Diva…… Ragini (ragsan) part 4

Hey guys thanks for all your support and so sorry for the late update here enjoys the reading….
Recap: villain entry…..
Sanky leaves Ragini in her home and kissed her forehead says be careful….
Is anyone dare to touch would be ofMr.Maheswari….
Sanky pulls her says not would be you are my wife…He Said possesively she smiles and says ok ACP sir…
Sanky make her sit in his bikes petrol tank and says come with me ragu now,this moment, this second as my wife…
She gets out of his hold and says only one week and I am all yours says she gives him flying kiss and goes from there..He signs two police officers(unofficial) to keep eye on the house…They signs him ok…
He left after seeing light in Ragini’s room…

Next day….
Sanky collect all information about the phone caller and ready with his force..
Suddenly he gets call from private number…
So ACP you got me right?????
Sanky:I am not surprised and yeah I am on the way..
Os:ohhhhhh did call your lovely doctor….
Sanky closed his eyes frustrated and says where….
To the old godown behind the tidal park….
Sanky about to cut the call other side the person says how beautiful this lady is…..
Sanky says don’t you dare you will definitely see the hell if you are trying to see her even….His voice clearly shows he meant it….
Os he gulped but maintain his voice said she is safe until you didn’t do anything wrong…You should be alone…..
Sanky:why ragu??????

Ragini after sometime when Sanky goes
Gets a call info that snaky met with a accident.. when she gets out and far from there police officers are already kidnapped….They kidnapped her ….
FB ends…
Her family members Waiting out of commissioners office to file complaint…
Sanky gives assured look to them and leaves from there…
Old godown….
Goons leader didn’t even touch her as he has eye in her he just stared unconscious Ragini tied in chair….He sits opposite to her and look at her…..
When he about to touch her face there is a punch on his cheek he fell down from his chair and looks at the boy he is none other than Sanskar Maheshwari ACP south ……
He is in white shirt cops pant….
He sees Ragini who is unconscious….
He remove the tie and make her sit properly he kissed her forehead….
He looks at the goon who approached him…
He beat them blue and black just then police force arrived there….
When Sanky turns the goons leader tries to stab him but just then ragini enters in the middle as she opens her eyes when she feels Sanky ka kiss…..
She holds her stomach and look at Sanky whether he is alright…And fall in his arms

Sanky took her in his arms and asks the driver to go to hospital immediately…
Everyone including Maheshwari are there
Ragini’s brother consoles Sanskar and ap consoles her mother….
Dp and others stand just for Sanky ka anger….
After sometime doctor came out and says cut is not that much deep..She is out of danger..She need rest due to stitches…..
Sanky without saying anything signs Maheshwari to come out….
Only mohan’s are there…..
Sanky informs Ragini’s father that he is not going to marry Ragini……
They all stunned ……

Precao:Sanskar ignore Ragini….Ragini ka reaction…..

Guys comment if you like this update…….

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