Her director his designer episode 8

Ragini leaves stick and closes her mouth and say..
Ragini:- laksh..tum..
Laksh:- rubbing his hand says haa its me..
Ragini:- what are you doing here..
Laksh:- why do you beat me.
Ragini:- this place is lonely if suddenly i heared foot steps coming near to me..i though danger and.
Laksh:- and without seeing who is it and you beated me..
Ragini:- what if i dont have time to react thats why without seeing i reacted.
Laksh:- cant you see back..
Ragini:- i dont have eyes on my back naa..how can i see and for your kind information what are you doing here..
Laksh:- do you buyed this place. That you can only be here.
Ragini:- what the hell.
Laksh:- what the what the..
Ragini:- why dont you allow me to be in peace..here also you came..
This is your not set or your location right then why are you tauting me again..
Wont your days passes without insulting me and about to go..
Laksh:- i am sorry..
Ragini stops and turns ..
Ragini:- you said sorry that to me.
Laksh:- ya i am sorry for tauting you and doudting on your work.
I knew that you were talented and hardworking .i dont knew what made me not to accept it…
Infact i pretended not to accept ..
But before meeting you personely
I too heared alot about you and your work .
Infact i was eager to meet you and the way we meeted each other and our conversion started with argument and it continued untill yesterday and i dont want to continue from today..
Lets stop right now here only..
I am sorry ragini. Lets start every thing newly….
And offers her hand..
Ragini sees him and his hand afte few seconds she too shakes her hand with him.
Ragini:- i am too sorry .
Actually untill now no one questioned me or doudted on my work like the way you did and i hope you lisened about my brother so i am some what emotional towards this field .when someone insults any ones work i Will get angry automatically and as you said our first impression was also not good and it leaded untill here..
Haa i am sorry for shouting on you yesterday infront of all…
Laksh:- even i insulted you infront of all..
Ragini:- lets forget all this and start afresh..
Laksh and ragini smiles..
Laksh:- by the way u hited me really hard….and rubs his hand.
Ragini:- sorry as i said i thought someone else and to protect i am really sorry.
Laksh:- its ok self protection is good..
Ragini smiles ..
Laksh:- nature photography..
Ragini:- haa yaa i like photography its my hobby and sonetime i partispate in competations also..
Laksh:- what ever photo you took you will send them.
Ragini:- yaa according to concept of competation also.
Maximum i won and price money i will send to that persons families..
Laksh:- oh thats why you were collecting address from them that means those slips..
Ragini:- those slips contains address..not money.
Laksh closes eyes and opens one eye and says sorry…
Ragini smiles..
Laksh too smiles..
Laksh:- so , what are you doing here.
Ragini:- nature photography laksh.
Laksh:- but here all was normal right..what great in it.
Ragini:- see with my camera eyes and shows him a picture..
Laksh seez water falls picture in shock and see water falls in real and says.
Waterfalls were awesome in camera but its looking normal outside how come it change..
Ragini:- that it photography and to explain in your language .
See while shooting location setting will different in real but when you shoot after editing and setting it will be different right..
Thats it..
Laksh:- hmm nice explaination teacher..
Ragini:- you are a good lisener student..
Both laughs.
Ragini:- you were here wats about shooting.
Laksh:- remo is taking care of it..
They are practising first ..
Now i have to go back and shoot now before sun sets completly.
And you also come with me it will be dark and its not good for us to be alone or drive alone.
Ragini:- hmm my work also completed lets goo.
They both starts driving their own cars to their sets…..
Laksh :- why dont we have a race..
Ragini:- ok but we have to control Our cars speed for safety purpose.
Laksh:- done.
They both starts racing cars ..
Once laksh crosses ragini..
Once ragini crosses laksh..
Laksh reaches first.
Ragini comes later..
Laksh gets down and about to say something.
Ragini:- fine you won now dont show off.
Laksh:- oye its not show off i won and you were not able to digest my victory..
Ragini:- you were behaving like u won racing championship.
Laksh:- wining infront of you is like a championship only.
Ragini:- everyfunny..
Laksh:- lets go inside..

Precap:- lakrag friendship but their nok jok continues…..

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  1. Awesome as usual u rocked dr

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    1st welcome back akka. illu sifting antha aypoinda? tharvatha daily updates unda akka? cool epi akka keep smiling

    1. Sindhura

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  4. At last they are friends nice epi dii

  5. Nice sindhu…& welcome back

  6. Welcome back di and as usual superb episode

  7. Piya

    Awesome.. al last friendship strt

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      Hm yes
      Thank u

  8. Missed u di… I’m so happy that u r back… Awwie raglak compramised… Super update.. Plz update the nxt part soon

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