Her director his designer episode 9

Ragini and laksh entres at a time to set..
All looks at them surprisingly ..
While remo smiles..
Ragini gets irritated by their looks even laksh but before he could speak..
Ragini:- are u people done with starring at me will you all go back to your works…
Laksh:- hmm thanks you saved my energy..
Ragini:- dont worry now you will loose it when you shout on mike to make them rehersals perfect..
Laksh:- you were unbelievable..
Ragini:- i knew it..
He goes to his place..
Ragini goes to remo..
Remo:- all is well now.
Ragini:- what do you think by seeing us.
Remo:- khabi peace khabi fighting
Ragini:- nice title ..
They both laughs..
Laksh see her smiling and he too smiles..
Sanskar comes and sits next to him.
Sanskar:- finally we will get peace after many days haa we will get bored without your both entertainment.
Laksh:- what entertainment..
Sanskar:- when you both fights its akways for us like we are watching tom and jerry show.
Laksh:- then who is tom and who is jerry in us..
Sanskar:- tom was you and ragini is jerry.
As all we knew jerry always wins and coming to tom..
Laksh:- which fails always infront of jerry..
Sanskar:- yaa.
Laksh:- very funny can we do dance for real by stopping practise
Sanskar:- ok as your wish .i am always ready tom jii..
Laksh looks at him.
Sanskar:- i mean director jii..
Again i mean laksh jii..
Laksh smiles and say:- go now hero jii..i mean sanskar jii..
Sanskar:- u were looking very happy today any special reason…
Laksh:- goo..
Shoot starts….
Ragini is checking her cell phone and seeing sanskar dances ..
She takes few pictures of him and kusum..
Later ragini starts clicking all pictures ..
While laksh shooting on staying top with help of crane..
She takes his photo also that too without his knowledge……
After shooting they started travelling back ..
Finally they reaches but gets tired so all were not at dinner point at same time..
They came as their wish ..
Few ordered to their rooms..
Ragini gets bored and comes out to have her dinner..
She sits and places order..
Before order placed she reading novel..”the white tiger( very good novel frds award winning story)..
Suddenly she heared a voice.
Voice:- did u not tired..
Ragini peeps out from her book and finds laksh sitting..
Ragini smiles and says no and takes her harrypotter spects
Laksh:- shows three fingers and asks her..
Say how many fingers i am showing..
Ragini hits on his fingers..
Laksh smiles.
Ragini:- i dont have sight ..its just head ache spects..
Laksh:- what head ache spects all of sudden.
Ragini:- not all of sudden it happened with me all time that to specialy when i spend my day with people like you.
Laksh looks at her by raising one eye brow..
They both looks at each other and laughs..
Ragini gets her order..
She looks at laksh..
Laksh:- you start i ordered my food it will come soon.
Ragini:- let it come..
Laksh:- it may take time your food will get cold.
Ragini:- it doesnt matter ..
Let your food come then we will have together….
Laksh:- are u sure .
Ragini:- yaa..
Next minute laksh order also comes..
Ragini sees his food and says health concisious and all haa.
Laksh:- usually girls will be more consioucs ondiet food but by seeing your order.
Ragini:- i wont belive in dieting and all..
My dad used yo say eat well and next morning do exercise and reduce wat ever calories you are gainging..
So that stomach will be happy and also health..
Laksh:- nice thought.
Ragini:- are you going to follow..
Laksh:- hmm later onwards i will ..
But i habituated for this.
Ragini:- ohh like i habituated for this.
They both were talking on random things..
Ragini is started knewing about laksh and laksh started knewing About ragini.
Now they both were aware of their little likes and dislikes..
Laksh:- this week songs shooting will be done so you will be …
Ragini:- next project with remo..
He is doing music album with faviour songs like some short movie..
I too dont knew after this that project.
Laksh:- means busy busy
Ragini:- you will be also busy busy
By the way we will meet soon at many occasions.
Laksh:- how..
Ragini:- wait and watch
Laksh:- hmm ok..
Ragini:- ok i am leaving will you also come.
Laksh:- yaa right now only one work is their that is sleeping..
Ragini and laksh gets into lift.
Soon they reaches to their rooms and says to each other..
Good night..
Precap:- day out with frds..

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