Her director his designer episode 6

They all gets down and check in hotels and their rooms..
All leaves in van and vanity vans..
Ragini books a sport car and leaves before all..
Ragini remo and crew were working on dance set..
They arrange a small stage and water around it .
A small ramp walk which connects to that middle stage..
Borders walls were arranged with small small mirror bytes..
Liles were hanging..
Whole set was choosen blue and white mix..
And song was jaanam jaanam. laksh comes to see stage and gets shocked and surprised ..
He gets really impressed and looks for ragini everyware finally he founds her at corner ..
Who is wearing orange shirt and dark blue jeans.
Hair tied up and looks like messy..
She is checking few flowers and guiding people to arrange them at different places..
He about to go but gets stopped by remo.
Remo:- do u like set or not.
Laksh:- its incrediable.
Remo:- i knew it u will like after all she designed….
Kusum and danny comes to stage..
Wearing her designed clothes..
Ragini comes to them and asks.
Ragini:- all perfect right you were comfortable naa..
And checks their dresses once again.
Sanskar:- ragini how i am looking.
Ragini:- awesome..
Sanskar:- thanks to your design
Ragini:- achaa then thanks to your fitness which maded this custom perfect.
Kusum you were looking fab yar.
Laksh:- if you done can we start we cant waste time.
Remo sanskar kusum goes to set.
Ragini about to go.
Laksh:- set and designs both were awesome..
Thank you for giving unexpressible results to us..
Ragini:- thank u for respecting my design and set…
They starts dancing and laksh shooting.
Ragini standing at corner and seeing this all but its clear on her face that she was not interested..
After shoot at night….
They all goes to dinner together..
Remo and ragini were sitting together and checking something in laptop..
Laksh comes to them.
Laksh:- hi…
Remo:- hi..
Laksh:- what are you doing ..
Remo:- finalising locations man
Laksh:- by seeing in laptop..
Ragini:- i already visited that places..
Laksh:- i think you should also visit before finalising.
Remo about to speak…
Ragini shouts at laksh ..
Ragini:- what your problem man haa.. what remo does its non of your bussiness and mainly this project doesnt relates to you.
Coming to your project you have rights to check everything 1000 times on my work and for your kind information .
Dont you dare to interfer in his dance project and still if you want you can but you dont dare to interfer in my work or dont you dare to judge it..
Keep it in mind or else i will file case on you and takes her camera and cell and leaves from their in anger but comes back and says.
If u are dare enough to comment on others work then stop casting people and do all works with your hands then you wont have any complaints on any one..
I wont like to be in industry but i am here working for some personel reasons.
You were not insulting me only my work but also my reasons..
If you want inform me i will be happiest to leave this project at any time..and ur money will return
to you and goes from their..
All looks stunned ..
Laksh feels bad..
Remo comes from back and says.
All time fun is not good laksh i hope u will understand it now..
Sanskar:- from starting i am saying that u were insulting her and douting her work ..
They all starts eating silently..
Here laksh unable to eat by thinking that he hurted her….
Ragini goes to room and closes door by keeping a tag outside
” dont disturb”…
Laksh eat uninterestingly by force of producer and remo..
Laksh passes from ragini room and about to knock but finds tag leaves from their….
Ragini goes to balcony and takes her phone and sees a photo ..
Two boys and a girl photo..
She cries..
Ragini to herself.
I hate my self bhai when you needed courage i couldnt give you that .
I thought always why u left us but now i am understanding it why you do ..
In this industry people will keep on insulting each other chii..
I hate that director mr.laksh kapoor..
Laksh too stands in balcony and thinks.
Did i hurted her more ..
May be she us right..
If some one keep on doudting us ir insulting our work .
Even i will get angry being insulted and i insulted her alot of time.
And all were right ..
I am fighting with her like a kid or We born enemies..
If i say sorry will she accepts my apolizies….damm it laksh try to shut your mouth from now..
Both dozes off after some time..

Precap:- ragini acts completely different which annoyes laksh and makes him restless..

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