Divek, Ronita & Karankita—-A love that has no end (Part 3)


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Divyanka tries to calm Karan and Ankita.
Ankz:Divz u don’t know how this man here changed!He changed a lot
Karan hiding behind Anita:Wait!R u Divyanka?!
There is silence for a while
Ankz:don’t u dare to escape from me talking about Divyanka!
Karan:ok stop it!Im sorry…What do u want me to do?
Ankz:change my car window and bring me…No no…Bring ALL of us to salman’s movie tomorrow…
Hearing salman’s name Divyanka nearly faints…But luckily Vivek catches her
Anita to herself:Wah!A new love story…
Divyanka looks at Vivek:tnq…
Vivek smiles
Ankz:Oh hero!What u say?
Karan:ok fine fine!
Ankz:don’t forget…
Ankz:now come and help me clean the car cos there r glass pieces
Rohit:oye Vivek!
Anita:don’t call him
Anita point towards Divek and Rohit sees them lost in each other’s eyes
Anita:btw what do u want from my bhai?
Rohit:just clearing the stump in the ground
Anita:come I will help u
Rohit to himself:whoa!Now my Friend is in love
He smiles looking at Divek
Anita to herself:oh god!when am I going to tell Rohit my love?I get nervous looking at him…Relax Anita relax!U can do it…But not now!

Vivek walks Divyanka to the car
Vivek:is ur craze for Salman not over yet?
Divyanka:no how can that end?He is my jaan!!I love him!!
Vivek laughs
Divyanka:But surprising that u still remember that I love Salman
Vivek:how can I?I still remembers the time u slapped me for breaking your salman’s song collection CD
Divyanka stops and remembers their childhood moments and when she slapped Vivek…She smiles looking at Vivek who is walking ahead
Vivek turns back:come
Divyanka:u r smart!
Vivek:I know that!And I need to tell u something…
They hear Ankita screaming and run towards her followed by Ronita
They see karan’s hand bleeding
Divz:do u have a first aid kit here Ankita?
Ankita brings the first aid kit and Divz treats Karan
Ankz:r u ok Karan?Im really sorry
Karan:it’s ok baby!Relax I’m alright!
Ankita hugs Karan
Divek and Ronita:awwww….
Ankita:u better bring us to the movie tomorrow!
Karan to himself:there goes my lovely moment!
Karan:ok sure…

Movie night the next day:
Everyone is getting ready at their house…
Anita bursts into Vivek’s room:bhai!bhai!
Vivek:what happens ani?
Anita:what Colour r u going to wear?
Anita:just asking
Saying that she leaves the room
Vivek:I hope Divyanka wears the same but I can’t tell her!Anita…nah!She will change the whole story
Anita calls Divyanka
Divz:why white Colour?
Anita:just wear!
Divz:but y Ani?
Anita:it’s the code for couples!
Anita:me and Rohit r going to wear blue!Ankita and Karan black and u and Vivek bhai white!
Hearing Vivek’s name she smiles but acts to Ani
Ani:It’s couples’ code beauty
Ani:stay on Teh line I will put everyone in conference
Everyone come on the line
Anita:all of u pls report to my house after getting ready
Rohit:ohho!U r a police officer’s Sister!Not an officer so stop commanding us!
Anita:shut up!
Ankz:Ani how can u say this?he is ur…
Rohit:he is ur what?
Anita:Best Friend!
Karan:ok y ur house?
Vivek:cos mumma wants to meet Divyanka
Divz:oh ok
Anita:so pls be in our house soon..bye bye!

15mins later all r in Vivek’s house. After meeting Vivek’s mum everyone gather outside. Rohit:y r there 3 bikes here?
Anita:cos v r going in that
Karan:but how?
Ankz:Karan u r so dumb!U don’t understand what Anita means
Karan:oh ok ok!i get it(he winks at Ankita) and she smiles
Karankita get on a bike
Karan:u won’t get scared right?
Karan:cos a hero get more energetic when a Heroine is with him!
Ankz:awww…no I won’t get scared
She kisses Karan on the cheek
Karan:come lets go
And the start in their journey
Anita:ok Come on my dear…
Anita:dear Brother!(how she hated calling him Brother)
Rohit:y can’t u go with ur bro?
Anita points to Divek standing together
Rohit:ok ok lets go!
Now Ronita goes
Vivek:u look great in white
Divz:thx!u too…
Vivek:shall v go?
Divz smiles and nods
Vivek starts the bike and Divyanka sits behind. It jerks and she holds his shoulder. They smile and leave for the theatre
The 4 of them are alr waiting at the theatre. Divek comes there
Anita to herself: they look awesome together…just like me and Rohit
And looks at Rohit. Rohit is busy eating popcorn and Anita gets irritated
Ani:don’t u have any sense. It’s for the movie!
Rohit:it’s ok year!
Rohit:oh pls…
Anita grabs the popcorn and goes
Rohit: paagal awrat!
And runs after her
Karankita are romancing
Karan:my love!
Ankita busy seeing salman’s movie poster:yes…
Karan:Ankita be lively yaar!
Ankz looks at Karan and puts her hand around his neck and smiles
Karan:I love you!
Ankz:I love u too baby!U r the best of best…
Karan smiles and kisses her cheek
Divek:offo guys!
Karankita moves apart
Vivek:sorry for the interruption
Divz:can v get our tickets?
And hands them the tickets
Divek goes and Ankita looks at them
Ankz:Karan they look good together
Karan:yes…now shall v go

The movie starts and Divyanka is waiting for salman’s intro
Vivek to himself:she looks beautiful even in the dark
Rohit:dude u r saying it aloud thinking that it is ur mind voice
Vivek realises and looks at Divyanka who is staring at the screen. He leans towards her
Vivek:Divyanka there is something in my eyes
Divyanka:use a tissue
Vivek:ouch it’s paining!
Divyanka stuffs popcorn to his mouth and asks him to keep quiet
He smiles and stares at her
Anita notices this and says:another love story!
The rest of the night they enjoy the movie.

The 6 of them stop at an ice cream shop.Divyanka tells Vivek how her future Husband should be.Anita goes to confess her love to Rohit and gets a shock of her life!

Credit to: Mithra

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