Hello guys..
So in first part-kanchi at home
2nd part-kanchi at her school
And now thirt part- kanchi at sdch. And lots of drama…
Sanchi was working in kitchen .kanchi came running toward her and stare her lovingly..
“Stop staring her kanchi,its my job ” kabir came from behind and lift her up in his arms and start playing with her…she giggled in response.

“So what about ur acting career kanchu?” Sanchi asked her baby doll and kabir gulped his saliva remembering about yesterdays scenario at princi’s cabin..
“Ummm,mumma i think acting is not my cup of i m thinking to be doctor n and will work in SDCH in future” kanchi said looking at kabir..

“Lag gayi sdch ki total vaat!!!!” Kabir said to himself but his badluck! His baby doll listened him And start punching his chest with her small fist…
“Ok ok sorry ,pls forgive me” he said holding his ear with one hand.
“No u need punishment for this.two days record room duty and no staring my mumma” she said innocently
Sanchi chuckled at her demands

” bilkul apne baap pe gayi he” she thought..
“No no my kanchi,pls give me options” said kabir making puppy face.

Kanchi acted like deeply thinking for sometime and then shoot out
” ok ,then take me to sdch today.i want to see my future destination..”
“Ok.done” kabir said in a second but then fear ran down his spine…
“Kabir ,i think first option was better” said sanchi signing him good luck with thumb and making face expressions like she is now having pity on her poor husband..
Scene : kabir and kanchi in hospital

Time: super dangerous for kabir..
Kabir entered in sdch .kanchi was holding his hand with her little hand and she was very happy seeing sdch..
Peoples were watching them and some of them told kabir that he has very cute daughter…
Ria sees this and fumed with anger.she wanted to insult sanchi anyhow and failed everytime .
Now she decided to make kanchi feel bad somehow.
Kabir makes kanchi sit in his office and instruct her.

Kabir: kanchu, mere aane tak kahi mat jana .jaoge??
Kanchi- bilkul nai papa.
Kabir- kisiko pareshan karoge?
Kanchi- bilkul nai papa.aapke aalava kisiko nai.
Kabir- masti karoge??
Kanchi-bilkul nai papa.
Kabir- mere saare instructions follow karoge??
Kanchi- bilkul nai papa

Kabir- what??
Kanchi- i mean yes yes .yes papa.. par kisine mujhe pareshaan kia to usko nahi chorungi.
“Pata nahi aaj kiska band bajega.” Kabir thought leaving the room.
“Bye papa.come back soon” she waved him as he left for long surgery..
He again come back and gives his phone to kanchi and ask her to call her mumma whenever she miss her.

Kanchi was alone in the office and obviously she was getting bored ,so she decided to outside.
She walked to the cafeteria where veer was sitting with isha and pragya.
Praveer were dating each other and there were no less than tom and jerry..
“Abe o,chup kar warna tera muh tod dungi” pragya gave veer tashan look.
” dekhlo isha,kya haalat bana di meri tumhari dabangg frnd ne” veer complained isha..
“Ishu anty……….” kanchi ran toward isha and hugged her tightly.
They did their girly talks for sometime and then kanchi asked isha about praveer fight.
” jinke beech jyada pyaar hota hai ,wo to fight karte rehte hai” veer provided kanchi with some knowledge.

“Ohhhh…sacchi kya???” She asked innocently.
And start thinking something deeply
“My mumma papa never fights each other ,atleast in front of me! That means they dont love each other.. 🙁 .but phir main kaisi aayi world me?? And now if i want a brother then mumma papa should fight ” She thought seriously…
“Are, shonu ! Wanna eat something?” Pragya asked

” yes,but i dont want to eat something,i will have coffee” she said and ran toward the counter..
Pragya also ran behind her and they ordered their things..
Here,ria was also coming to counter and kanchi drop her cofee on ria by mistake..
” u idiot cant u see! Oh i m not surprised at all.u r nonsense and fool like ur mother” ria yelled on her purposely…and left smirking
Kanchi felt very bad at her statement and started crying rubbing her eyes..
Pragya somehow controlled her and take her to their table..

After sometime,
Kanchi was roaming in the hospital and listened dr.madhu and bala talking to each other.
Dr.madhu: where is ria.
dr bala: abhi abhi upar(upstair) gayi hai. She has some work for 2-3 hours..
Kanchi listened to them and run toward kabirs cabin.she grabbed his mobile and typed something in his mobile.. she smiled ..
“U shoulnd say bad things about my mumma , ria ki bacchi bhootni .now pay for this ”

After sometime,

Kabir was done with surgery and he left toward his office in hurry.
“I shouldnt left her alone there.” He thought .
Now he was really worried .for kanchi??? Wrong,for other peoples in hospital 😀
He was heading toward his office but suddenly hear some random voice..

There was crowd gathered and everyone was crying ..A
He saw Ria’s photo in the center of crowd and big garland hanged on it!!!
Veer: see kabir sir what happened! Meri pyari behna! Pls come back to us..if u didnr come back ,then ‘Gareebon ki super model award kisko milega?’ Pls come back..
Kabeer: shut up veer! And whatbis this drama.
He saw kanchi was also shading tears and then come forward

” i want to say something papa” she said.
“Ok” kabir.
Kanchi started in loud with loud voice.
“I m really sad that ria aunty left us.. becoz of her sudden exit,we are very sad. Wo kitni acchi thi.bina makeup k senior citizen lagti thi,but phir bhi hum unko bohot miss pls close ur ey….” before she could say anything more kabir kept his palm on her mouth..
Dr.ria reaches the spot

“Veer ,what is this drama?? And everyone go back to ur duties!!” Kabir yelled at top of his voice.
All peoples disappeared…
“Kya kabir sir?? U posted it on ur twitter account and now blasting on me?? ” veer said in surprise..

He showed him the twitter post which reads
“””#RIP Dr.ria
SDCH lost a sincere and beautiful doctor today.pls pray for her soul”””””
Kabir was shocked seeing the post and soon nurse told him that Dr.malhotra called him in his cabin.
He looked at kanchi helplessly and she gave him “I Dont Know Anything” Look….


Next morning
Kanchi woke up due to some sounds.she get down from the bed slowly and walked toward the door..
She peeped outside and was happy to see sanchi fighting with kabir for calling ria beautiful ..
Kanchi smiled ….
Finally sanchi was done with her arguments and left on anger…
Kanchi run toward kabir and hugged kabir tightly.
“Oh my disaster ,see what u did!!” Kabir said tickling her..
‘Sholly sholly papa,aaj se no panga with anyone.promise!” She replied giggling hard..
“See ,mumma angry ho gaye na” said kabir.

” hmmm,but papa aap ye aatankwadi kaha se laaye ho?!!!” She asked him and they both burst out into laughter..
‘Kanchi,keep ur promise pls” he said..
She just smiled at him..

And remembered herself making a love letter for kabir with ria’s name and keeping it in his pocket 5 minutes ago ,when she hugged him.
And thus inviting new ‘Musibat’ for him..
2 years latter
5 month old sabir was crying for some reason..
Kabir and sanchi were not at home and kusum was busy somewhere..
Kanchi came running toward him and tried her best to stop his cry but no use.
Finally she was at peak of irritation

“Oye ,chup ho jaa.u came to this world only becoz of me. Agar tu chup nai hoyega to main mom dad ka fight end kar dungi aur tu disappear ho jayega” she said faking anger.
Sabir quickly stopped crying and thought

” hey bhagwan,mujhe kis disaster ka bhai bana dia!!!!!!”



Mujhe nai pehchana???
Mai hu kanchi… i want to thank all of u for loving me so much . And riya di,u pulled my cheeks last they r hurting sho much.But i luv u…
Thanx to all di and auntys( hee hee)
Abhilasha di,trisha di,niyaa di,khamoshi di asnitai,anee di,alia di,neha di, amna di,palak di anuradha di and all others .sholly if i forgot someone .i m too small to remember all the names..
Last but not least,i luv u all guys and i will miss u alot.
Pls keep loving my mumma and papa.and yes in serial my papa is going to propose my mumma tomorrow,so wish him gud luck.

To main chalati hu,dua me yaad rakhna…
Bye bye …

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  1. Ooo so cute

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  4. Anonymousaa

    Oh my god ye kya thaa yaar.Completely hilarious.Now I am not going to mention my favourite lines coz coz is se toh tumhari in saare cutie cutie funny lafzon ki insult hogi na kyun ki mai saare shot to copy paste karwa nahi sakti.I loved each and every scenes.Riyaki kya vaat lagadi Kanchi ne and the last scene was extremely supppperb.
    Keep going dear.Hoping to see u soon with more posts like this.

    1. Yaashi23

      Omg. Lots of thanks dear. Very very happy that u loved it.. ur comment made my day yaar. But can i know ur real name? It will be easy then. I mean we are members of kanchi family now and not strangers so, hope u dont mind .

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        I do feel we r no more strangers now after all itni gehri dosti jo hogayi hai.

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      Thank u Soooooo much for bringing wide smile on my face with such a heartwarming comment dear…luv u toooo. Ur comments are so nice dear ,why dont u start ur own writings. Just a suggestion 🙂 🙂 :). I would love to read something from u

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