this article is neither a story nor a analysis .through this i only want to convey a message to all the viewer’s and to pacify my inner turmoil .

basically we all came to this site for reading about our fav serials this also gives a golden chance for imaginative minds to showcase their innovation as fanfic’s ,we comment here about what we like in current tracks ,we sometimes criticize also and even thought of one person matches with other they became friends those who are regular even form groups but not all people are same they also have difference of opinion and are less interactive but this is not means that their personal space and freedom should be snatched by throwing arrows of personal taunts .

,it may happen that character you hate most may be their favourite one and the character you loath most but be the one they love most .they may criticize him and glorify their choice but this is human nature it does not mean that you’ll personally ask them to shut up as they too have equal right to keep their opinion and if one person of any group supports an idea of independent one that does not mean you’ll blame him for coming in between you .if someone is saying something that you don’t like then why are you replying to him or her .after replying to him or her you have no right to tag him or her as quarrelsome or war creator .neither you have to insult him nor you have to disgracefully ask him to leave when he says he is hurt by all that it is actually what hurts the most he is not asking you to accept his ideas he is just asking you to let him free and you people have to jump on him like hungry lions when he is dealing with someone

‘sorry if i hurt any sentiment but i just want the readers to think about it and respect the differences of opinions as sometimes that much insult is unbearable and it is not worth to spoil someone’s mood na be happy and let others be happy to

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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