Divek, Ronita & Karankita—-A love that has no end (Part 4)


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The movie ends and the 6 of them come to the carpark
Ankita:that was just an awesome love movie
Anita:yeah…and a real one too!
She looks at Divek and smiles. Divyanka sees this and signs her to stop this and Vivek smiles
Rohit:shall v go for a ice cream night now!
Ankz:u just had them!
Vivek:ok lets go(thinking to spend time with Divyanka)
Divyanka:Vivek its late at night
Vivek:so what?
The boys shout lets go and the girls just stare at them
Rohit:oh r u guys coming or what?
The girls get on the bike just like they did before. They leave for the ice cream parlour

Karan:how Long have it been to eat ice cream with Divyanka!
Ankz:yes v used to do it in childhood with our parents but now v alone its romantic!
Rohit:there are still young people around here so mind it…
Ankita laughs looking at Anita
Anita:keep quiets Ankita!
Vivek:it seems like u found someone Ani
Anita:just like u did
Vivek gets shocked and looks at Divz who is alr looking at him
Vivek:nothing like that
Karan:ahha…I can see that
Vivek:come on guys grow up!
Rohit:u guys r but I’m not!I want to be a bachelor!
Anita gets shocked:WHAT!?
Rohit:y r u getting shocked?
She starts scolding Rohit who silently runs away
Ankita and Karan bring the screaming Anita away
Vivek:does she love Rohit?
Divyanka: y r u asking this question out of the blue?
Vivek:cos I want to know about my sis
Divyanka:Vivek…Anita loves Rohit since young but Rohit does not show any interest in her. Does he love anyone else?
Vivek:no I don’t think so.He shares everything with me and Karan
Divyanka:then it’s up to them
Vivek:u know Divz…Its been so many years and it’s like everything just changed
Divz:what do u mean…
She looks at Vivek

Anita is still screaming away
Karan:oh my god!Keep quiet Anita!
Anita:how dare he!how dare he!
Ankita:Dare what?
Anita:how dare he say this to me!
Karan:arrey yaar!Say it!
Anita:how dare he say that he is going to stay a bachelor when I’m waiting to marry him!
Karan gets shocked:what?!
Anita:I love Rohit!
Ankz:my dear Anita!U should say this to Rohit and not us…
Anita:i am I am going to say this to that fool!wait mr Reddy!Ur future Mrs Reddy is coming!
She leaves angrily and Karankita looks at her shocked
Karan:Anita loves Rohit?
Ankz:since childhood!
Karan:but Rohit…
Ankz:I know Karan…But it’s ok.Let Anita confess to Rohit now
Karan:just hope everyone get settled in life soon
Ankz:just like us!
They smile

Vivek:yes…u changed a lot
Divyanka:how did I change?
Vivek:idk but u changed!
Vivek:haan!Come on tell me about ur future plans
Divyanka:I want to work for sometime and get married later.
Vivek:how must ur future Husband be?
Divz to herself:he is trying to prepare for his future
Divz: he should be caring towards me and should always love me and maybe our child as well
Vivek:whoa u want a baby?
Divz:of course every woman’s dream is to have a loving Husband and a cute child!
Vivek to himself:well I think I’m capable
And imagines them with their cute baby Daughter
He smiles and Divz sees this
They just look at each other and smile

Anita looks for Rohit and gets shocked seeing him coming out of a ditch
Anita:what happened to u Rohit?
Rohit:nothing yaar!Ran away from u and slipped into this!
Anita:r u ok?
Rohit:yes but y did u start shouting at me earlier?
Rohit looks at a direction:it’s ok lets go!
He grabs her hand and they go
Anita to herself:what happened to him?

Vivek:what happened Rohit?
Karan:u ok man!
Rohit:I’m fine…!
Rohit:yes!Lets go pay for the ice cream Vivek
Karan:u stay. I pay
Rohit:nah!its ok!Vivek come
Karan:ok let me come also…
Rohit looks at the girls:no Karan u stay here with them!vivek come
They go to pay the bill and Vivek looks at Rohit
Vivek:r u sure nothing happened to u?
Rohit look at the rest outside and turns to Vivek
Rohit:Vivek!they came to Attack u again!
Vivek gets shocked:seriously?
Rohit:I stopped them and beat them. They ran away but I’m sure they will come back again
Vivek:ok did anything happen to u?Ur fine na?
Rohit:I’m fine buddy but u pls stay safe!
Vivek: ok
They go outside
Rohit:ok lets go!
Divz:u sure u ok?
Rohit:yes yes! I’m fine!come lets go…
Rohit:Karan u drop Ankita at her house and I will bring Anita and Vivek u bring Divyanka
Divz looks at Vivek who is lost in his thoughts
Karankita and Ronita leave and Vivek starts his bike. He thinks about going to the direction but Divyanka sits. He realises that she is there and they head towards her house. Vivek drops her at her home
Divyanka:good night
Vivek:good night
Vivek smiles and says bye
He gets a call from Rohit asking him to come to a place
He goes there and sees Karan and Rohit
Karan:what is this?Rohit told me everything.Is that Sangram mad!?
Vivek:idk!He said that he will stop this nonsense but..
Rohit:give him a warning Vivek
Karan:no!then he will get even angrier!
Rohit:look Vivek u have to be alert…u r a police officer but stay vigilant always!
Vivek: ok guys
They leave from there

Anita is thinking about Rohit
Anita:what happens to him?he didn’t seem that he fell into the ditch by accident. Something is wrong!
She calls Rohit
Anita:what happened there?
Rohit half sleepy:where?
Anita: the road
Rohit:I fell into a ditch
Rohit gets irritated:can u come to the terrace I want to c u!
They go there.Karan,Vivek and rohit’s house have a connected terrace
Rohit:what’s ur problem?y r u torturing me?
Anita:what am i torturing u about?
Rohit explains to her about everything that she did to him
Rohit:I don’t want ur care ok!I don’t have parents but I still live a peaceful life!I will leave like this till end!So don’t try to shower care on me and get me emotional
Anita: ok calm down
Rohit:and u…
Anita:tell me the meaning of mujhse shaadi karogi
Rohit:r u from planet Mars?
Rohit:u don’t know the meaning of that!?
Anita:tell me damn it!
Rohit:marry me!
Anita:of course I would marry u!
She hugs Rohit. Rohit gets stunned. He looks at Anita
Anita:I love you!
Anita:I love you Rohit Reddy!
Anita hugs him even tighter:no buts and vuts! I really really love you Rohit!I couldn’t keep quiet when u said u want to be a bachelor so I started shouting!I want you in my life!I cannot live without u rohit!Tell me that you Love me!!
Rohit looks down at Anita
Rohit:Anita…what r u saying?Ive only seen u as my Sister
Anita:I don’t care!now see me as a lover!
Rohit:look I lead a life that is only for me so…
Anita:I want to be part of it!
Rohit just stares at her blankly
Rohit:I need time
Anita:just 10 Sec
Rohit smiles at her and suddenly hugs her
Rohit:so…?what do u think?
Anita:yes! I love you!
Rohit:I love you too!

Precap:Sangram meets Vivek and tells him to think.Vivek asks him to shut up and get lost.Sangram says that I will kill Karan and Rohit.Vivek says that you cannot do anything to his friends and family.Divyanka comes there and sees this.Sangram looks at Divyanka and Vivek and smiles.

Credit to: Mithra

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