YOU ARE DIVINE (one shot)


Hello guyz another sunday with another one shot… now my soul brother is teasing me that i shld change my name to “one shot meher”..
Well jokes apart i hv never dedicate my one shot to anyone but i want to dedicate this os to smone whom i dont even kno…kshiti my sissy’s frnd i dont kno her bt when i read shalmali’s cmnt i dont kno y bt i actully cry… n thats the reason for this dedication…
Sry for these extra lyns n here we go



A girl was standing on edge of mountain… what was she doing here… trying to commit suiced ? Or just casully standing ?…
Round of words were going through her mind every word contradicts the previous one..
‘Impure’ ‘pure’ ‘characterless’ ‘divine’ ‘burden’ ‘pride’ ‘sucide’ ‘life’ she jerks these words…

“So want to jump off the mountain… ahhh naahh i will not… ” she talks with herself.
“I still cant figure it out wether this is blessing or a curse” says while keeping her hand on her belly…
Her phone rang “home calling”
She picked that up..
Hello mom.. said normally
“How many tyms i shld tell u that u shld nt go out at night” her mother scorled in concerned voice..
“Mom itz only 6… itz nt night n dont worry m coming … i will be there in an hour” she replied in a clam tone..
N call ends
She again puts her hand on her belly n said”it seems ur nani luvs u more than she luvs me… well itz good cz u wont find any affection frm my side” tear skips frm her eyes
She reached home n her mom starts rapid fire with her N she being habitiual of all this plys that quite well

“Where were u” the first question frm mom
“At mountain edge” in clam tone
“Y u always go there” a worried voice asked
“Cm on mom i will nt try to jump off the mountain again” said while putting car keys on table
” i kno my shona wont do anything lyk this ” said by a man in determined voice
“Never” a firm n confident rply frm that girl
“Beta tmrw is first day of ur job hv dinner n then slepp ok” mother said in concerned tone
“Ha mom ”
“Will u manage all these things ” ask her mother doubtedly
“Definately mom afterall m swara … swara gadodia” her eyes shines by saying gadodia…

She hd her dinner n medecines too after making lots of faces..



She reached the office n enquired at reception”i m new web developer whom to report n where ?”
“Hello mam u hv to report to mr sanskar maheshwari as he himself takes care of web development team” receptionist answerd her
“Hmm.. strange an MD takes care of web developing team by himself… well there are lots of idiots so he must one of them” she think in mind

Swara mixes well with her team as she is very bubbly… charming n loveable…but still she was waiting for mr maheshwari to come..

An audi stops in front of building… white color audi with tintted glasses a perfect combination… a guy steps down from driving seat… wearing shades n jeans with a white shirt n ofcourse a blazer to complete his look… his shoes were shining lyk black marbel… he puts his shades off his eyes Gives keys to watchman to park car n buttoned his blazer n goes in..
He gives smile to each n everyone… from peon to gatekeeper to manager… his looks were killer… any girl will fall for him after seeing his smile… everyone greets him.. n as he goes in he bumped into a girl or an angel… he hold her in nick of tym… they hv an eyelock… he drown in her deep brown eyes… her eyes were sparkling bt smthing was missing…
She realises that he has caught her red handed.. the hollow space… the emptiness which she was hiding from her parents from everyone is noticed by him clearly… she closes her eyes to avoid the contact…
He makes her hand proprly
“Are u ok ” he asked worriedly
She nodded yes.
“Are u new here” he asked
“Yes” she replied without any expression
Receptionist added” sanskar sir she is swara… swara gadodia new web developer”
“So u r that NRI web developer” he said
“Ya ” angin flat answer

He orderd her to come in his cabin… he sat on the chair n signals her to sit.. she followed his instructions…
Both were silent… n the silence is broken by peon who has brought a file n handed that to him

“So y u came india” he asked
“Itz my native land i can come here whenever i want do u hv any problem” she frowned
” nahhh y would i hv any problem… so tell me abt urself” he asked as he was intrested in her
“I hv already passed the interview .. so y shld i answer u now …” she literally shouted..

” woo !! Clam down lady gabbar… if u r forgotten.. then let me remind u m ur boss ” said sarcasticlly.

“M sry” an innocent rply from her

He smiled seeing her innocence…


@Sanskar’s room .

He keeps on thinking abt swara… her smile… her long hair… her angelic face… an unknown smile appeard on his face but it fadded as soon as he recalles the emptiness in her deep brown eyes…

“There must be smthng which is eating her from inside… i dont kno what bt i will definately find that out… ”


@Swara’s room

She was restless as her hardwork to hide the hollowness in her lyf… in her heart… in her shattered soul is strted getting in vain as she can really understand that sanskar had caugh her red handed
They she sat on bed n recalles her lyf… her bitter past.. she took her diary n strts reading those incidents which had happend to her… which she has written in her diary

@diary (swara’s pov)

I was very exited abt my marriage lyk any other girl i too want a prince charming… i want to get ready for him… i want to be loved unconditionally… n yes my dream completed… i got married to vikarm singhania… a rich gentel man… umm gentle man no.. on pretends to be one… he gets married to me only for green card.. he shifted to switzerland… yeah switzerland a romantic place.. my dream fanticies are resulted in living such place… i belive tht luv is as pure as snow.. no harsh feeling… bt no it all gets shatterd… he starts to beat me bt M being rebelious always revert him.. which results in punishment… he tourcherd me in all ways either mentally or physically.. although i born n brought up in switzerland i was still connected to my root..i value relations alot..i though he will change…so. i bear all his tourchers bt one day he crossed his limits… he came drunk with his 3 frnds n they all raped me… ya they were raping me in front of my hubby who tad taken vows to safegurd me… his two frnds holded me.. he himself putted a cloth in my mouth so that i cant shout… his one frnd unzipped my cloths.. with his everytouch i feeld disgused… i tried my level best bt at last all in vain.. they four rape me.. when i woke up i found myself sleeping besides that creature. Whom world known as my hubby.. my body was paining lyk hell… my body denies to support me after that brutal nyt.. n horrible experince…i want to tell all this to my dad mom bt at that tym my dad got admitted to hospital so i droped the idea n again bear his tourchers… after3 mnths i came to kno that m pregnent… but he said it wasnt his child… i hv prooved it medically that m carrying his child but no… he keeps on repeating that it is an illegitimate child… i cant take all this.. i came to india for ending my lyf i was about to jump off mountain bt… my dad stoped me he said” u r our pride.. we r proud of u… u r strong.. dont do this.. we are with u always..”
I cried alot n said m nt pure m hving an illegitimate child in my womb…
My mother said” no u r nt impure u r Divine.. this is nt illegitimate child.. n u r our strong swara.. swara gadodia…

I cried n decided to settle down in india.. here too i face many taunts.. ppl calling me burden n my parents calling me pride..then i decide to move on or act as if i hv moved on… i want to abort this child bt my parents always stops me… cz aborting this child would be a confermation to all that this is illegitamate.. so i gave up.. i joined maheshwari grps
***swara’s pov ends***

Sanskar has fallen for swara but she always avoids him as she doesnt want him to kno more abt her n her past.. itz been a month she was working with him… a small bump is clearly visible as now she is in her 4th mnth…

One day he asked swara to go to jaipur for a meeting

“U hv to go to jaipur with me tmrw” he orded
” m web developer y would i need to go to a meeting” she enquired
“Cz my clients want to meet u n u hv no option ” he said firmly
“Ok fyn” she agreed

Nxt day they left for jaipur.. they were living in his villa as he doest like to live in hotels n swara too hesitantly accepts his choice..
They had dinner n were talking with each other casully… swara went to kitchen n her phone beeps sanskar saw it n read out the msg it was frm her mom
“Shona hv ur medecines… i kno u will be very careless…bt i cant be careless regarding ur health.. hv them n call me”.

He smiled seeing her mother’s care but his smile faded thinking abt medecines…. he was in his thoughts.. when he heard a screem it Was swara’s he rush to kitchen n saw her lyng on floor cryng in pain..
He immediately took her in his arms n calls doctor

Doc: u shld be cateful for ur wife… stress is not at all good either for ur wife or ur child..
San was hell shocked listening to doc’s words that she is pregnent


he took breakfast for her normally… n hv his breakfast with her n says while eating
“I love you swara will you marry me” said clamly
“What!!!” Replied in shock.
“Ya.. ” he confremed
“Dont u kno abt me or u r taunting me lyk others” she enquired with choaking voice
“I dont want to kno anything abt u… n i want to face all the taunts with u ..” says while holding her shoulders n seeing in her eyes
“Wait let me tell u (tells everything)” tears fall off her eyes
“R u divorced? N those cheap jerks hv been sentenced or not?” He asked normally.
She nodded yes..
” then pack ur bag i will be at ur home tmrw with my family… they will ask for our relation” said determinedly.
“Are u insane!!! Or r u deaf !! I think u wont listen me properly.. let me repeat myself… m a divocee… i hd been raped by 4 men… i am carrying an illegitimate n unwanted child in my womb… m impure” n she breaks in tears..
He cups her face n wipes her tears” u r nt impure u r divine…those ppl r impure their thinking is cheap n itz nt an illegitimate child… i will give this child my name.. i will give u a family… ”
“Y u r doing this… when this child’s real father backed off y r u showing pity on me” she roared
“Cz i luv u” he admitted

She break In tears n he supported her
” u r divine… ur soul is divine… ur heart is pure.. ur eyes are pure… ur love is pure …. our luv is pure” he consoles her

“I luv u too” she finally responded

They finally get married n swara finally got a good n open minded family… they hv accepted swara n her child wholeheartedly…


《To be honest this os is combination of hypothetical situation n harsh reality.. this is fact that rarely ppl will accept a girl as their daughter in law who was hving anyone else’s child… n it is true that ppl marry grls for their benefits
Except that
He loved her… he loved her soul her heart not her body… she suffers alot but he holded her.. supported her … everyone needs smone… her parents supported her.. a girl would be blessed to hv such parents n a partner lyk sanskar》

Guyz after finishing my current fan fiction i will start my another ff
“SwaSan revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart”

Credit to: meher

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