Discovery of love (Episode 1)


Hey friends. Neha is here. I am sorry for updating late. What to do so many problems with my phone. Anyways let’s start now. Hope u people recognise but intro. But again I will give u link for that.

Now I will start episode 1.

First we will start with maheshwari family later Bose family will join.

Scene 1

All members of maheshwari family are doing some special pooja based on parvati goddess. So they all are working together. Ragini is handling all this work. All the family working since it is pooja. Sans is making laddu, ragini is making kheer, ap is preparing malpua & smriti is making halva. Laksh & other family members are helping them in preparing

Ap: Ragini u r making all us to work but u had forgot about ur papaji. He is watching TV happily.

Dp will be seen by watching TV. But he is not sitting idle he is making garland with different types of flowers.

Janki will come their & says take care dp it will hurt u. She then turns to ragini & says finally u r making my brother also to do work.

Ragini: It is god work. Each family member should do some work then it will be good to us & our family. Kyu papaji r u getting hurt by doing this work?

DP: Nahi beta. I am doing this happily. And also this is the order of our elder bahu.

She smiles.

DP: Some people think that after bahu enters house problems also will enters the house. But u brought happiness to our house. U r just like goddess lakshmi for our house.

Sans: Bhabi don’t go so high u will fall from there.

All starts laughing.

Ragini: Sanskar………

Raju kaka will come & says it’s getting late we all have to go to temple.

All goes to get ready. Ragini will wear blue & silver combo of sari.

Ragini: Papaji everything is ready we can leave now.

Everyone leaves to temple. On the way of leaving to temple, some ladies will come to meet Ap.

AP: Hello how r u all?

Lady: Ji we all are fine. We came here on some work.

Ap: What is it?

Lady 2: We thought to bring nice bride for smriti. In our friends there is one boy who is suitable for smriti if u people want to know about them then we will talk with them.

Ap: Thank u so much for u all. But we are sorry we are not searching for smriti. She is studying now.

Ragini: Ha aunty. She has to complete her studies. Also we will not select normal person for our smriti. He should be very good & handsome also.

Then they will show one person coming on bike wearing light pink shirt & wearing glasses.

Sans: He should just look sharukh in personality.

The person will be seen closely he is so cute & dashing.

Smriti blushes.

Ragini: So we will select the best for our smriti but not so soon.

Janki: Ok we are getting late let’s go.

Before leaving he will take blessings from janki as she is his elder sister whenever he goes out he will take her blessings. She will bless him.

Scene 2

Here at one place near river, a photo will be seen with garland. That is none other than Dp. One car will be seen coming to that place. One lady will get down from that car. She is wearing heavy sari & heavy jewellery. She will come to pundit.

Lady: Pundit ji this person has died 14 years back. Like every year this year also we have to do this pooja to make him rest in soul.

Pundit: Ji sure. But what he belongs to u?

Lady: He is my enemy. Pundit will get shocked. She will perform all rituals & finally she will leave that rice balls in river. After that she will take that photo & says “Durga Prasad if the fishes in these river will eat these rice balls they will die. Birds & animals also will die. They are just like poison. All people around u will treat u like god but it’s not true. By using those people only i will insult u. I will win over u.”

Screen ends on photo of dp & dp going to temple.


Revelation of that lady face & smriti’s partner. Entry of new characters.

Credit to: Neha

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