Her director his designer episode 26


In party all were present ..
Laksh:- remo you knew from first about ragini brother right…
Remo:- haa..
Just ragini comes with their family..
But she comes fighting with her brother funnily ..
They both doesnt realise that they were standing infront of laksh,sanskar, remo etc..
Pradeep:- oye dayan shut up i knew my choice was best.
Ragini:- how dare you to callme dayan and coming to your choice my foot..
Pradeep:- my choice is better than your foot.
Ragini:- my foot is better than your face…
Remo:- excuse me guys..
Rag and pra:- whatt..
Rag sees remo and bits her tongue says sorry…
Remo:- i think you were in heated argument..
Ragini eyes pradeep angrily..
While pradeep makes faces and leaves from their..
Laksh:- whats wrong with you two.
Ragini thinks something deeply snd says if he is pradeep then i am too ragini..
I will show him today that in brother and sister fight always sister wins by hook or by crook.

Remo:- what do you mean.
Ragini sees around and points at a person.
All looks at that direction and all together says sanjana rathod..
Ragini:- yes sanjana rathod..bhai hates her to the core and she always sticks around my brother and he always takes my help to get ride of her in that process he will accept what ever i want..
Laksh:- so.
Ragini:- game starts now…
All looks confused..
Ragini:- bhai onces come here..
Pradeep:- what..
Ragini:- sanjana rathod ..
Pradeep:- what where babrey i am goingvout and plss save me and i promise i will buy that dress which u want i am leaving bye..
And runs from their..
Laksh:- you did all just fora dress.
If i amnot wrong u can afford that
right then.
Ragini:- i accept that i can buy but i want this dress by my brother money thats it ..
All smiles..
Laksh:- making her jeously next to impossible..i think i have to propose her directly but how..
Remo shakes him and asks what are u thinking.
Laksh nothing..
They all dances by pairing each other..
Laksh:- ragini i want to ask you something.
Ragini:- before that i want to say you something.
Laksh:- hmm say naa.
Ragini:- as i said i mean at our first meeting we both challenged each other talents do you remember..
Laksh:- yaa but why are remembering that now..leave that matter na..
Ragini:- not seriously but we both fullfilled our challenges..
Laksh:- how..
Ragini:- you will get best director award and i already won best photography award and i got best fashion designer award too in paris now only one award left that is best designer award in film industry..

I am sure i will win that too.
Laksh:- yaa and then i want to confess you on that day.
Ragini:- not that day laksh .you have to say that i will confess you something tomorrow.
Laksh:- what do you mean..
Ragini:- tomorrow we have award function.
They both smiles at each other..

Recap:- final episode..

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