Diva…… Ragini (ragsan) part 5

Hey guys thanks for your lovely comments so it is diva which most wanted……
Ragini recover slowly she keep on enquire about sansku as he is not there from the day she got concious….
Her parents explains her everything…
She just hear them so ACP you didn’t see your lady’s another face wait I am coming….
Here Sanskar is looking pale with beard and red eyes….
Uttara put her hands on his shoulder says you are really a dumbo why did you being away from her if you can’t…

I can’t afford to lose her I will able to keep her safe by being away from her….Said wearing his uniform….
One month later….
Sanskar in a cell look at the goon who kidnapped Ragini and shoots her is infront of him after the court hearing the goon is in remand that too under beast in disguise Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari….

A constable gives him a stick …..
Sanky look at him he just back off with the stick and went from there closing the cell…..
Sanky removes his uniform shirt and keep it a side…His biceps is enough for the goon to know what is going to happen….
After a while Sanky wash his hand which covered with full of blood….
Goon can’t hold himself he just become the prey for a hungry lion….

Sanskar misses her smell her softness everything……He know if he see her anywhere he would lost him again……So he control himself by seeing her….
Uttara just gave birth to a baby boy that too in raginis clinic when she struggles walk with her luggage swara and pari just look at her and made fun on her by saying what is the need for child now lot of time there right deseparate Uttara uttu closes her eyes in disgust…Laksh is helpless seeing them…

Sanky glare them and takes luggage from uttu….Ap look at them in a disgusting way…
Swara says lo aagayi hero…Where is your heroin Sanky oh god

What did you used to call her uncleji looking it dp asked swara
Pari says diva……
Yessss diva where is she…
Here I am bhabhi says ragu wearing full black salwar with open hair….She takes baby from Uttara says babies are the gift from God….Ap and uttu surprised…Sanky winked at Ragini explain…..


Sanskar is sitting in his cabin looking at the case file…
A constable informs him that senior officer is waiting for you outside Sanky orders him to let them in….
Ragini wearing peach colour shiffon saree looking breathtaking enters into sanky’s cabin …..
For a moment he forgot to breath or blink….
She is not her want but a need……

She stood infront of him folding her arms against her chest…
Sanskar came to sense when he hear his phone rings….Ragini grabs the phone and throw it aside…
Sanky:what the hell are you nuts????

Ragini: exactly that is what my question tooo..
Sanky:don’t create any scene here…
Ragini being angry holds his collar (white shirt brown pants)ask him is this a scene????
Ragini pinned him to the wall saying I dare you Mr.Acp I don’t know what is your problem….But the thing you have to marry me….
He in a second Swift their position as she is now facing the wall….He inhales her fragrance she closed her eyes feeling him….
Rag:why did you act if you can’t do so….

San:(came to sense ) see you are so boring a doctor I am done with it so please be away from me….
Ragini pushed him says so you are done right
Sanky says yes …..

Ragini says so you don’t want to marry Mme..
Sanky says yes…..I don’t want to marry you….
Ragini:ok I will ask my Parth to back from US as I got old….He too loves me….
Sanky being unaffected stay there…
Ragini pulls him kiss his lips says I will kiss him like this….
Ragini hugged him tight says I will hug him like this….

She whispers I love you in his ears says I will wake him up by say this everyday….
He gonna see me feel me and …..
Sanky out his rough lips on her says don’t you dare Mrs.Maheswari…..You are mine you are all mine….By pressing her waist quite possessively….How dare you to say that he gonna see you I am the only one who born in this world to see you feel you and I am your babies father….Ok
Ragini smiles with tears says then why did you want to be away from me…..

Sanky merged his forehead with her’s says I want to be safe….
She hugged him put her head on his shoulder says I can’t find a better or safe place than this Sanky just speechless….

Ragini why did you love me this much….
Because it’s your fate…..Said she

He said then I believe and love the destiny…
Sanky asks who the hell is that Parth looking at her….
God knows she says hugged him tight….
Ragini and Sanskar goes to his house…..As Ragini parents knows this before…
FB ends

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