Divek forever Intro

Hi friends I am Siddhi.MouniRoyfan requested me to write a ff on divek so I started this ff just for her and all the fan of divek.So let’s start with character Sketch.

Vivek Dahiya:Is 25 years old handsome boy.

Divyanka Tripathi:Is and beautiful 22 years old girl.

Riya Dahiya:Vivek’s sister.Her age is 19 years old.

Priyanka Tripathi:She is Divyanka’s sister.Her age is 20.

Aishwarya Tripathi:She is Divyanka’s sister.Her age is 19.

Narendran Tripathi:He is Divyanka’s father.His age is 50.

Neelam Tripathi:She is Divyanka’s mother.Her age is 46.

Vishal Tripathi:He is Vivek’s father.His age is 50.

Sujata Tripathi:She is Vivek’s mother.Her age is 47.

It’s 9 of morning but still our Vivek is sleeping.Sujata comes there and sees him sleeping.She so she takes jar and throws the water of it on him.

Vivek:Flood came!

Sujata laughs seeing his condition.

Vivek:Ma what are you doing?

Sujata:It’s 9 of morning and still you are sleeping.

Vivek:Ma this is last time but next time please never throw water on me.

He goes to washroom.

A girl is studying.She is Divyanka.

Priyanka comes there.

Priyanka:Di how much you will study?

Divyanka:Let me study Priyanka.

Aishwarya comes there.

Aishwarya:Di ma is calling you.

Precap:Neelam:Divyanka I want you to marry.

Divyanka is shocked.


  1. mouni roy fan

    siddhi thank u sooooo much. I am very glad that u started this ff.The intro was awsome.And please write another ff on rivanya which will start with rivanya marriage and shivanya is not a naagin and will be completely based on rivanya romance.please its a heartiest request

  2. mouni roy fan

    now a days i am busy with my exams . so please dont mind if i am unable to coment in some of ur ffs

  3. mouni roy fan

    sorry sorry every time i am typing mouni roy na so by mistake i also typed roy here.sorry

  4. mouni roy fan

    Siddhi actually i dont have any acc in social media . i am through my mothers one. so every tine while commenting i have to type the user name mouni roy fan and i have become used to it . may be because of that i wrote roy in my name also. extremely sorry

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