Divek, Ronita & Karankita—-A love that has no end (Part 1)

Hey thx a lot for the comments guys!!I too love the reel couple but I want to try something different

Let me start with the ff

Two men are working out in the gym and it turns out to be Rohit and Vivek.
Vivek:Rohit,where is Karan is he still sitting in front of the laptop even in a Saturday evening?
Rohit:idk man…but I’m very sure that he is trying to convince Ankita to forgive for what he did last time
Vivek:Oh yeah…
Karan comes there and throws chap pal at Vivek and Rohit
Karan:It’s all because of u guys!!Stupid fellows
Rohit:KP what wrong man?
Karan:Ankita is still angry with me dude…
Karan:y?u r asking y?
Vivek:Ok!Now I will ask in a different way…hmmm what happened?
Rohit laughs and Karan looks at him angrily
Rohit:ok chill man!
Karan:u remember v played Cricket last night?
Vivek:oh yeah…Rohit that was really a good six u hit yesterday….
Karan:shut up!
Rohit:Ok continue
Karan:I forget about our movie date
Vivek:cool…but this seems a big prob.
Rohit:ok just forget it!Come lets play Cricket…
Karan:How dare u!!!
He chases them out

Anita and Ankita are at the airport waiting for Divyanka
Anita:y so sad baby?Did Karan say…
Ankita:Stop talking abt him!
Anita:ok ok chill!
Ankita:I won’t forgive him
Anita:idk what between u two but u know u guys r engaged and still…
Anita:ok!But be happy cause Divz is coming na…She wuld get sad seeing u sad
Ankita:v r going to c her after 4 years
Anita:yup she got her desired occupation and she is officially a doctor now!
Ankita:ok come on tell me about your robot!
Ankita:yeah…Rohit Reddy!He is so strong like a robot!
Anita:u don’t dare calling my man a robot!
Ankita:ok cool down!Did u tell him what is in your heart?
Anita:no not yet…he does not have any interest in me
Divyanka:so that means I should help!
They go and hug her for a long time
Divyanka:Guys I’m not a teddy bear!Im Divyanka
Anita:u will always be our teddy bear!
Divyanka smiles and looks at Ankita
Divyanka:Sorry ankz…I was not able to attend ur engagement…
Ankita:it’s ok…Anita found her man so now it’s ur turn
Anita:yes Ankita got Karan and I got Rohit just that I need to tell him so now it’s ur turn
Divyanka:no way I need to work for a while
Ankita:offo Divz!U did not change na?
She smiles and they head towards the car park
Anita think:maybe Vivek bhaiya will be the right person for her?If yes then she will be my bhabhi!!Cool…

Precap:Ankita asks Anita if they need to go by this route.Anita says yes as the original route is blocked.Divyanka asks if they r scared of the boys!Karan hits the Cricket ball and it breaks ankita’s car glass…

Credit to: Mithra


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Hope Karan Ankita fight gets resolved.Anita has 2 confess her luv 2 Rohit.Hope he accepts her.Will Divyanka n Vivek fall 4 each other?

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