Her director his designer episode 7


Frds i am going to my mom house as my dad got transfered they have to shift from one city to another and their will be lot of work so i am going their to help them in packing and everything .i will be very busy for few days ..
I dobt knew when i will be back..
Net will also be their ..
I promise you that once i return i will update more episode ok..
Try to understand…frds..

Laksh reaches on set before saying reason of work but actually he want to check on ragini..
He comes on set and started cheacking it and also searching for ragini..
While searching he collides with remo who is standing and seeing at his activites ..
Laksh:- why are u standing in middle yar.
Remo:- open your eyes and see onces.
Laksh looks surrounding and realises he came corner to set and collided with remo..
He looks here and their sats sorry
Remo:- you should be sorry for someone else..but some thing is stopping someone.
Laksh about to speak..
Ragini comes their with spects and does her hair messy and looking stunnig as always..
Laksh stops talking by seeing her..
Ragini:- remo we are using water tank and also we arranged a process to collect back that water with out wastage of it ..
If you come once we will check it..

And also as you asked all set is greeny ..
Check that and if you confirm me i have to leave..
Remo says ok and leaves.
Ragini about to go ..
Laksh:- stop how can you leave set inbetween. You cant go untill we finish song..and setting how Can you say it is perfect.
Ragini:- set setting i just helped them by remo sayings and coming to design i did perfect oh sorry you wont belive in perfectness na thats why i arranged a person to looks after designs if they feel any discomfort ok.and coming to me staying in or not .
I hope you remember i said i cant come daily to set so i cleared all your doudt on me right..
So i am leaving and haa dont worry .
I am leaving set not this place ok.

I will be here at a place around 15km away from this set ..
You can call me if you needed if not then let me doo my work with peace ..
Leaves from their shocking laksh..
Ragini leaves from their in her car..
Remo:- did she forgive you.
Laksh:- i didnot ask also.
Remo:- let me tell you why she was in this industry..
Her brother wanted to become director infact he was good in imagination and all..
Once he prepared a very good story he was 200% confident in that story..
He went to a director dont knew who was that director but he came back and said that his story was selected and he will be called soon.
He keep on waited one day he got some call he started crying and next he hanged himself..
We few people in industry knew him from close..
Me , mehta and few more..

We dont knew what happen after getting a chance also he suicided..
Later we cane to knew that that director cheated him and took his story by faurd..
Laksh:- who is that director..
Remo:- smiles and says dont knew..no one knew about him Except sandeep and that director..
From that time sandeep and ragini family started hating this industry..
Once in fashion show ragini was asked by a old director to help him
In film so that profit money can be used to charities.

That was her first movie..
She got many offeres but she selects only few .
She never works for money laksh.
Untill now she selected movies in which his bhai favorite actor or director present..
Dont speak like that to her and her work laksh.
Not only her infact with anyone because its hurts for hard working people..
And yaa dont worry she will be fine she shouted on you being upaet because yesterday was the same day her brother died…
May be thats why she reacted like that otherwise she wont care any one who ever comments on her..
Laksh:- i want yo say sorry to her .
Do knew where she will be now..
Remo:- yaa and says some waterfalls area address..
Laksh leaves in his rented car…
Laksh goes searching her and finds her taking few photos..
Ragini lisens foot steps coming from her back side she tightens her grip on near by stick.
Without thinking he immediatedly turns and hits ..
Ragini gets shocked to see that person..

Precap:- laksh follows ragini
…says sorry..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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