Her director his designer (Intro)

Sindhu rm back but this time with raglak only raglak.
I was fan of teju namish and varun too as we all lnew in serials only varun and swara are getting importance .
For a while i thlught i ff slso they are leading i dont care but i just want yo show rag with kak this even i need change right.
But i will write another sanskar ragini ff.
I am writing another ff also.
My army officer..
Harshad arora and ragini plss read it also

Her director (laksh kapoor)
His designer( ragini raichand)

Laksh:- is a young director in film industry who is giving continues hit movies….
He is lovely and fun loving person and serious about his work ..
He takes romcom movies and also message oriented movies..
He believes in hatred and problem can be solved by a pure smile..
He sometime becomes selfish but he takes care of it that he doesnt hurt anyone ….elder in family
Belives in love and frdship…
He belongs to film back ground family….and has a cute little sister

Ragini raichand:- a young designer and location selector..
He is younger in her family and mostly pampered….her family has a business back ground …
A very famous jewellary makers and also have fabric business..
She is interest in photography but not as profession.her designs are very famous that she unknowingly entered in to film industry and now ruling it with her designs and also in selecting locations.
Many of them dont knew her personally only few knew her that to whom she worked with..

Sanskar will be a present in few episode as hero ..
No swara and all..

Main characters are ragini and laksh…..

Ragini had 2 brothers one brother is dead and his death has a screate which will be shown in 1 or 2 episode..
Ragini parents doesnt like her to be in film industry but they never stop her infact they tries to protect her more…..

Precap:- laksh entry

Credit to: Sindhu rm


  1. namratha

    sanjana…i think u have lot of ideas in ur mind…and u express it very brilliantly ..ur really a awesome writter

  2. Dafsi

    I must agree you gave one shock after other..First with tejaswi and harshad and then tejaswi and namish…and yeah you are just like me the fan of the trio(tejaswi, varun and namish) yeah please go on I know you are gonna rock it di

  3. namratha

    sorry ..iam typing in my phone..so the names are typed wrongly…actually ..i wrote sindhu only..but ,by mistake. it came as sanjana…

  4. Naina

    Awesome intro but this is only a suggestion don’t feel bad…l have read ur earlier ffs too but there were a lot of spelling mistakes,please before posting if u could recheck it, it ll be helpful for ur readers…this was only my pov if u feel hurt…then m very sorry…really sorry

  5. Di superb first time u r writing raglak ff think so even I love ragsan pair but like raglak too……I dont like swara imp in real story…….but I watch it only for ragini????

  6. Aastha

    nyz di. waiting for nxt part. i have a guess but am not sure in that there is any connection to rag’s bro death n san? di u r frm which state im asking this to know how i want to call u di or akka. nothing else.

  7. taiana

    Super sis.. nd rhanks fr Raglak.. the concept is intresting sis… im waiting fr the 1st part…

  8. tisha(raglak fan)

    hey sindhu actually i’m silent reader but I read ur all ff my fav is all alone ragini this time u writer ff with my fav couple raglak so I am very excited for ur ff n nice intro

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.