Diva…… Ragini (ragsan) Promo

Hey my dear friends anyone remember me I know I am late just now came out of academic pressure now I will be connected with you all…….
I am thinking of giving one shot..If anyone had ideas or request comment below…….

Diva promo:
San:Ragini this is not fair I don’t want to marry you…
Rag:oh really mr.ACP then ok I will tell my Parth to came back India…
Ragini mom and dad gives Raginis hand to the groom Ragini cried and cried….
Sanky seems unaffected….
Ap and dp said swara please be quite…
Swara:oh plzzzz Mrs.maheswari just shut up….

Lucky was helpless….
Pari and swara hi-fied when they see Uttara struggle in holding her baby and her bags…..
Sanky glares them…….
Where is your diva Sanky..Said swara teasing him……
Ap dp uttu bend their heads swara and pari made fun of them before every clients of mm industry…
My innocent soul my Ragini:
I am not at fault laksh said Ragini determined..
Laksh dragged her out of the house….
Ap said Ragini is pregnant….Laksh seems unaffected…
Ragini runs to the door when she hears horn sound…
Only ap comes…

I am sorry baby said Ragini holding her belly….
I hate you laksh I really really hate you

So guys tell me which one you wants……

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  1. Sanskar u mean ragsan

    1. Follybraverl

      Yeah dear 1st one ragsan
      2nd one raglak

  2. Shrilatha

    Awesome but confusing

    1. Follybraverl

      1st one diva
      2nd one my innocent soul my Ragini

  3. A12345


    1. Follybraverl

      They are different ff laksh in my innocent soul my Ragini

  4. Lovely7

    Confusing , interesting

    1. Follybraverl

      2 different promos they are…..

  5. Adreen18

    Awesome but confusing

    1. Follybraverl

      2 different promos of my ff

  6. Are they 2 different promos one is diva and the other one is my innocent soul ragini is it????

  7. Awesome but confusing

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks alleza

  8. Follybraverl

    Yeah guys they are two promos one is diva other one is my innocent soul my Ragini

  9. Fairy

    Superb superb superbbbb!!! Both d promos awesome n interestng . Waitng for it dr .post d uodate soon?keep rockng n stay blessed???

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks fairy dear

  10. nice waiting for diva.

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks mk will post

  11. Both promos are good looking forward for both story

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks Ankita

  12. Asra

    both promos are awesome dear….y swara pari made fun of dp ap….eagerly waiting for ur update….
    unga xam muducha dear…tkcr dear…

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks asra aama day mudinchu oru valiah

  13. Jayanti

    both the promos are really interesting…..waiting for both of their updates…..keep it up

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks jayanti

  14. Berdilla

    Hi dear friend awesome and i want My Innocent My Ragini ff

    1. Follybraverl

      Will post soon dear

  15. ragsan promo plz

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks geet will post

  16. ragsan rasan its really goood even parth is there am happy !!!

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks yaar will post

  17. both are goog but mt wish is ragsan allways ragsan and it is good too

  18. i need ragsan

  19. preethi jacab

    i like diva and ragsan awesome

  20. plz make it ragsan ff . its really good

  21. awesome promos my wish is ragsan ff

  22. my vote goes to ragsan

  23. waiting for diva promo

  24. diva ff diva ff diva ff diva ff

  25. diva plz

  26. diva ff is goood

  27. AMkideewani

    Both promos are awesome, eagerly waiting for Diva

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks crazy will post

  28. Bela

    Sab kuchh dedo????

  29. Dharani

    eagerly waiting for both

  30. Follybraverl

    Thanks sissy

  31. superb.update diva ff first

  32. Jazzy

    I will go for both heheheheh amazingg

  33. A.xx

    fab xx

  34. Hemalattha

    Interesting dear.

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