Conersation over the phone

person: no , bring my crew inside

person 2; sir…., but they fear of something

person : ok ,then i’ll come there

he addresses people standing outside the gate

person: whats ur problem guys! Dont say u beleive in all those myths that locals say

crew member: sir, y dont we shoot i in the morning

person: then ,its clear that u guys are afraid . Is it?

Crew : sir, we have family, and they fear

Person:we are media person and we musnt believe these things. And this place is something i ever wanted to know…..(hides something) OK then i’ll go alone.

Crew: sir!!! we wont allow u to go .Please !listen to what we say,its beleived entering this place during dusk is curseful . It wont spare even our family
Person: we are media person and i’m not afraid . And another thing, since u guys fear it will be me and only ME working in this case. Clear

Crew: Sir , please

Rithik: Rithik wont think after taking a decison. Its done,u people stay here and i’ll go in. That’s final.

Rithik enter the place leaving the crew .

He enters with a handy cam and a torch ,slowly he went out of sight his crew. He had three way before him and was completely confused. He thought of calling the crew but there was no signal in his phone . He never wanted to come back so went through the second path.

It was covered with huge trees and bushes and a path that only one can walk through, sudden rithik’s tourch started blinking .

Rithik: why is it flickering!! i charged i well
he moves futher but suddenly torch goes off. But he is adamant, he uses his flash light on mobile and moves further without knowing that these were signs that tell him not to enter the place.

Rithik: finally i reached and now its a near me.
He takes his cam and starts recording himself.
He say “ to all the viewers, whomever thought this place is cursefull and haunted foru, i am alive and i’ll continue my work “ he then pauses recording and tries moving but he fall down unconsciously.

Few hours later
he opens his eye’s and finds a women near him. Infact his head is on her lap
Rithik: SHIVANYA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rithik falls unconscious

she tries to wake him up calling “sir get up “

Rithik later wakes up and looks at her like someone he knew(still on her lap in middle of the forest)

Lady: sir are u ok??

Rithik: yes !!(and then realizes and gets up)

Lady: how did u know my name?

Rithik: really? How will i know u name?

Shivanya: u called me SHIVANYA, when u woke up

Rithik : i ‘m glad that u r Shivanya , but i didnt say. How come i know your name(hides something seeing her)

Shivanya : gets irritated and tries to walk away

Rithik: hey Shivanya! How did u come here?

Shivanya: because i stay here. I saw u lying down here so ..(murmurs)

Rithik: do you stay in that palace???

Shivanya: no , my house is near by. Its dangerous for u to stay here lets move from here(and takes him to her house)

Rithik: where’s ur family?

Shivanya: none is alive

Rithik: i’m sorry Shivanya.

Shivanya: no , its ok

Rithik: but shivanya! Why do u still here?

Shivanya: because i have to .

Rithik: what do u mean?

Shivanya: this is were we lived all these days and cant leave(hides something)

Rithik: but it is not safe

Shivanya : none dares to enter this place. And i know how to protect me
Rithik :except for few ,like me(laughs)

Shivanya: yeah few mad people enter to sacrifice their life

Rithik: ohh Shivanya !!! dont believe those facts. They say this to scare other. May be there’s
someone who is hiding behind these and doing something.

Shivanya: i dont know y i saved u . but i feel i did wrong

Rithik laughs

Rithik: nice humor. U Saved me?????!! come on shivanya i would have got up automatically within a hour or so.

Shivanya: smirks and looks the palace through the window (eye’s full of fear)

Rithik: then , its good to meet you and hope i will meet u again
(tries to move out)

shivanya: please dont try to enter the palace

Rithik: its my work to know whats there. If not today i will go tomorrow

Shivanya: please!!i cant see u dying. I mean anyone dying

Rithik: ooh please stop this Shivanya . Dont talk like grannies. And dont worry i wont die this young.

Shivanya feels worried about rithik

Rithik: by the way i’m Rithik Ra…no Rithik

Shivanya: its my duty to warn and i have done. Its ur duty to hold on to ur life
Rithik: yes!!!madam ji .bye

Rithik goes back to the hotel where he and his crew stays


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