Divek, Ronita & Karankita—-A love that has no end (Part 2)

Hey sorry for late update guys cos I have my exams for 2 weeks from now on and my update wont be frequent…

Divyanka Anita and Ankita r on the way to their house in the car
Divz:So how is Karan Ankita?
Ankz horns loudly
Abi:Don’t ask her that Divz!She is really mad with Karan
Divz laugh and asks Anita about Rohit
Anita:I love him a lot but he does not show any Interest in me at all
Divyanka gives her some tips
Ankz:So now u r a love doctor?
Divz:nothing like that
Anita:I can see that!Ankz I think v should look for a guy for this beauty!
Divz just shakes her head and smiles

The boys are playing Cricket in a ground.They get tired and sit down
Karan:That was an awesome game isn’t it?
Vivek:so what r u going to do with Ankita?
Karan:I know she will come to me very soon
Rohit:I don’t think so
Karan and Vivek:why?
Rohit shows karan’s phone to them where Ankita was scolding him in WhatsApp
Vivek and Rohit laugh while Karan gets angry
Karan:let’s play again
Vivek:arrey!What about ur lady love?
Karan:r u guys coming?
They play and at the same time tease Karan

Ankz:Anita…r u sure u want to go by this way?
Ankz:cos u want to c Rohit right?
Anita smiles:nothing like that. The usual way is blocked that y
Divz:r u guys scared of the boys?
Just then a ball comes and breaks ankita’s window
Ankita,Divz and Anita scream
Anita picks up the ball and c karan’s name on it
Ankz:that man is finished!!!

Vivek:u broke a glass man!!!!
Karan:I didn’t!It was Rohit who bowled!
Rohit:it was u who hit that
Vivek:calm down guys lets c who is that
The come out of the ground and c Ankita angry
Karan:oh shit!
Rohit:farewell buddy!
Vivek:all the best dude!
Ankita takes karan’s Bat and chases him around.
Anita and Rohit try to calm them down
Now Vivek and Divyanka are together

They r just staring at the 4 of them when Vivek turns to Divyanka. Vivek gets mesmerised by her beauty. Now Divyanka looks at Vivek and the have an eye lock. They come to reality.
Vivek:u r…?
Divyanka:r u Vivek?
Vivek:yes…u r Divyanka?
She smiles and says yes
Vivek to himself:is she the Divyanka I used to play with?Man she changes alot
Divyanka to herself:what is he the Vivek?
Vivek to himself:I think this is love at first sight!
Divyanka:I think v should calm those people down
Vivek:huh?yea…sure!!Of course!
Divyanka runs to them while Vivek just stares at her…

Precap: The Friends are at a movie. Vivek looks at Divyanka rather then the movie. Anita notices this and smiles.

Credit to: Mithra


  1. ude

    Soooooooooo sweet of ur ff……….please update regularly………. was missing it soooooooooo much……….love it………..

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