………………….so cool……………………..can’t stop laughing

  19. Sharaya


  20. Prathi

    Oh my god another fun filled criticism can’t stop laughing??

  21. Riyashri

    ????? U r seriously Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    Hilariously Hilarious !!!?????????????????????????? Once again an Fun Filled update !!! ???Love u My RockStar !!????

  22. Mona146

    You have excellent sarcasm Surbhi! Please write another one covering a lot of topics at once. I bet it would be excellent and we will post it in facebook also.

    1. SURBHI

      haha Mona thanks for that but these thoughts come into my mind only when the series turn into unbearable crap otherwise i will write it for sure 🙂 😉

  23. God this z damn hilarious??

  24. I don’t know why TU isn’t posting my comments! Seriously this was amazing???????! You are Incomparable Dude, you are incomparable ??

  25. Funny yaar???

  26. had a good laugh

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