Are you disappointed with Suhani-Sambhav’s marriage?

Suhani got recently married to Sambhav. She has shown much desperation to marry Sambhav, whom she believes a lot. Her faith on Yuvraaj got broken again, when Yuvraaj falls prey to Dadi and Sambhav’s united crime. The duo kidnapped Yuvraaj and got him beaten up as well. The goons troubled and treated Yuvraaj rough on Dadi’s orders. Sambhav’s true face was then shown to the viewers.

While Sambhav and Yuvraaj’s first meet scene post leap has cleared that Sambhav is not selfless, and obsessed with Suhani. Yuvraaj has got doubt on Sambhav and shares his concern with his brother Saurabh. They both are not aware of how dangerous Sambhav could get. Sambhav has killed the goon who kidnapped Yuvraaj. Dadi’s character got more evil and she does not seem to be old Dadi after she gets she dearest grandson Yuvraaj beaten by her goons.

Suhani and Yuvraaj’s marriage mandap turns remorseful for both of them. Sambhav is now parting ways with Yuvaan, and planning a set a new life with only Suhani. On the other hand, Yuvraaj and Saurabh complain about Yuvraaj’s kidnapping to police. They also hire a professional detective to keep an eye on Sambhav and get some proof for Yuvraaj’s innocent. Suhani is seen weeping and her bold persona got changed. Suhani has to see Sambhav’s true face and believe Yavraaj this time. Are you disappointed with Suhani-Sambhav’s marriage? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Who will not get depressed hearing suhani-sambhav marriage….the best director made a joke of marriage. Marriage is a pure relation where a husband and wife should love, support and respect each others feelings but in the serial we see the exact opposite. Suhani and yuvraj’s marriage was still valid as they didn’t divorce each other, then how is it acceptable that she can marry sambhav without giving divorce to yuvi….. Again they will show that suhani returning to yuvi after knowing sambhav’s truth. I really miss the suhani who was full of life and used to find every mystery in birla house then how come she not recognize dadi? Also where she spent six years without a husband, today she can’t wait for 6 minutes for yuvraj and was so desperate to marry sambhav in the pretext that she did her marriage with sambhav just for her son yuvaan. Come on she didn’t let yuvaan meet yuvraj for 6 years even though yuvaan wanted to meet his papa and now yuvaan wanted sambhav as his papa and she agreed for it. She didn’t even think about her other child yuvani….how can a mother do this injustice. Now I think there is no difference between somya and suhani as somya did fake marriage for krishna as she loved her daughter very much but suhani she married sambhav in real. I think somya is far better suhanias Somya loved her husband Krishna so much that she didnt marry yuvi in the past six years and managed the birla house and yuvani and krishna in suhani’s absence. By the was suhani left birla house by her wish and didn’t let yuvi meet his son and now she is marrying sambhav just for yuvaan shows how selfish she is…It means she doesn’t care about her daughter yuvani…..chhi…this track is getting really disgusting day by day…

    1. Kalpana

      U r right!!! The storyline was so beautiful in the beginning. ‘Inner beauty is more important than outer physical beauty’ was what they wanted to emphasize. I was hoping that Soumya will kidnap Suhani and sit in her place and likewise Sambhav will kidnap Yuvraj and sit in his place and they end up marrying. I thought Dadi’s twin will set everything right in Birla’s place. Or at least Suhani unmasking this twin and bringing back old Dadi. Then Dadi realising for the first time how much the house needs Suhani.

      This way, Soumya could’ve moved on in her life. Krishna would’ve a received fatherly love from Sambhav (He isn’t bad from heart). Yuvraj and Suhani could’ve given a chance for this relation. With kids around, it’d have been perfect.

      Menka’s truth could have been exposed by Suhani too. And for better future of the kid, the kid can continue staying at Birla House (Don’t know how come they’re so rich when nobody in the house goes to the their office)

      They could’ve wrapped up the serial and brought new season. Season 2 with kids all grown up. Or totally new family.

      The writers and producers just want to spread negativity and kill our brain cells.

    2. Well said. Was this marriage necessary after so many years. Anyway let the show go to hell. I left watching long back

    3. I also agree with u sona…suhani and yuvraj r dumb…. whenever one goes missing the other marries a different person without waiting for their love …this is called pure love. In Barbie’s track yuvi cried for suhani for 6 minutes and married barbie after 3 days in suhani’s absence and the same applies for suhani…she spent 6years without marrying and now she can’t wait for yuvi for 6 minutes for yuvi to return and married sambhav…. I thought suhani was clever and had some sense that yuvi lacked but she proved me wrong….she seems much stupid than menka who only knows crying and can trust her so called friend- somya but can’t trust yuvi her husband. The same goes for yuvi…even after knowing what dadi did with him by sperating both his children , he forgave her. Now i got to know why suhani and yuvi r soulmates…. they r soulmates not just because of their love but because of their ego and similarities in many aspects….I reallh miss the ssel that was a year ago…that charm,and interesting concept about inner beauty being more important than the outer beauty…the director ruined the whole show and I don’t think they can bring that magic that it had before???

      1. The problem with this show is, the writers. It is a shame that they decided to make Sambhav bad. But if they think that they well make yuvraj good in my eyes. Well they got another thing coming.
        Yuvraj was never a good husband in the first place!
        His purest love is Dadi, and THERE IS NOTHING, that anyone can do about it.
        I haven’t forgotten that Suhani, became weak because of yuvraj, and no one else. She became strong women because she left Yuvraj for that six years. She has open her own business.
        Sometimes it is best that you don’t have family like suhani and the birlas. Because they are all dumb. They are the one that making Suhani weak. Suhani is mentally abuse woman. It is Yuvraj is the cause of it. She need to get away from all of them.

  2. Sorry for the mistake…it is ‘worst director’ not best director


    No i am not disappointed…. though i liked Yuvraj and Suhani pair but he never cared for her untill leap (expect barbie and prengancy segement) otherwise Suhani always had to bear all the things alone inspite of being yuvraj with her.
    I know Sambhav is in negative role but atleast he care for Suhani and respect her and love her without condition otherwise Yuvraj never cared for her and always blame her for his dadi’s wrong deeds and always put conditions only….

  4. yes very much…getting very unrealistic story…Suhani and Yuvraaj should unite…..this is heart breaking now for viewers

  5. this is story oly… not in real… am also felt bad when sambhav marrying suhani…
    whenever yuvi was so dumb now not…
    yuvi was proving himself… he must be in herotic portion… i luved do much…

    keep going and keep rocking ssel

  6. Totally disappointed with the serial…come on when did Suhani and Yuvraj divorce that they have to marry again??Why is Yuvraj trying to find kidnappers…when he and other Birlas never lifted one finger to find the the culprit behind all the suffering Suhani endured during her initial stay at the Birla house.Dadi was always forgiven why???So much corruption in the Birla house.Time Yuvraj and Saurabh become men of the family and Pratima needs to be strong and take control of the house and dadi to retire .Soumya should be ashamed spoiling her friends life and family…she can go out and earn her living and lead a respectful life but no she just wants everything Suhani got…selfish.
    Suhani needs to wake up and become strong …and stop trusting Soumya…she is not a true friend.Why did Sambhav have to become negative???..high time Dadi needs to be exposed and punished..Yuvraj need to ask questions and seek answers About why there is all these tension created between him and Suhani.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      I agree with uaha

  7. Suhana66

    I am very dissapointed with the writer for creating too much antogonists.
    They shouldn’t have added Sambhav, because the character of Sambhav is very unusual.
    I know that Suhani married Sambhav for Yuvan, but I should say Suhani haven’t taught Yuvan manners thats why he wanted to make a stranger as his FATHER in front of his father(Yuvraj), for me its very bad manners.
    And why can’t Suhani wait 10 minutes more if she truly loved him. If I was Suhani I would have believed Yuvraaj.
    VERY BAD(2016) STORY…

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