Her director his designer episode 3


Laksh selects sanskar as he is upcoming hero now..
And kusum from saraswatichandra as heronie..
They decide to do family based romcom moviee..
They casting remaing actors and finalizes with them…
Laksh calls for a party to all members who are going to be part of their movie .
Ragini is also coming as she is a part of movie..
They call ragini and to signed contract with her….
Laksh is leaning back on chair and watching her..
Ragini reading contract seriously as if she is preparing exam.
Laksh:- your reading as if i am going to ask you questions on it.
Ragini looks up from file and keeps it down and says..
Ragini:- i have to make sure i wont face any discomfort thats why i am reading it and yaa if u ask any thing on this also i wont answer u ok..
Laksh:- ya ya i will keep it later and u can also read it later .
First u show me designs ..

U said very proudly right if i say which type of movie and songs are u will design according to it.
Ragini:- yes and i did it also and one more thing i am not proud of anything.
Laksh:- achaa then show me your design if i like then only u will sign and incase if i dont like then..
Ragini:- u can select another one and i will burn those all design infront of u..
Laksh gets stunned for her burning answer but covers herself and says:- DEAL OK..
ragini keeps file a side and asks him to come to projector room.
Producer also follows him.
They all takes seats and ragini switches off lights and starts showing all cast designes..
Laksh gets stunned by her talent and says to himself.
She was impossible she designed from starting to ending that to for all oh my god..
She suggest some pure village locations also.
Producer gets impressed and appreshates her and looks at laksh.
Laksh forwards his hand to her and says deal.
Producer makes ragini to shake hand with him.
They goes back to her office….

Producer:- now what you want to say laksh.
Laksh:- she is impossible how can she do it all 3 days …
Producer:- she is talented..
Laksh:- i am lisening alot about her brother.what if we knew his whole story and took a movie on him.
Producer:- forget about it laksh happen at any cost ..
Laksh:- but i want to take movie on him . Story was his but we will use different names..
Priducer:- for that we need her permission and she wont give it at any cost.
Laksh:- lets see first let me gather information about her brother from her side.
Producer:- you wont discuss anything about it with her untill we finish our film .
I dont want any disturbances in project ..
Laksh:- ofcourse untill i get a strong point i wont ok..
Producer:- hmm…
They invite ragini for party and
They both leaves from office..by taking copy of contract papers.
At evening laksh is getting ready and thinking to himself..
Laksh:- if i took a film on real story it will hit like anything and my career will also turn.. but for that i need ragini to open mouth and before that i need to knew sandeep rai story from industry side.

His friends side and ofcourse his enemies side….
Laksh is getting ready and started welcoming all..
All cast crew meeting each other
Laksh was talking with kusum..
and remo to comes with his wife..
Ragini just entres in black knee legnth dress..
Laksh eyes got stuck on her ..
But immediatedly composes him selff..and realises that she is not ragini but his imagination.
He went to remo and sanskar who were talking with each other..
Remo:- hello director saab..
He says hello to him namastai to his wife and a hi to sanskar.
Laksh:- u said a lot things about ragini. i mean miss.ragini raichand where is she.
Remo:- she will come and yaa she will stay only for few minutes..
Laksh:- why..
Sanskar:- u dont knew about her right. She hates offical parties..
Laksh:- why u always support her remo..
all turns and looks at ragini who is wearing a blank white top and blank jean …simple and hot..
Ragini:- mr. Kapoor i am talking to you only .do u have any problem if remo supports me.
Laksh:- why do i have problem and By the madam you were late..
Ragini:- did i miss my attendance..
All smiles at her mocking answer..

Laksh in confusion:- what..attendance do u think its school.
Ragini:- oh thank god i thought you were thinking its as a school party and thats why your saying late and all you knew.
Laksh looks at angrily.and say.
Laksh:- you have to be on time u knew.
Ragini:- you were threwing party and you should be before than anyone and coming to me .
I just attending so i have rights to be late..
Laksh:-dont be so late that when u come and see and then realises party is over..
Ragini :- dont worry i can party alone by saying your name and finally i wont come in so late category..
Remo and sanskar were seeing Laksh and ragini .one after the other..in shocking way….
Laksh:- what is your categorie then.
Ragini:- we are going to be work together right then automaticaly you will realises what type of catigorie i will belong to..
Laksh:- lets see who is going to win all desining awards..
Ragini:- are u chsllenging me.
Laksh:-who can challenge miss ragini raichand.
Ragini:- u ..
Laksh:- what.

This situation turned serious..
Remo and sansky tries to calm them but its gone from their hands.
Ragini:- u already challenged me Mr.laksh kapoor let me tell u one thing.
I done your designs and i sm working on remo music dedication designs and attending to fashion show in paris and. Later london.
and i gone win ..
Laksh:- confidence.
Ragini:- no over confidence.
Laksh:- but its not good for health.
Ragini:- but its good for me..
You wait and watch.
Lakdh about to speak but sanskar interrupts.
Sanskar:- times up guys enough for today ..
Lets continue in our shoot and if u want u can continue in our journey…
Remo:- ragini come lets go i want to discuss with you something related to locations and designs and drags her from their..

Precap:- journey together and nok jok.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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