Her director his designer episode 5

Remo dragging ragini and makes her sit..
Remo watches her continuosly.
Ragini:- what happen remo jii why r u seeing me like that.
Remo:- seriously i never saw your this angle.
Ragini:- which angle.
Remo:- fighting angle come on seriously ragini..i never saw you getting angry on someone else and you were fighting like small kid.
Ragini:- he is provoking me to fight with me and i am just answering to his annoyed and weird questions….
Remo:- ragini.
Ragini:- ok from now onwards i will try be professional with him ok…
Remo:- hmm stay calm ok.
Ragini:- when you are planning to maurisis..
Remo:- dont worry with out you i wont go because you were best.

Laksh sitting and sanskar seeing him.
Laksh:- dont watch like that its making me uncomfortable ..
Sanskar:- whats that laksh why r u fighting with her .do u have any idea she is leading designer in whole world and you were questing her talent…
Laksh:- i am not questioning her i am just asking.
Sanskar:- achaa the word asking has another name and it is questioning.
Suddenly they hear a group of claps and their turns and see crowd slowly moving back by making a circle..
Remo is making ragini dance and she keep on saying ..
Ragini:- i cant dance remo..
Still they both were dancing funnily and ragini is laughing.
Laksh to him self..
She is laughing whole heartedly wow she has a magnetic laugh anyone can simply get attracted to her and her arrogent answers dont knew why but when ever i fight with her . i am liking it infact i love to fight with her..
A perfect compitator..
Sanskar drags laksh to stage by breaking her thoughts….
All dances happily..
After two days all were waiting at airport .
One after other reaches their..
Laksh starts roaming here and their saying unbelivable..
Sanskar:- now what happen.
Laksh:- where is your so called famous fashion designer..
Kusum:- why u always back of her..still we have one hour time to check in right then why.
Sanskar:- actually u want a reason to fight with her and their you see u got a being late reason ..
We should be ready to see and to hear both of your fight.
Laksh:- your are saying mee..stop by seeing sanskar seeing somewhere and showing to him at a place by pointing finger..
He turns and see ragini sitting on one knee and taking photo of a kid and mother…
And smiles showing them their photo…
She sees laksh and remaing and waves bye to them and leaves from their after talking with them and taking some slip from them.
She comes and greets sanskar Kusum and see laksh and say.
Ragini:- good evening director
Laksh:- you were late.
Ragini:- widening her eyes and says flight took off then what you people are doing here ..
Oh my god u all missed your flight because of me ..how cute director.
Sanskar and kusum giggles..
Laksh:- dont joke.
Ragini:- you started i ended thats it.
Laksh:- fine you were not late we i mean i am early ok.
Ragini:- i knew..and sees a old people helping each other to walk..
Ragini immediatedly asks laksh to moves and clicks their picture.
Laksh:- wat r u doing..
Ragini:- wait a minute and runs towards couple and takes blessing from them and talks with them for more than 5 minutes by showing their picture and takes a slip started noting something and smilez..
Old couple blesses her and leaves from their.
She comes back to them with smiles and checking her camera.
Sanskar:- if u show us even we will smile.
She gives camera to him and they see photos automatically smiles..
Laksh:- dont tell me you were clicking their photo and taking money for it.
All looks up at him..
Ragini sees him in disguisting look and takes camera from his hands and says.
Ragini:- u wont deserve to see and goes from their.
Sanskar:-thats so rude photography is her hobby and she is excellent in it.
Laksh:- is their anything left that she doesnt do or knew..
Sanskar:- haa loving and trusting other easily..
She dont knew it ..
Laksh:- ha ha i laughed for your joke lets go now..
They all too goes inside airport..
They do check in….
Ragini shows her ticket to airhostess she shows her window seat ..
Ragini settle down and senses some one came next to her.
She lifts head and says not again
Laksh:- oh my god in this whole flight why only u should be next to me..
Ragini:- whole 24 hours flight next to you impossible …
Pity on my fate.
Laksh:- he he he..
Ragini:- a request dont laugh again..
Laksh:- request canceled he he ..
Ragini:- impossible and turns her head.
Laksh taps her shoulder and she turns then he says..
Laksh:- you too impossible..
After a while ragini keep ear phone and goes to sleeps slowly ..
Laksh was deeply reading book and after finishing it he closes and sees ragini sleeping peacefully.
Laksh:- unstop express looks lovely when she shuts her hot hot voice and sees earphone and goes near to her takes one of her ear phone and Keeps in his ear and song BOL DO NA JARA SONG PLAYS FROM “AZARH”…
Hmm she has a good taste not bad…and he too sleeps by placing his head on her..
After a while ragini gets up and sees laksh so close and shouts ahhhh…
Laksh wakes up in jerk and all their crew also comes along with airhostress.
Airhost:-madam what happen are u ok…
Ragini looks all staring at her with fear and anxiety..
Ragini:- bad dream u knew..
All smiles and leaves.
Laksh:- whats need to shout..
Ragini:- if someone sees frighten things by near they will get afraid right and right just now it happen to me when i saw u so close and see her ear phone in his ears and takes it.
How dare u to keep your head on me and to lisen my songs.
Laksh:- it happen with out my knowledge and coming to songs u dont have copy right on them.
Ragini:- yes but i have right on my Music players right hmm and turns her head.
Laksh:- unbelievable i dont knew how my days will pass with her.
Ragini:- did u said anything.
Laksh:- jii good night..
Ragini:- good night..

Precap:- laksh gets mesmerised seeing ragini and her location setting..

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  1. nice one sis luv it u r fab

  2. its superb !!!!!!!!! raglak are impossible……..loved their cute fi8’s soooooooooo much……..

  3. Sindhu it was fabulous…and I think it’s very hectic for u ..be coz of writing 2 ,3 ffs ….and u r ffs r awesome

    1. Yaa some what but i will forget those all efforts by seeing you poeple comments

  4. So sweet epi….but actually what does ragsan see and smile????

    1. Actuall she took pictures of mom and chikd
      And old couple
      By seeing that pictures in camera they were laughing.
      I hope i cleared your doudt

      1. Ya di u cleared my doubt….

  5. Very nice .really loved it.waiting for next part

  6. amazing dear

  7. waiting for next part

  8. Awesome raglak rockzz

  9. Amazing episode. Ur rocking. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

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  11. Amazing
    WTs with the slip or us she going to mail them their pic
    Loved raglak nok jhok lol
    Laksh is falling for her
    but won’t admit lol

    1. Yaa
      He is falling for her
      And wat she will do it with slips you will cone to knew

  12. Nice episode

  13. Raglak are very cute… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  14. Raglak fights are so cute

  15. Very nice and cute episode

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