Distances made us best friends – by sree (os)


Hey guys I am sree. This is my first one shot. I hope u will like it. It’s the story of my friendship. I would specially like to thank priyu for giving me this idea. The reason I am writing this one shot is to show how special is my friend to me. This story is in my pov . So lets start.

I have a big group of friends. I was in 3rd when I first met her. Don’t know how we became friends. As I said my another best friend never liked her. Her name was Sneha. Though being small she was very mature unlike us. That’s the reason I liked her. One year passed and we were best friends by then.

When we entered 4th my other best friend hated her. She asked me not to talk with her. I was in a very bad state cuz both were very precious to me. Atlast I stopped talking to sneha. God that was my biggest mistake. She started to cry bitterly. She was very close to teachers but I was very shy kind. Atlast the teacher punished us. That’s all I was hell angry at her but still I talked to her cuz the teacher asked us to do so.(I still hate the teacher and sneha still loves the teacher) But after that I stopped talking to her again. Life was the same till the start of 5th std. I was made to shift my place and then my best friend cutted ties with me as she made her benchmate as her best friend but I was not angry at cuz even I did the same. U can say cuz of immaturity . Then again I started to speak to Sneha. I hated her then but I talked to her cuz she was in the nxt bench to us and her best friend was our good friend .

My life turned upside down the next year cuz my best friend shifted to other district and even I lost my Grandma. It was like I lost my world. I was not at all interested to go to school . But still I had to go.
When I stepped inside my new class room suddenly a girl came up to me and said that my best friend has shifted. That was it I ended up crying bitterly. I couldn’t control myself. But to my shock the one who consoled me was none other than Sneha and her best friend. I calmed down after that. But still I was very sad cuz at that time all students had their own gangs and no one was interested to join me cuz I was very shy by then. But again to my shock Sneha welcomed me . After that we three were the best friends. But still I hated her and on the other hand she hated me. She would always irritate me. U know she even made my best day that is my birthday the worst day. She irritated me and made me cry a a lot (u would think I was a cry baby actually that’s true. But not now 😉 )

As they say the sun shines brightly after a storm my life was the same. I came to know she was leaving us I mean our school. I was at the height of happiness. After she left we were very happy. She used to call us at regular intervals. But don’t know how we became good friends without any hatred.

After some months she again became my best friend but this time it was true. I was feeling very guilty as I had thought her to be bad but now I came to know her correctly. I couldn’t take it so I openly said to her that I hated her. I thought she would be mad at me but to my shock she too said the same thing that she too hated me. We apologized to each other and laughed at ourselves. She left me when we were I in 7th and by 8th std we were again besties. Now we have completed our 10th but our friendship grew more and more by each passing day. When she calls we talk for more than half an our. Our parents get angry on us for wasting their money but what can we do afterall we say each and everything that has happened. She came to meet me by the end of 8th but after that she could never come. Its been two whole years now that I have seen her. I miss her horribly. Though we talk in phone I don’t think that’s enough. Actually it can never be. It wont give us the pleasure to hug each other and cry . U know she doesn’t even talk to me in skype cuz she thinks that this will lessen our eagerness to hug each other and cry. I know she is crazy so I am. But if I am like this its all because of her. She made me a strong girl from a shy girl. I owe to her. I love her very much. She is the one whom I love to talk when I am happy, sad or worried. She always gives me the correct suggestion. So that’s all guys I just wanted to show how special she is to me and how she changed me. So that was story of my and sneha’s friendship.

Guys I have written this to say that nothing can separate true friends not even distance. But in our case distance has joined us. Thanks for reading this guys. I know some of u will be mad at me for not posting Mr Maheswari and his secretary. But what shall I do I couldn’t stop myself from writing this. Again I want to thank priyu for giving me this idea. Love u dear. I have even found many friends here and all r very special to me. Love u all 🙂 plz do comment it will make me very happy and also motivate me. So plz guys comment. Take care 🙂

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  1. Very nice.so genuine also.really distance makes realize the depth and understanding in true friendship distance

  2. Thanks hima.its really true. I am glad u liked it

  3. Hi I am shanaya….the story was very nice…. As a matter of fact my best friend s name is sneha too….and we r really close….. Lots of love… Tc

    1. Thanks shanaya and same pinch. May ur friendship always be the same. Love u ??????

  4. Best of luck fr u 2.Having a bestie is realy a goodluck.I wish anything can’t able to seperate d 2 of u.Like u i have a childhood best frnd name Tani.Our frndship started when we r in class 2.I met her in class 1 by visiting a relative house with my grandma.Later they shifted in our area.We were going to same schl 2gether.Bt our frndship started with cute love.She was shy bt i was talktive as usual.We can’t able 2 stay 1 day being angry with each other.Starting of class 3 they shifted in Dhaka.I’m in Barisal.On d day of leaving we 2 cried bitterly.Seeing our condition elders were also cried.We were sobbing.Now i’m having tears in my eyes bcz of those image which we spend 2gether is flashing infront of my eyes.Now i’m in class 10&she is in class 9 bcz of some transfer problems.We often talk in phn.Last december she came barisal&stay 1 month with us.we spend a grt time 2gether.Whenever i go dhaka i also visit her.We miss our old days.Bt distance can’t lick our bond in this 8 years.We r like sisters 2 eachother

  5. Before this i wrote a big comment bt that didn’t get posted.Best of luck fr u 2.I wish anything can’t able to seperate d 2 of u.Having a best frnd is realy good luck.Like u i have a childhood bestie name Tani.She lives in Dhaka & i’m in Barisal.Bt in this 8 years distance can’t lick our bond.We visit each other in vacation.We r like sisters.after Reading this,first i talk to her then i comment.We miss our old days.I wish d bond of us remain strong,frndly.Now i have 8 bestfrnds.We r PriNiUmKaSaTriRaFaSa.I love u all,dost.Earlier i also thought to write a ff on my frnds bt i can’t gather my courage.actually Allah give me such lovable frnds that’s why i’m very thankful to him.sorry fr disturbing u with my blabbering!bye.pray fr us..

    1. Umama i am very happy to see ur story. Actually i never thought about writing this but because of priyu i wrote it. I am very happy to post it cuz i now came to know that its true that distances cant break friendship.i would pray that ur friendship always stays strong like this forever and ever. And u didnt blabber actually i love yo read long comments. I am feeling very good cuz of ur comment. Thanks Umama. Love u ???

  6. Good luck to u…I had a friend called tista…I live in Dubai, she had spend two years in the same class as me and we became best of friends and then I got to know that she tb…she went to India to get herself treated but it was too late as she passed away…its been 11 years now…I miss her so much, the amount of fun we had, the number of times we bunked college and had fun together…they say that you realize the importance of a person only when they go away…they are right…I took her for granted…if only she would come back…I would treat her like a princess…

    1. Sad to hear Payal…it’s good that you did not lose courage…they say that God calls the very good people to heaven as he also needs good people…may your friend rest in peace…

    2. Payal i dont know what to say. Dear everything happens for a reason. God likes good people very much so he always takes good people with him (he also took my grandma fast). Dont worry he will also send her in some other form. So keep smiling dear.

    3. Khushboo Rathod

      No words…can’t even imagine the pain you have gone through…my grandpa passed away 3 years back and i still have not been able to cope with the loss…rip tista…

    4. Lavanya Dwarkesh Sawant

      .well it’s good…people die..don’t make such a fuss out of nothing…

      1. Reeham Ithrath Usman

        Don’t be mean Lavanya

      2. Well i think u dont care about anyone. I think U dont know how much it hurts when we lose someone. So dont say like that.

      3. Munira Juzer Ali

        If you can’t sympathize you don’t have to be mean lavanya…you may not know how much pain someone goes through when they lose a loved one…

  7. Sree i was waiting for ur os ….

    Such a good one , ur friendship story ….

    I must say u both are really unexpected friends ….

    Remember a thing one who says u to dont talk to others then they r not ur best friends ….

    Hope ur friendship grows stronger and stronger ….

    1. I am so happy to see u priyu. About my olddd best friend she is not even a good friend to me now. We all r seperated by groups? but still i am very happy to say that i talk to each and every person and thats because of my sneha. I was waiting for ur comment so i kept on opening this. Love u dear?

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