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Hii hllo wapas pakane aa gayi right??(please tell the answer of this question otherwise i will not write anymore) For now here we go:➡➡

No offence to any young or teen couple, but true romance happens once you are married.

Twinkle called me and bursted, “When are you coming home?”
“I will be late. Have dinner sweetie.”
“Dont sweetie me! This is 3rd time this week! If I had to eat my dinner alone, I could have done at my mom’s house also!” raged, she disconnected.

I sighed. Four years of marriage and she still wanted all the attention.
I didnt remember when was the last time I went out with ‘the guys’ for emptying beer buckets.

After slogging the entire week at office, today i secretly wanted to, but not at the cost of making her upset.
I BBMed her: Dont be angry, we will go out for dinner tomorrow?

Me: I am really, really stuck


Me: Okay we go out today
Smita: I will be ready in an hour. thank you sweetie??

‘Dont sweetie me’ i wanted to remind her. But I didn’t. And so, another Friday night without having beer & pool with guys…

On our way to the restaurant, she insisted to go to the suburbs. 1.5 hour drive from home. I couldnt refuse. Five minutes into our journey and her mother calls up.

“Hello Mumma!” she quipped.
“Yes we are going somewhere.” she added.
“No No, he takes good care of me.” she laughed.?

“Really?!” turns to me to inform, “Mahi got engaged.” and continues to get details from her mum.
And so, the only unmarried and cute sister-in-law is also officially off the flirt-me zone. So no beer and no more unmarried sister-in-laws. And I am going to celebrate.

For the 40-45 minutes, mother-daughter continue their conversation. Daughter caring the least about her husband driving listening to FM, feeling left out. Mother, well has little clue either. Just as she hung up she blurted at me again –

“Where are we?”

“NH-8, we will reach Gurgaon shortly..”

“Why are you being so silly! We should have been driving to Shalimar Bagh. Mumma’s place!”

“But you said you had to dine at…” I smirked.
“Mahi is getting engaged and you think we will go to some restaurant?? What is the matter with you??”
What am I supposed to do if i cant read cues. How would I know if she’s getting engaged right now? I quietly went off the highway looking for a u-turn.

After another exhaustive drive of an hour, we somehow reach her maternal place. Thank god for lesser-than-usual traffic today. Once there, they are all standing outside to welcome us.

“Namaste mummy-ji” i said and bowed down to take her blessings. Sister-in-law is standing right there and came to half-hug me.
“So Mahi finally found her prince eh?” I teased her.

Twinkle pulled her away from me. They became girls and soon disappeared inside the house. Rest of the evening, well is spent entertaining the new member in family and his folks. I dont have to do much, except smile at them purposelessly.
At 12.30 in the night, we finally board our over-run car to go back to home which is on other side of Delhi by-the-way.

“Mahi will also go away, mom-dad will be all alone” she started sobbing.

‘Their responsibilities will be over, they might be happy’ I wanted to tell her. Like most things, I didnt.
“The groom sounded like a nice fellow. Mahi will be happy with him.” i told her.
“I wish he will be as good as you.” she stopped crying and told me.
I applied semi-brakes to the car. Turned to her and said, “Wow. You think I am good?”

“You are the best. The best companion one could ever hope for!”

“Really you mean it? I mean, the way our day went, it is hard to imagine this coming from you.” I smiled.☺☺

“I have only you to complain, to fight with, to crib with and to cry in front of. If I do all this, it doesn’t mean my love for you is getting any lesser. It only increases as i see you come home skipping all appointments, drive for 2-2 hours tirelessly, and then behave so nicely in front of my family – to make me happy.”

I didnt miss boys-night-out anymore.


Boring naa I know so if you want I can stop writing here only as I know many of you are not liking my writings.so please tell me in comments or you can also tell by sending private message if you think others will say anything. Everyone is free but please tell if you don’t then bye this will me last one…….love you all.?????and thanks for your support till now everything is allowed tamatar kela anything??????? ok bye.but reply jarur dena…

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    it was awesome…..aur kisne kaha tum accha nahi likhti ho…..tum bhot acchi writer ho…..Amazing……aur aisi hi ff’s & os likhte rehna……

  2. It was not at all Boring it was awesome

  3. Fan

    Awesome os lover..

  4. Sameera

    Yep it was too awesome kisne kaha tum acha nai likhti agar ff ya os likhna choda na to duniya chod ni padegi ??samjh gaye na ???nai samjhe ?? U have to cont more ??????

  5. It was not at all boring… fantastic dear lover…

  6. Shruthis

    pagal ladki.. i love you :*
    awesome 🙂

  7. Woooow…..it wz soooo cute…..very sweet os…..keep writing more nd more….. i wud luv 2 read them….the concept of 2dys os wz itself sooooo gooood nd ur writing wz amazing…. dnt even think 2 stop writing…write the nxt os soooon….im waiting eagerlyyyy????

  8. dreamer....arundhati

    Yaar tu aisa kyu sochti hai….. How many times i told u that ur os is exceptionally good…. .Why u doubt r… Viswaas nahi hai apne frnd par. . I to loved it… Luv u and ur writing… Pls do write more

  9. Loveleen

    ohh i loved it so so so much…..nyc one dr plz write mr…

  10. Angita

    Not not not boring
    Sachi muchi

  11. SidMin

    Ha phir pakne aagaye coz I loved it Lover and how dare you say it was boring coz I loved it 🙂

  12. Sayeeda

    Lover till now u saw my love in my comments for u but do u want me to scold u …and I can do that as I’m elder than u ….
    What u thought hannn…that u r bad writer …R u serious ???….
    Plzzz yr stop thinking this coz u r superb writer nd u know how much I like ur writings….
    OS were superb …amazing …..awesome ….
    Next time se aisa kaha toh aur daant padegi…
    love u

  13. Shatakshi

    Loved it

  14. Baby

    amazing lover dare u 2 stop frm riting it ws a cute n short 1 luvd it sooooo mch

  15. Lovely os….fabulous writing….no one can say that it was boring…u just rock…but I must say that u freshen up every memory of kunj( sid) even u made him a more perfect life patner d way he do sacrifice for his wife…d way he forgot his tiredness & join in happiness of his in lawslaws…d way he do anything just a smile of his life partner was d symbol of perfect life patnerpatner….I just missed that kunj in tei….
    I’m too happy by reading ur os….just keep writing like this

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